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Watch: Parliament Protest one year on – Dr. Matt Shelton of NZDSOS speaks

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) spoke at a gathering to commemorate the one year anniversary of the protest.

A video of Shelton’s speech was uploaded to Rumble recently by CoronavirusPlushie.

‘What is democracy? At it’s most basic, it’s the voice of the majority, but isn’t that mob rule? Isn’t that the loudest voice that carries the day? And who were the loudest voices often? Are they the people who are the most afraid, or the most greedy? A proper democratic system has to respect the voices of the minorities too. And it has to work out what the will of the majority actually is.

The Bill of Rights has to be properly enshrined in our law so it can’t be trampled on, on the instructions of unelected private groups outside of New Zealand.

‘This is our country. We decide how we want it to be, from grassroots all the way to the top.

‘Running our democracy and sitting in there [ie. Parliament] are out MPs and they’re supposed to represent us. And they are supposed to listen. But our government, which is made up of a number of MPs, didn’t listen, certainly not to us and apparently not to some of their own science advisors either. And I suspect there are a number of New Zealanders not here today, not alive but who would be if the government had actually listened to some of it’s own advice.

‘I believe most of these MPs are good people, but I think they were the wrong people at the wrong time. It seems that good people can be led to do very bad things. And in fact history tells us that. People were led, they were tricked, threatened, cajoled, corrupted maybe, I don’t know for sure, but we need to have an independent, public-facing inquiry and public-led inquiry into everything that has led up to the last two years, with everything on the table and nothing written out, and a mandate to go back as far as we need to in history to see where all this might have started.’

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  1. If we take one lesson from the last two years, and I hope that every Citizen and Politician comes to recognise this, is that our Bill of Rights Act is underpowered, in fact it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

    The most fundamental principal of democracy and capitalism is that Citizens have the right to free action and the ability to undertake commerce. The entire system relies on this premise, and the fact that this has been attacked means that those who are attacking those principals are in fact Communists or indeed Fascists.

    Agency in social science means individual power, and it is agency of the Citizen which has been under attack in the last 3 years in all democracies in the West, and it is still under attack by those who wish to impose their own power on the individual Citizen.

    This battle is far from over.

    • I agree, it’s definitely some new hybrid version of fascism, oddly enough perpetrated by people who claim to be liberal, empathetic, woke and/or marxists.

      We need a new name for it perhaps ‘commu-fascism’ or ‘fasci-communism’.

      • No, it is just fasicm.

        “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

        Nothing new about it and that is what we’ve got.

        Marxists like to confuse people by changing the names of things, all the time. Just so we might feel inferior or something like that. They also made up a whole lot of isms for the same reason.

        BTW you are dead right first Anonymous.

  2. Dr Matt Sheldon is absolutely correct, The Bill of Rights Act 1990 needs to be properly enshrined in law as part of an inviolable constitution.

    As it stands a corrupt government can simply remove rights at any time under ‘Section 5 Justified limitations’.

    With the government and a complicit judiciary deciding what is ‘justified’.

    Sadly, the last few years has shown very clearly that our corrupt government and complicit judiciary cannot be trusted.

    • I agree, the judiciary was possibly New Zealand’s most notable abject institutional failure.

      Had they actually upheld the rule of law then things would have turned out very differently.

    • It is disturbing that the judiciary failed so miserably to uphold The Bill of Rights Act 1990.

      Sections 10 and 11 are very simple and entirely unambiguous.

      10. Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation
      Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person’s consent.

      11. Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment
      Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

      It’s simply implausible that the judges somehow got it so wrong through sheer incompetence, it can only realistically be explained by coercion or corruption unfortunately.

  3. It starts out simple, cabin in the woods supporting a family. A more educated person figured how to monetize your situation. Then more and more learn how to monetize. Next thing you know, many are living off your labor. NOW, you must produce enough for your family AND enough to pay the authorities, or lose your land!

    • You hit the nail on the head.

      The so called ‘elites’ are simply lazy scheming ponzi scheme parasites sponging off honest hardworking productive people.

  4. And make no mistake: ALL parties in parliament have imposed on our freedom and health, ALL OF THEM! National and ACT tried to out-do the Labour fascists with their draconian covid measures. Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!

    There has to be a new movement, where all disfranchised citizens can find representation. ALL emerging splinter parties have to UNITE to eventuate the REPLACEMENT of the lot in the wasp nest.
    WE THE PEOPLE will only vote for candidates who work under this premise.

  5. Govts. are elected by the people for the people to serve the people when they dont serve the people anymore they must be removed. All of NZs Govts. of the last 20 years have been free loading and self serving themselves by selling the countrty out down the road and then becoming beholding to overseas private organisations including banks. NZ needs to reclaim its Sovereignty back and only vote for those willing to serve not freeload at the expense of the people. When you grease the palms of those in power the direction of thought and decisions change. In other words all the Bribery and Corruption needs to be exposed so it can be bought to an end – fat chance when MSM are just agents of the Govt.

  6. I asked Matt King of DemocracyNZ his views on:

    Pfizer vaccine (is it really a vaccine)
    The Pfizer contract
    The woke USA introduced gender reassignment being taught in our primary schools

    And Matt’s response was:

    We think it is a massive fraud and in the passage of time the truth will come out.
    We must have a thorough inquiry and the perpetrators must face justice.

    DemocracyNZ has my vote


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