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Watch: Ukraine a ‘gold mine’ for illegal organ trafficking

The US$2 billion illegal organ harvesting business was established in Europe’s most corrupt country well before the current hostilities.

Ukraine ‘is the number one base for black transplantology’ according to a report by Southfront, an independent crowd-funded team of international experts.

The macabre trade began to flourish after Kiev launched it’s illegal war against the predominantly Russian-speaking Donbass region in 2014, and has accelerated during the current conflict, as the bodies of dead soldiers are ‘de-organed’ and even the injured, especially those ending up on the operating table, are killed, their organs taken, their bodies cremated.

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  1. Vile and disgusting. Such depravity. The lowest one can go. No doubt a list of atrocities will continue to appear in the months ahead.

  2. For that kind of crime against humanity, you need DOCTORS AND SURGEONS.
    After MENGELE and The ” episode” Pfizer/ covid, the world know what the medical corporation is worth. Serving its own interests before society.

    The increadible malevolence of doctors for the gain of money as therefore an organization is needed. It is not an isolated individual who does it. You need many accomplices in your crimes.

    “Organs mining”, what an horrible term, happens also in china. Death sentences and stolen children.

    As for Ukraine, it is a country led by deprave nazi leaders. No surprise really

    • ..led by depraved J3wi$h Nazi Leaders…
      After all, it was the International J3wi$h Banksters that oddly enough, financed Hitler and his Nazis…!
      Then there was Operation Paperclip to ship them to the U.S.
      Without Nazis, America would have never made it to the moon…but THAT doesn’t get discussed.!
      And, by all accounts, Hitler made it to Patagonia and lived out his life, dying in the early to mid 60’s in a well researched book by Harry Cooper of Sharkhunters. The book is titled ‘Hitler in Argentina’.
      And recently on MoviesJoy, a movie of the same title is features…free to watch too!
      The Nazis have a VERY heavy presence in South America, especially in Brazil Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
      the privately-funded movie titled ‘Iron Sky’ reflects the potential mindset of the scenario, both in South America, Antarctica and,…Das Moon!

  3. Gross! The eventual goal is transfer of consciousness. Imagine extracting everything you know, your entire life downloaded into a computer. Later, your consciousness is uploaded into another body, clone etc.

    • to harry jensen

      transfer of consciousness ? those are weirdos knowing nothing about consciousness. Creatures, humans or animals are not like a car to be ” repared ” with ” spare pieces”. And even though we all die.

      But over perception and consciousness, i had great time reading the books by Carlos Castaneda. Entertaining, well written and easy to read. Not to everybody ‘ s taste though as it is in the first book about sorcery and the use of very dangerous plants used as drugs to enlarge perception.( that is why his first book was so ” popular”) It evolve to more spiritual texts in the following books. Fascinating really

  4. Google The Yellow House in Kosovo.
    Earthquakes, wars and epidemics are good sources of organs. Between 16 and 30 is the best age but they will take children as well. And there does have to be a supply chain. I guess the international charitable organisations are all set up for transport and refrigeration.
    The thing that puzzles me is that there seems to be a never ending demand for all types of organs and blood. Are there so many ill people waiting? And why are they being kept alive to take the organs of healthy people – who are sacrificed when they could be saved? And then go on to lead a healthy long life without needing to be waiting in the wings for parts of another person’s body. I am not sure, but aren’t there supposed to be compatibility issues like same blood types? Big Pharma must be making massive profits also with anti-rejection drugs.
    This is an evil which is growing like topsy and only the destruction of the pharmaceutical companies will end it.

  5. This is what Russia is trying to clean up in Ukraine, along with child trafficking and the biolabs which overtly try their “product” on Ukraine military and covertly (from what I’ve heard) release into the general population and then monitor hospital admissions and doctors to work out how effective their “product” is.

    I wonder if the EU leaders know what is going on in Ukraine and are complicit and hope by sending tanks and planes that Russia will give up so that the secrets there will never see the light.

    This balloon / UFO / ROV is some sort of deep state thing to distract from Ukraine, perhaps that Russia is on the brink of complete victory and then the terrible truth will come out. Only the coming weeks will tell …

  6. I wish that people would stop calling Dr Mengele a monster etc etc when he was no such thing, he was a skilled surgeon from an aristocratic family who treated many many patients in the holiday camps of WW2, if you believe that he sewed twins together and injected dye into peoples eyes you really are as thick as mince, try digging deeper than the BS from the never ending survivors, all of whom met him personally if you believe them.

  7. The only person who can stop this is Vladimir Putin!!!!!
    THAT is only one of many reasons why the J3wi$h-owned MSM hate the man!


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