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Watch: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla confronted in Davos over ‘ineffective vaccine’

Bourla remained silent in the face of questioning from Rebel News journalists Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini.

Bourla is in Davos attending the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. As he walked to an event on a crisp sunny day he was approached by the double team of Levant and Yemini. The pair subjected the embattled pharma boss to a barrage of questions regarding the ineffectivenss of the vaccine, but he remained silent.

At the end of the video, which has attracted over 5.5 million views on Twitter alone, Levant encouraged viewers to visit WEFreports.com in the event big tech censored the video.

‘Mr Bourla can I ask you when did you know that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission? How long did you know that without saying it publicly?’

‘Thank you very much,’ replied Bourla in an endeavour to end the conversation.

‘We now know the vaccines didn’t stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret? You said it was 100% effective, then 90%, then 80%, then 70%. But we now know the vaccines do not stop transmission. Why did you keep that secret?’

‘Have a nuce day.’

‘I won’t have a nice day until I know the answer.’

‘Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?’

Avi Yemini asked ‘Is it time to apologise to the world sir, to give refunds back to the countries that poured all their money into your vaccine that doesn’t work, an ineffective vaccine?’

‘Are you not ashamed at what you’ve done over the last couple of years?’

‘Do you have any apologies to the public sir?’

‘Are you proud of it? You’ve made millions on the backs of people’s entire livelihoods. How does that feel, to walk the streets as a millionaire on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia and England and Canada?’

‘What do you think about on your yacht sir? What do you think about on your private jet? Are you worried about product liability? Are you worried about myocarditis?’

‘What about the sudden deaths?’

‘What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day? Why won’t you answer these basic questions?’

‘No apologies sir?’

‘Do you think you should be charged criminally for some of the criminal behaviour you’ve obviously been a part of?’

‘How much money have you personally made off the vaccine?’

‘How many boosters will it take for you to be happy enough with your earnings?’

‘Who did you meet with here in secret? Will you disclose who you met with?’

‘Who did you pay commissions to? In the past Pfizer has paid $2.3 billion in fines for deceptive marketing. Have you engaged in that same conduct again?’

‘Are you under investigation like you were before, for your deceptive marketing sir?’

‘If any other product in the world doesn’t work as promised you get a refund. Should you not refund to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccine?’

‘Are you used to only sympathetic media, so you don’t know how to answer any questions?

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  1. (((Bourla))) (((Levant))) (((Yemini)))
    Questions and no answers ? how is this news? How did these 2 sewer rats get past the private security and the 5000 armed troops in Davos?
    Looks like a pre arrange soft ball interview to me.

  2. What’s the matter Bourla? Cat got ya tongue? If you believe in your product why the silence? I need no more evidence. Your sudden onset of a frozen tongue speaks volumes! Tell us again how unsafe and ineffective your jab is. Is your timely mute stricken condition a vaccine injury? What a piece of s…you are! Disgusting coward!

  3. Have you all forgotten??
    Bourla refused to attend a Q & A session at the European Parliament. Instead he sent an underling who confirmed TWICE that the poison had not been tested before it got rolled out


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