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Watch: Pro-jab UK COVID expert now concedes jab only has a 0.84% protection rate, media misrepresented efficacy

Aseem Malhorta news

Dr. Aseem Malhorta was one of the first people in the UK to take two doses of the Covid vaccine and promote them on television.

Malhorta talked recently to Mark Steyn of GB News, having earlier released a statement exposing the legacy MSM misrepresentation of the COVID vaccine efficacy at the beginning of the roll-out:

‘What was reported in the mainstream news as being 95% effective against infection was in fact relative risk reduction, not absolute risk reduction from the double blind randomised control trial that took place during the circulation of the more lethal post-Wuhan ancestral strain of the virus. That specific NEJM paper which underpinned the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer mRNA actually revealed an absolute risk reduction (ARR) of 0.84%. In other words, for every 119 individuals vaccinated, one person would be protected from being infected.’


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  1. Is the MOH brain dead?
    Is blomfield running?
    Does he know, really?
    Is ego and pride the reason the jab is still being pushed and not pulled?
    Nurses and other health care workers are being pressured to take a 4th (not a) booster.

    • Honestly the nurses are their own worst enemy. They should have all got together and walked out months ago like the NHS did.

  2. Misrepresenting the jabs as 95% effective to the public was a blatant fraud. The government, medical profession and media are all culpable.

    With an ‘Absolute Risk Reduction’ of only 0.84% why was this almost useless ‘vaccine’ given provisional approval by MedSafe?

    This calls for an urgent public enquiry.

  3. The Government, the MOH, Baker and the gang are quite frankly, insane. The MSM are totally and wholey complicit in the Government deceit, for not doing their job just taking the money. Not one MSM reporter has challenged the government narrative in any way. They are worse than sheep, and we know how stupid, they are. But good on you doc for having the guts to admit that you made a mistake. Hopefully others will follow your lead.

      • A very good way of summing it up Ben and really it’s the long term consequences that are the most concerning for the young, it should have been voluntary all along and aimed at older people.

  4. So ‘safe and effective’ should more accurately read ‘unsafe and 99.16% ineffective’.
    And to think people lost their lives, health and livelihoods over this grotesque deception.

  5. To add more credence to this article, it would be useful to add the reference to the journal paper that was mis-represented.


  6. Wow I am not even a doctor but I learnt this last year before I took any jab. I listened to the covid care alliance. So glad I did and that my head isn’t so far up my arse that I can listen and learn and do my own research.

    Kudos for him in fronting up though. I do have respect for people who can do that.

    • Yeah do they honestly think people are that dumb? Boycott them all until they start writing the truth. The fact they need to accept money from the govt show they are a dying business model anyway.


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