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Watch: ‘Reeks of evilness’ – ‘Vax the Nation’ rap draws ire of YouTube users

A video on YouTube entitled, ‘Vax the Nation’ by Dr. J & Randa has drawn the ire of YouTube users, one of whom stated it ‘reeks of evilness’.

The ‘Dr. J’ of the duo is Dr. Joel Rindelaub, an aerosol chemist, and Randa is a kiwi recording artist. The video features prominent scientist Siouxsie Wiles, with cameos from a couple of ineffective politicians, notably ‘pro-freedom and individual rights’ activist David Seymour.

State-funded Covid propaganda unit 1News interviewed Rindelaub about the video. When asked if he thought ‘the song was cool’, Rindelaub said, ‘I’ll leave that interpretation up for the audience, but it’s definitely a new way to get the message across.’

A video of the 1News interview is also on YouTube, but as is common with legacy mainstream media/government fear porn propaganda units nowadays, comments have been disabled, a practise many see as undemocratic.

To his credit, Rindelaub did not disable comments on his video, but unfortunately for him, they were far from complimentary. Daily Telegraph has reproduced some of them below, with usernames removed:

This is what happens when a generation grows up without bullying

Suddenly, dying of covid doesnt seem so bad

If there was any chance of me getting vaccinated, this just killed it.Just kidding, Stephen Colbert’s Vax Scene skits already did that, lol

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be cool, funny or satirical. It literally feels on the level of the Show Me Your Genitals guy.

Can’t wait for “Booster the Nation” in six months and “Booster the Nation 2” in twelve

This just reinforced my resolve to hold off on the jabs… thanks guys. The cringe will kill me before the Covid does

It’s a shame some things can’t be unseen.

YouTube dislikes may be removed, but I can guarantee you that nobody likes this video.

i don’t think they meant this as a joke. schoolmarming the obedient little children who never grew out of their penal colony origins seems so easy when nearly everyone seems to lack a spine.

I saw this and immediately regretted ever getting vaccinated. I hope I get a breakthrough that goes on to infect these people.

Lovely to see Greens, Act in this masterpiece – so much for opposition ????

This is like watching a house burn with the family still trapped inside, oddly beautiful.

Please put these people on the first Mars mission.

In case you needed even more proof of: 1. How out of touch our political puppets are. 2. How subverted our societies are. 3. How anti-science this whole charade is.

This video should tip you over the edge.

I’d rather listen to the ventilator next to my icu bed then listen to this again

Well I think it is lovely to see these young people with so much energy. What could be more heart warming than enjoying such creativity while projecting a positive message of how you should give up all your rights and freedoms? In fact I feel so inspired I’m going to pop to Mitre10 today, buy the wherewithal to build myself a nice safe prison cell, lock myself in -and send the key to the government as they know what’s best for me!

I’ve held out through 6 full months of media bombardment, losing friends, locked out from local cafes, pools, schools and to get my hair done… But this has totally convinced me. I’m IN.!

The best reason to reinstate the dislike button count.

I’m worried…did Froddo fail putting the ring into the Volcano and now Sauron is punishing us?

This is why Youtube disabled the dislike counter.

They should tour with Rage Against the Machine , fits the narrative

The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called “Sneed’s Feed & Seed”, where feed and seed both end in the sound “-eed”, thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was “Formerly Chuck’s”, implying that the two words beginning with “F” and “S” would have ended with “-uck”, rhyming with “Chuck”. So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called “Chuck’s F**k and Suck”.

If ever the left had an argument FOR abortion…this is it…

All of those vaccinated athletes dropping like flies had me worried, but thanks to this elvish video I’m totally onboard!

The people who made this are so lucky YouTube removed the dislike count. This might get the record.

I thought this was satire until I saw ‘Dr’ Pinky. If I ever weaken in my resolve to not get the jab then I’ll rewatch this. This video is immunisation against fake news.

This is what happens in a country where there is such a thing as a ‘science influencer’… And scientists come to celebrate their once honourable exploration of truth and understanding, being corrupted by money and for profit business.

I don’t even need to check early life to know this reeks of elvish tricks.

The beauty of this is that while they’re aiming this at kids and teens, again they completely underestimate the public… they think we’re morons… that our kids are morons… nah man, they’ll see through this shit just as is adults do. Disgusting and disturbing and frankly just TERRIBLE???? propaganda!

When the squad finally makes that mixtape but it turns out sh*t.

The stress and anxiety of what we are going through right now is somewhat alleviated by the thought of all these people who took money that will be eventually persecuted.

Wow! This quirky yet informative hip hop music video was both humorous and very convincing! It has thorough opened my eyes to misunderstandings. I’m calling my local clinic and scheduling a vaccination right away now, and I owe it all to this witty and delightful take at African American rap music. Thanks so much guys and xi!

This reeks of evilness, I hope their children and their children’s children don’t see how they tried to manipulate the people into taking this poison. So sick.

Also once you are trapped in the mark of the beast system and told to get a booster every 6 months like a wof on a car… they will make everyone pay for the boosters and if you dont you are locked out of their mark of the beast system. They will make so much money when they come out charging money for the boosters.

Well you know something is wrong when the dislike count can’t be displayed ????

Well that just killed a few brains. If only Jacinda was in it, then I could trust the information.

Q: “Doesn’t the vaxx take 10 years to produce?” A: “Money fixx dat!” Listen, the 10 years to “produce” a vaccine was (!) to try and ensure a safe product, by clinical trials. It never had anything to do with lack of funding; it was (!) always about ethics and end user safety..

Give me a thumbs up if you dislike this track? I mean surely there is a lot of dislikes LOL…

I was on the fence about the jab. This video was the final straw for me. Ill never get it just because of these cream pies rapping.

Why is open and honest conversation not allowed around vaccinations. One narritive allowed only. Does not pass the sniff test

Got a serious case of third degree cringe watching this… thanks for giving the world more fodder to mock us with. ????

I wonder if this is the same “safe and effective” as ranitadine’s “safe and effective” because now my kid is so neurologically damaged from it, we are back to spoon feeding, at 18. Trust the science, yo!

If you need an encapsulation of modern rap, just watch this video

This makes me so embarrassed to be a kiwi… I started watching this chuckling away half expecting Rhys Darby to pop in to it and then I realised this isn’t satirical…. ???? they’re actually…serious…

OMG NZ is going to be mocked worldwide for this embarrassment. Again…

The elf cries out in pain as he strikes you

Randa, this is as big as you’re gonna get so enjoy it.

At first I was laughing along with this great piece of satire, then suddenly there’s Siouxsie. Is this tax payer funded? Did I teleport to a parallel universe? What is happening?!

If this doesn’t convince you that this is about money and in no way about your health, you’re a lost cause.

Do not hate them; take pity on them for their mind is no longer theirs

I’m 74 and remember, when I was younger, thinking “One day people will need vaccines to just keep them alive”. Did I manifest this sh*t or am I just psychic?

I am now rooting for covid. Thanks.

This feels like a 80 year old revenant trying to rap about Jesus

Wow. This is just insane

hmmm a presentation from world renown cardiologist Dr.Peter McCullough discussing the efficacy of vaccines and early treatments ? Or a rap song about getting Vaxed which video will Google delete

I hope God has mercy on everyone involved in making this. They just don’t know any better God it’s not their fault

At first I thought they were taking the piss then I realised they were serious. Now I am afraid…… for our youth! ????????????

This track just caused another Auckland homicide.. although it’ll be classified as a co-viiid death for sure!

A 3 hour long round table with governor Desantis, the professor of medicine from Stanford along with other scientist… discussing the efficacy of lockdowns, vaccines , masks ?? Or a rap song about getting Vaxed .. which video will Google delete ???

Watch this win a Grammy though ????????‍♂️

Thank you for convincing me of NOT taking the vaccine ^^

This has surpassed cringe into COOL territory again. Love it! My summer jam!

This is brilliant! ????????So catchy. Know I have a new song to dance to in the kitchen ????????

Tell me you’re in a cult without telling me you’re in a – you know the thing

Just great that NZ Doctors, scientists and politicians didn’t shy away from taking part in this rap over some of the language.

I was really hesitant to get the vax until lesbian Eminem and a Pizza Hut delivery guy from 1989 teamed up and set the record straight. Off to get my jibby jab right now!

Good on you dr j Great work and great moustache. The tune is catchy

This is fantastic and awesome on so many levels. But what Joel what were you wearing?!!!

This has to be satire.

A little cringey, but fun. A pity they didn’t try to enlist the aid of some local rappers and hiphop exponents — that might have helped broaden the message. But no message is going to get through to those who stubbornly refuse to hear it.

I feel like I just witnessed a war crime.

I stopped my chemo treatments because of this video. I don’t want to live in a world that let this happen.

I’ve had to file a CARM report after watching this.

If people want great music look up Dirty Sesh…Mike Kings brilliant son

This is #CRING on a scale humanity had never conceived possible.

This video gave me COVID and I died….true story.

This song gave me the Omicron Variant.

I thought this was a piss take to start with… I can never get time lost back..

I was going to finally go get it…then saw this

Way to tell me you’re in a cult this shot is weird

Should have been entitled “How to lose credibility in 2 mins, 47 seconds”…

This video makes me want to commit terrible acts.

Very good production for a high school LGBTP+ club.

This is great wisdom thanks guys and girls and transgenger x I’m on my way to go get my Vax now

If only we could see the dislike ratio…

this is what happens when siblings have children together.

To protect my whanau I’m going to have to log in to their YouTube accounts and dislike this for them too. Taking one for the team.

“The greatest form of control, is where you think you’re free, but you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to”

Embarrassed for them – how much money did they take to sell their soul ?

Even though they’re hidden, I can still see the huge number of dislikes ????

867 down votes… 80% of the viewers know you are full of it

I’m asking Santa for a drive by ????????‍♂️

After feeling nauseous I quite recovered after comment section, thanks for decent belly laugh folks

Wow heavy duty cringeathon. My eyes and ears are now bleeding. This needs to come with a warning

After watching this video, I’ve decided to let Covid take me.

I just lost the will to live after watching this ????????????

Gees go woke go broke, thanks for the laugh

That’s rap with a capital C.

Pfeminiem got bars.

This has to be satire and somehow those “experts” got fooled into participating by thinking it was for real?

Is this a parody of Covid hysteria, I can’t tell.

They look like the kind of people who would do something this cringe too.

This new Brother Ali song blows

Hey was just thinking, these guys could open for guns n roses next year? Not that I can go…


This video makes me wish that I had never been vaccinated or voted for the act party. GEEZ davey.

Act is supposed to stand for freedom

This is satire right ? RIGHT !!!

Imagine rapping for the antichrist, and doing it for free. Absolutely pathetic.

Which one of you hits the other more?

I need a booster after watching this video.

this is a big time honker holy honk

Never in my life did I think I would see such propaganda

‘Everyone in this room is now dumber for having heard it.’

Still not gonna’ take it.

Doomfield can rap?

Is it peer reviewed? Why does this apply to everything but the vaccine?

Can we get an early life on the writers of this crap.

I thought this was a clever piss take at first until I saw that Siouxsie Wiles and clicked…I’m cringing for every one of them now ????

Is this what the vaccine does to your brain? ????????

Happy Hanukkah!! Oy gevalt this is great

I’m going to get 3liters of the jab shot right into my yam sack after this banger.

Woah! Great! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Did our tax dollars pay for this tripe?

The best reason to reinstate the dislike button count.

Seems like they never gave up there ” regular habits”….this is to f#@*en creapy. Look away kids, nothing going on here

40 dislikes only? What have the elves done to you

this is the most embarrassing thing i’ve ever seen

I thought she did enough damage on that atrocious air nz Ad

Will these clowns also sing about their neural damage, myocarditis or destroyed immune system ?

Ohh lord this was the definition of cringe ????

This totally changes my mind to get the vax????‍♀️

I thought this was parody at first

Civilization is dying

is this being funded by the NZ tax payer ?

This is why the Dislike count was removed.

is this supposed to make urban youth less skeptical of the government experimenting on us?

Videos like this one is why YT has hidden the dislike count

Your tax dollars paid for this. Think about that for a while

Why does this exist?

This is almost as bad as that disastrous Air NZ safety video..

Yeah… we are screwed.

I have nothing constructive to say – other than pity those fools you see here. The internet doesn’t forget – and they will have to live with this shame.

Ok I was worried until I read the comment and realized why youtube disabled the dislike button. We are food until they disable the comments. No one is seeing through this absurd cringe ssshhht right? So crazy! Lol

The entire target demographic of this video is in this video…

Remember when propaganda used to be good?

Those people are not in touch with reality. Again.

I’ve never missed anything as much as I miss the thumbs down button.

Low-T is his rap name

He rūkahu te katoa, haere atu koutou me tā koutou kōrero hanga noa!

I want to commit a hate crime now

DISLIKE DISLIKE DISLIKE. This is the worst video I’ve ever watched. My eyes are on fire after watching this. All of you guys should be ashamed and even puts me off returning to UoA with them condoning this video to be filmed at the uni. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for creating this atrocity!

It’s only 1% ARR Stop with this lmao

What a intellectual song indeed, defo aimed at the higher IQ group of the public. All the facts and science in a rap song must have been a genius composer. NOT!!!

Thumbs up here for “dislike”.

I can still see the dislikes its at 828. Download the chrome extension : return youtube dislikes

IDIOCRACY movie – watch and compare… For me it’s not comedy its a documentary

Weird al has done it again


Contentment is absent from her life. She is ambitious often far beyond her natural equipment. To attain the thing she wants she too frequently forgets all women cannot be prima donnas an motion picture stars

Think i caught covid watching this

Someone help me out what rhymes with myocarditis?

Is this a piss-take?? Or they actually rapping seriously?!

Oh dear…No words.

How come we cant see the amount of dislikes but we can see the amount of likes…

Rather get covid after seeing this lol ????

never ever heard of adverse reactions?

186 up and 592 dislikes lmaoooo


ROTC says stop it. Get some help!

This made me want to die from covid…..

This video and the entire comment section of this video = Bruhhh

Ahh don’t like to be negative but there’s no dislike count now so without commenting, my view is a positive metric to this spinechiller

Is this satire?

Pretty good 10/10

Is this Bill nye and his little boy sidekick?

22 hours ago GET RATIO’D

What an utter and complete dumpster fire????

Have you accepted the government as your Lord and white saviour?

This is what we are spending our health budget $$ on? What an absolute embarrassment and travesty! More fodder for the world to use to ridicule us! I haven’t seen a SINGLE piece of health advice, apart from get the jab! Because it’s all about our health……insert tui ad here

Remember that my vagsinaytion does not work unless you get it

Oh lord wtf is this. Its a joke right? They are really taking the piss now. I’d rather poke my eyes out

Eminem needs some testosterone

I don’t need to see the dislike count to know this is garbage

What elf council wrote this shit.

Bring back the dislike count. Let’s see how bad this propaganda trash is getting ratiod.

Use me as a dislike button

I Dislike this from the infection of duche chills.

Is this a satire? So confused. But no thank you!! Not a lab rat!

This video has 437,000 dislikes.Are those dance moves????‍♀️???? an adverse reaction to believing this crap you say? God help the nightclubs be safer to stay home kids. It shouldn’t be like this parents ain’t meant to out dance ???? ????????‍♂️their kids. Oh but the umbrellas ☔️ were pretty cool ???? not cringe ???? at all.Just stop it, get some help.

This is whack, yo.

Cringey like everything this government does…

I’m running out of spew buckets.

Let’s get these comments disabled boys!

I am the DISLIKE button.

Watched this 20 minutes ago. Just stopped vomiting.

Out of touch and cringe! Cant wait for Nuremberg 2.0 trials

Immature intellectuals. This is so weird

I, too, dislike this intensely

What will you do for your next trick, start beefing with ICP?

I am ready to die

New Zealand, please stop trying to appropriate American culture, thanks.

I want off this planet ????????

Good lord this is awful.

One word sums this up! Pathetic! ????????????

I guess we just type Dislike now

This shit goes hard no cap on my mama lowkey fire mang

This is bad and you should feel bad.

Definitely not getting it now

Very creepy haha

This is a woman trying to be Eminem and it’s cringe.

This video really sucks, why would you link this to your SoundCloud?

Wow this is the cringiest propaganda I have seen to date!

180 up, 452 down. 3:38 pm EST 12/2/2021

This is an abomination.

you know punk, yes? well this is the opposite. also it’s cringe.

Nuclear cringe

Return YouTube dislikes chrome extension. It’s in the chrome store. Download it and it brings the dislikes back.

WTF. What an embarrassment!!

Hmmmm dreamers



Why is he wearing the white power sunglasses?


YouTube no matter how much you try to hide it. I dislike it!!!

Sick sick sick 666

How embarrassing

Eww, it couldnt be more of a turn-off

This can not be real

how much they paying you

You must go back.

What a dorky marketing campaign

What the snot did I just watch!? Oh my goodness CRINGE!

Who is the target audience for this? People who wont get the vaxx will not watch this and people have got the vaxx dont need to. I dont get it


So embarrassing

The makers of this corporate science propaganda anthem are surely going to Hell

I threw up from the Cringe variant

Cool. I was on the fence. But in definitely not getting it now


Noting the paid actor try hard rapper chick that also did the Air New Zealand safety ad that was the butt of jokes worldwide. What a pile of shyte!

OMG ???????????? utter utter bull????????????


get a grip! lmfao

Garbage has more appeal than this ????

I’m ready for the omicron persei 8

i can smell this video

It stinks!

Utter crap. Who funded this again?

Do you sell Pfizers stocks?

“Go ahead and stick it in me” … bahahahaha what is this rubbish ???? ????

Wow 175 likes! People must really like this video!

Disliked this absolute cringefest

i’m embarrassed….

This is so cringe worthy!!! Absolutely stupid!!!

I just threw up a little. Cringy much?

negative ghost rider


God is dead. It’s all pain and suffering from here on.

Get ratio’d

Join Islam brothers.

Cringe ????????????????????????????????

This video has elvish fingerprints all over it.

Use me as the dislike button

Remove from watch history

hella lame

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  1. Those comments accord very much with my own opinions. What absolutely convinced me NOT to have the gene therapy jab was a good look at the people exhorting me to get it.


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