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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Watch: Scotty Mo endorses WHO Pandemic Treaty, brags about his role in surrendering Australia’s sovereignty

WHO meets on 22 May to progress adoption of the international treaty.

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  1. They look as GUILTY as HELL. Something UTTERLY EVIL is going here. We haven’t seen this since Europe, 1939. Everyone’s body is literally being SOLD to PSYCHOPATHS. God help our children.

  2. These politicians and their media minions are not gonna stop.

    At this point they are a legitimate danger to the human race, it’s not just rhetoric anymore.

    Time the people in every country follow Sri Lanka’s example and start pulling out the weeds.

    • It will happen in US after a decade or so when Its economy collapses, and the European colonies revolt against the bully. They will start some limited WW3 before that. If it turns nuclear, end of story.

  3. Scomo won the last election because of the MSM lies and the stupdity and arrogance of Bill Shorten. History may repeat again. The MSM is all out propping up Scomo’s chances, and questioning Albo and exposing his low IQ and Biden like personality. Australians must have sinned a lot because they are given two worst options to choose from. Corruption and horse trading of independents and minor parties will steal the show after elections. Lots of money is also spent following the Go After Yanks (GAY) politics.

  4. Scomo will get a UN job if he is defeated in the election. Helen Clark was an agent for the deep state who was rewarded for her loyalty and selling kiwis to the deep state remember. John Key was then installed and he doesnt need a UN job, but bank Chairmanship etc will do. Both were given the highest honours Dame/Sir. Truman show really.

  5. “I have been in the Vanguard??????”
    Really Scomo?
    Lining pockets as usual from DS elite corps.
    Its never a good idea to give up your country’s health sovereignty nor bodily autonomy unless you are proslavery …
    I’ll wait, is he?


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