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Watch: ‘She’ll Always be Cindy to Me’

She'll Always be Cindy to Me news

Anto Coates performs a parody of the iconic Billy Joel hit ‘She’s Always a Woman to Me’.

Coates says in the video description:

‘The new version is an ad-hominem homage to the world’s most illiberal liberal, our socialist socialite, the lockdown-loving 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.’

Note: Full transcript of the lyrics is available on the Rumble page for the video.

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  1. Jacinda Ardern will be attending NATO’s Madrid Summit in the coming week. We will soon be spending a lot of money on junk outdated arms and sending our fresh food to US/UK/EU. So a new parody may be planned. Beatles “The Devil in Her Heart” maybe

    • Selling our farms to Black Rock probably, so they can start closing them all down. Any day now the NZ Herald and others will start running pieces on how trendy and hip it is to eat bugs because climate change.

      She has no business with NATO since we are nowhere near the Atlantic, but to hell with logic right? The globalist power trip rolls on.

      “She’s just a devil woman
      With evil on her mind
      Beware the devil woman
      She’s gonna get you”

      • She is a puppet and willing to sell NZ for a few pieces of silver. She was summoned to NATO. Along with Australia, NZ will be used like a chihuahua to annoy China in the South Pacific.
        And yes our tax payer dollars will be buying American military junk just like Europe is doing now.

        In a short time, NZ had now started supporting the murderous Ukraine regime and now supporting NATO, the most war mongering egotistical bunch of f-wits. And very journalist is a sleep in this country.

  2. This is hilarious— and so true. Good to see other people who are awake and know what’s going on.

    When I watched this video on rumble it had nearly 11,000 views in 3 days!

    This woman’s gone from being the most popular PM to the most hated in a matter of years. One of the only things she achieved. She’s the Minister for child poverty alright – under her power it has become WORSE.

    Also during the leaders debate before she first became PM I specifically remember her saying she doesn’t lie. Turns out that was her biggest lie yet.

    As for open and transparent – biggest joke ever. Here’s a tip. If they say anything, think the opposite.

    We are over these corrupt nepotistic liars – time they all are exposed for what they are.

  3. A skeksis rat. Bio-formed and trained in the SchwabMeister’s NWO labs. Then sent back to poison NZ. It has bitten and infected everyone with its rabies. Mission accomplished.

  4. Lockdowns actually saved only few lives
    The Jimmy Dore Show

    If there is a tiny ampount of honesty, Jabcinda should initiate a proper research on her locking down NZ and pushing many to poverty and mental health problems. She would rather fund hit-piece studies done by low quality academics and spend hundreds of millions on propaganda using the newly created state media mercenary army.


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