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Watch: ‘We Need Marsden Point Refinery Re-instated’ – Prove me Wrong

We need Marsden Point Refinery Reinstated news

Dig In At Marsden protest leader Brad Flutey travelled to the Whangarei Growers Market on Sunday and asked locals ‘to prove him wrong’.

The statement posed was ‘We Need Marsden Point Refinery Re-instated’. It’s the first in a series of ‘pop-up’ Prove Me Wrong formats the Dig In At Marsden protest hope to use to engage directly with people to discuss the refinery and other issues.

Such discussions at the local level are an important part of a vibrant democracy, as Flutey explains:

Today, our statement is ‘We Need Marsden Point Refinery Re-instated’. Now, if you disagree, that’s great. That’s what different opinions are for – they’re supposed to create diversity in society, so we can have discussions to struggle towards truth, because truth is pursued, it’s not held entirely.’

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  1. Good initiative. Keep it up, make as much noise as you can. Many minds out there still fast asleep and in need of a good kick in the arse!


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