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Whistleblower Barry Young’s message to Winston – ‘There is a river of tears in this data’

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Ministry of Health COVID jab whistleblower Barry Young called for NZ First Leader to ‘join the right side of history’.

Young posted a short video message on Twitter (X) today imploring Peters to have a look at the previously secret COVID jab data independent researchers say proves that non-COVID excess death mortality is linked to the COVID ‘vaccine’ roll out.

‘Your people are dying. I have risked everything to bring this to you. Please listen to us. Be the hero,’ tweeted Young.


‘I know you’re a good man, I know you’ve got a good heart. I’ve followed you for a while. I admire you. I respect you. You’re the only one that came to the freedom march – the only one, and that was awesome what you did, and what you said.

‘For you, I want to make you one of the greatest kiwis in history. I want to give you that chance. I want to give you this data. I want to help you. I want you to help bring closure to all these thousands of kiwi families who are hurting. There is a river of tears in this data… you have to help them.

‘It’s on you. So, you can be either a hero, come on the right side, join us. Or you can do nothing. History will judge you. I want you to go down as one of the best.’

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    • Winston will only grow some balls IF it benefits him and his image.
      The ego is very much self-centered, self-serving, and primary in the cause of ego determination.
      My e-mails, phone calls and visits to a permanently advertised as ‘open’ but was always closed NZ First Rep and his office and to Winston went unanswered indefinitely as it related to the ‘Anti-Smacking’ law as pushed by the communist Green Party Rep ‘Boot Lip Br@df0rd’ and her Green (Red) Party ilk!

  1. Everything Winston did to win votes, was for that reason. Including showing up at camp freedom. Can’t have the status quo being held to ransom by some new political party that would actually follow through on the things he was saying.

    Prove me wrong Winston!

  2. The next time such an event like Covid, Ebola, Marburg and Super-Flu ‘arrives’ on the political landscape and is hyped-up by the MSM, THAT is when we ignore ALL mandates, along with the government’s forced ‘stay where you are’ imprisonment called ‘isolation’, or demands for the population to be ‘vaccinated’, THAT is when the uprisings begin, and those perpetrating the war on humanity are given proper judicial imprisonment or execution for treason!

  3. Good luck with that. I’ve voted NZF and learned the hard way….If you want real interest talk to Liz Gunn at NZLoyal, she really gives a damn…..

  4. He wanted an independent inquiry this could have led to compensation for the afflicted (which Winston also said) and trials for the criminals but instead he has been voted down by his counterparts one WEF the other may as well be – just have the status quo with a couple of add ons – leading to ‘what to do better next time’ to cover their tracks. Am sure there wont be a ‘same’ next time as people have seen through the lies. A whitewash.
    To have honesty and criminals brought to justice it needs to be independent there is a citizen inquiry being drawn up now which does hold these monsters to account but bit of a wait for it to be finalised. Have we no lawyers and judges independent of the previous government bribery or even this one who wants to look the other way that can stand tall for NZ people. As Barry has said he has risked all for everyone now its others turn to support him Big Time.


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