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Winston will withdraw NZ from UN declaration on indigenous rights, won’t ‘return Labour to power’

Major policy announcements were made this weekend via the party’s website and at a speech by leader Winston Peters today in Pukekohe.

‘New Zealand First will not return Labour to power, whether in coalition or in confidence and supply’.

Speaking at a public event today in Pukekohe, Peters told supporters that he will withdraw New Zealand from UNDRIP – the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The Declaration was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007. New Zealand initially voted against it but changed it’s stance three years later.

In 2019 the Minister for Maori Development established a technical advisory group tasked with providing advice on a ‘Declaration plan’. The group’s final report He Puapua was submitted to the Minister in November of that year.

Peters said if he had seen that report he would have ‘rejected it, as I did in 2007.’

He Puapua is about race-based preference… It threatens our constitution and democracy. We must deal to this racism, which is why I am announcing today that our policy is for New Zealand to formally withdraw from UNDRIP and it’s imposed race-based obligations, and restore our country’s constitutional sovereignty and democracy.’

In a later press released a party spokesperson said, ‘The National/Act/Māori Party signed up to UNDRIP in 2010 – that obligated a response from government in 2019 – the starting point and origin of the He Puapua report – which was deceitfully hidden from New Zealand First by Labour, and released publicly a month after the 2020 election.

‘If New Zealand First had seen that final report then we would have rejected UNDRIP, as we did in 2007.

‘UNDRIP and He Puapua are race-based preference, imposed on us not by the UN, but by New Zealand politicians from every other party continuing to agree to it. It threatens our constitution and democracy.

‘New Zealand First will formally withdraw New Zealand from UNDRIP, and its imposed race-based obligations, and restore our country’s constitutional sovereignty and democracy.

‘Pulling out of UNDRIP will consign He Puapua to the rubbish bin of racism.’

English as an Official Language

‘New Zealand First will introduce in parliament’s first sitting week, legislation to make English an official language of New Zealand.

‘Amazingly, few people know that English is not even an official language of New Zealand. There are currently only two official languages. Māori, and Sign Language.

Being that we are an English-speaking country, it is bizarre, but this is how far this extremism has taken our country.’

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Source:NZ First

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  1. “…restore our country’s democracy and Constitution.”
    Hey Winnie- did YOU know that the ‘Constitution’ and ‘Bill of Rights’ do not have legal Civil Rights precedence over Crown Law?
    Or that the New Conservatives are the only political party promising to make, enshrine and codify into law those ‘rights’ that are right now only ‘status-quo’ and granted only as privileges by the Courts and Crown under Admiralty Law ie the ‘Law of the Water’..?!
    NZ needs to declare Armed Neutrality and stop supporting terrorist states like the Ukraine under J3wi$h Zelensky and…most of all, Israel supported by ‘Israel West’; the U.S.!
    Not only should NZ withdraw from UNDRIP, but also from the Globalist Dictates of the WHO, WEF, NWO and the NGO’s that have undermined the due process of law via ‘closed-door meetings’…as as happened in San Francisco. One can see the results of that on the streets there…!
    I voted on the NZ First ticket when I first docked here as Winnie was exposing the entire NZ political mess for what is was and still is.
    Based on Winnie’s ill-treatment by the J3wi$h-owned and controlled MSM, he brought out some glaring truths about the hidden goals, mandates and ignored citizen-generated referendums!
    Winnie needs to speak ASAP to Helen Houghton and Ted Johnston of the New Conservatives, as well as to Liz Gunn, Sue Grey and maybe…Matt King.
    Not much time left…!

    • Liz Gunn’s ‘New Zealand Loyal Party’ promises to enshrine the Bill of Rights and the Constitution into proper law as well as the New Conservatives.
      We can only hope that the Minor Parties can form a Super Coalition, and we can finally get rid of Labour / National,…National / Labour!
      Winnie has finally realised that there are very, VERY evil and sinister external forces at work attacking us all in Oceania. Winnie can no longer afford to ‘straddle the fence’, and neither can anyone else in the region!
      AND>>>AND>>>now there is consideration of making New Zealand an Australian State- no problem there once the Globalist J3wi$h / Zionist-appointed élected’ officials resign in both countries, and snap elections are called for with those candidates not contaminated by bribes, Mossad blackmailings, Talmudic compromises and Noahide Law allowed to over-ride Common and Crown Law!

  2. Lets hope its all more than fine words. I remember voting NZF in the past and they did not keep a key promise. I’ll be sticking to the new parties. Yes there is some risk in voting new but having things stay as they are, is a far greater risk to democracy and human rights.

  3. Here’s hoping that Liz Gunn (New Zealand Loyal Party), Sue Grey (Outdoors & Freedom Party) and the New Conservatives meet soon to get a super-pac party platform written and adopted, with Liz Gunn’s policy platform as the template that we all need!
    The other major parties can offer nothing- especially after destroying the country economically and biologically via the Covid Jabs…!
    See the CIA-asset the Deagel Forecast as to what’s in store for New Zealand circa 2025!

  4. Winnie is the only 5% Party Leader who seems to understand the ramifications of the :15 Minute Cities proposed by the deranged and mentally-ill ‘Globalist’ supporters currently in office (ie Labour, the Greens, Zion ist ACT, etc.).
    :15 – :20 Minute Cities go hand in hand with the newly-promoted MSM fear of the ‘new ‘Covid variant which is otherwise known as ‘Variant BS24/7-365.
    Don’t fall for another round of vaccination bullshit and war declared on New Zealanders via lock-downs, etc.


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