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Women’s Rights campaigner Posie Parker allowed to enter NZ, Wood plays ‘white supremacist’ card

Posie Parker news

British woman Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, is to be allowed into the country.

Parker is a campaigner for women’s rights under the banner of ‘Standing for Women‘, a global movement advocating for the use of the word ‘woman’ to mean an adult human female only. The movement has popularised the hashtag #LetWomenSpeak.

‘Without this word all of our rights and protections are lost. Our rights were never created for our “gender” but our sex.

‘Our sex is female. The sex that bears children. The sex that requires maternity rights, privacy rights, equality with the male sex in the work place, specific health care issues, reproductive rights, and so on. If our rights become dependent upon “gender” then they are no longer women’s rights, they are “feminine” rights.’

In a statement released this afternoon Immigration New Zealand general manager Richard Owen said, ‘After reviewing all publicly known information about Ms Keen-Minshull and seeking advice from other agencies we have concluded that there is no reason to believe that she is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to the public order or public interest.’

Responding to the decision, Immigration Minister Michael Wood, who infamously labelled peaceful Parliament Protesters a ‘River of Filth’ said:

‘Like many New Zealanders I would prefer it if Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull never set foot in New Zealand. I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists,” he said in a statement.

‘The decision on whether to suspend her NZeTA sits with Immigration New Zealand and they have assessed that she meets the criteria set out in the Immigration Act and regulations. This assessment took into account the events in Melbourne that occurred last weekend. I have been advised that this case does not meet the threshold for ministerial intervention.

‘As we look towards her events for this coming weekend, the welfare and safety of our transgender community is front of mind. Event organisers maintain the primary responsibility to ensure they run a safe and secure event and police have advised they will also be in attendance to ensure public safety.’

Posie Parker will hold public rallies in Auckland and Wellington this weekend.

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  1. Wood (thick as) you total retard. That we cherish and protect all that a woman is and ever shall be from gender insanity and lies

    And you call her repugnant. Truly you are a piece of dog ****

  2. All said and done transgender was hyped for a depopulation method. Not sure why w@nker wood has to stick his woke pre-noun ore in but he is a representative for the swamp.

  3. Remember when Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneau were banned from speaking after arriving in NZ four or so years ago? They were accused of being ‘White Supremist’ , racists, etc. for calling attention to what they perceived (correctly) on what was happening to better educated high IQ whites globally as a result of the Zio-Communist marginalising replacing the whites with lower IQ ‘personnel’ from third world countries; Third Worlders who the Zio-Communist can pay dirt cheap wages, living conditions, etc.
    They arrived from Oz, and then minutes before speaking on air, they were banned and kicked out of NZ..!
    How’s that for so-called ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ which only exists IF it meets the modus operandi of the Zio-Communist ‘woke’ mentality…!
    This shows the actual corrupt WEF agenda buried deep in both the Labour and Nazional parties!

  4. Notice all the men protesting about a woman advocating for women’s rights?

    I think they should hire a venue and allow inside only women who can produce ID that confirms they are a woman. If there are any trans women who have had their birth certificate changed to say they are a woman, don’t worry they will be in the minority and easy to spot.

    Me need to just shut up and go hold their own event. The transgenders can hold their own event too, except they won’t because they are too lazy to do that, they would rather just grift on in on the back of someone else’s hard work. They are only making fools of themselves by turning up to these women’s events.

    As for the MSM supporting them by calling women’s rights meetings anti trans ……you guys are already irrelevant and will soon be out of your jobs.

  5. Rivers of Filth Wood has been front and centre on the media rather a lot lately. He is doing his best to please his WEF masters. He is not speaking for many New Zealanders. He never has. This man is a nasty, name calling piece of work.
    When did the welfare and protection of the transgender community trump the welfare and protection of real women and girls? What has white supremacy got to do with all this?
    The only answer is that transgender has a category of its own. But that is not what these men want. They want to obfuscate and ultimately destroy the true feminine because they hate it. Total corruption of the normal and natural is the name of the game.
    Real men had better take note of what is going on before it is made a hate-crime to refuse to have sex with a man dressed as a woman. You think it won’t happen? Out on the town, a few drinks, at the eleventh hour you make the discovery but if you refuse to participate and depart well, you can write the resulting scenario.

  6. Wood is a size ten hypocrite; it was he who called his fellow kiwis ‘filth’ when they were exercising their right to peaceful protest. Mr. Wood, I find YOUR views repugnant, and it is you who court the most vile people and groups, look where you work! Keep your mouth shut Wood, you have already proven yourself to be a fool, no need to repeat it.

  7. “Like many New Zealanders” I prefer that you you weren’t in our country either Wood! I find many of your comments repugnant also, and I am deeply concerned that all you fascist’s are collectively gathering in our parliament! Your a greasy haired, thumbsucking bedwetter and the sooner you and your lying sandpit buddies get the hell out of our country the better. Remind me to make an appointment to see you and discuss how this could become a reality, or I could just vote you out. Yep yep that’s what I will do vote you out!


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