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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: The gene illusion that is killing us

Summary: Data from the Ministry of Health reveals a massive 103% increase in hospitalisations among twelve disease categories measured in 2021.

The safety of medical interventions such as mRNA vaccines that penetrate the cell wall and reprogramme activity in the cell cytoplasm is called into serious question. Popular misconceptions about gene editing are corrected.

An OIA request for information about hospitalisations in twelve disease categories has revealed the alarming extent of injury following the mRNA vaccine rollout in 2021. It is of note that NZ had very very few cases of Covid in 2021 due to border restrictions, efficient track and trace measures, quarantine restrictions, and extensive lockdowns. Therefore the only reasonable cause of the massive disease increase is mRNA vaccination.

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There were 38,178 extra hospitalisations in 2021 in the 12 categories alone compared to 2019 figures These figures only cover 12 out of the 37 disease categories tracked by the Ministry of Health. The remaining 25 disease category totals have not yet been released. Notably the figures do not include cancer incidence for example. The figures mean that NZers had greater than a 1 in 90 chance of hospitalisation within one year of Covid vaccination. You can read a longer discussion of these figures here.

Similar disastrous figures are surfacing in official data from Western Australia (greater than a 1 in 100 chance of serious injury). Last week in the UK, MP Andrew Bridgen again attempted to capture the attention of the House of Commons about severe injury and death following Covid vaccination. He faced a total walk out before he had even started his speech. Undeterred he went on to give a brilliant, succinct summary of the dangers and huge costs of Covid vaccination as revealed by the UK government’s own official statistics. In essence he explained how Covid vaccines make roughly a thousand people ill enough to send them scurrying to hospital in order to prevent one hospitalisation from Covid. In passing he revealed that the members of the Committee approving vaccines in the UK own a billion pounds worth of vaccine company shares between them. He was speaking to a virtually empty room (please watch him speak here and share).

Youtube kicked off by deleting the video, but public outrage ensured they had to back down. This only served to underline the fact that we are not engaged in a rational or fair argument. Currently hundreds of responsible and concerned scientists are analysing data and raising questions around the world about Covid vaccine safety, but we are all speaking to an empty room. Against all evidence, the silence about vaccine injury is intensifying and the roll out of mRNA boosters is continuing. Presumably Covid czars had a past history of rational thought, so how come we are now dealing with criminal and psychopathic responses to a national health crisis? How did our nation’s leaders become so unresponsive to widespread ill health and death?

In contrast, vaccine proponents are speaking freely to a full house, courtesy of a compliant and well funded media, who seem not only incapable of sorting truth from falsehood, but woefully ignorant about the fundamentals of genetics. On Sunday we were subjected to a long piece on 1News entitled The Gene Genie. The immaculately turned out presenter misinformed the nation that right now we are ending disease in New Zealand with a little snip to our DNA. No doubt this news wowed the audience, but the impression it gave was entirely false and misleading.

The programme did not cover the ending of all disease as the presenter appeared to infer. The real story turned out to be a phase one trial of a novel form of RNA gene therapy designed to tackle amyloidosis, a deadly disease that affects some members of families that inherit a single faulty gene (possibly up to around 60 people in NZ). The trial aims to identify whether a novel approach to amyloidosis gene therapy is safe and effective. It will take years to complete. The programme told us that New Zealand was the first country to trial the use of CRISPR gene editing on human beings (false, it was first used on humans in 2017 and its safety is uncertain). Human CRISPR gene editing was erroneously described as a natural process (???).

Just how monumentally ignorant and naive the programme’s producers were was revealed when the interviewer asked the study’s supervisor Auckland liver specialist Dr Ed Gane “Should we be able to select for height or intelligence when we do gene editing?”. Apparently the interviewer was parroting a false idea, planted in the public imagination by commercial hype, that genetic manipulation could cure all diseases and develop desirable looks and abilities. In fact, there are over 300,000 genes that play a role in a person’s height not one, and the idea that there are a few specific genes which could increase intelligence is just poppycock and fantasy.

In order to understand just how misleading these ideas are, we need to consider some basic concepts of cellular biology. This will enable us to assess just how much and in how many ways vaccine injury might ultimately affect us.

In 1953 when Watson and Crick unravelled the double helical structure of DNA, the world was dazzled by the discovery. Not only did this promise to solve the mysteries of heredity but it was also heralded as the key to understanding the origin of life itself. The whole focus of biology underwent a seismic shift. Henceforth, work on DNA, its code and its functions, would come to dominate biological research and ultimately medicine. Genetic essentialism had been born—the imaginative idea that just about everything about life could be reduced to the operation of genes.

Gradually over the last few years, research on epigenetics began to eat away at the edges of the edifice of genetic essentialism. Traits acquired by parents during their lifetime can be inherited by their offspring. Cellular and physiological factors directly influence how DNA expresses itself. In other words, the wider environment of DNA is intimately involved in its operation.

Genetic code is a part of a cellular system. DNA is not the sole source of life.

The popular rush to regard DNA as an almost standard alone reference point for life misses the established scientific reality. New life begins with a single cell of which DNA is only a part, not the whole. Divorcing DNA and its code from the whole cell and from the wider laws of physics in which it is embedded created the myopic view of genetic essentialism.

Cells form the building blocks of life, DNA does not function on its own. By implication the whole cell is the source of heredity, not solely DNA. When new human life begins, a large, single, relatively immobile, maternal cell is fertilised by a male sperm cell. The sperm cell is a stripped down version of a cell with a membrane enclosing tightly packed DNA and many mitochondria to efficiently power the sperm on its journey. Cellular components unnecessary for fertilisation are omitted from the sperm. The maternal cell is packed with large stocks of raw materials suitable for development. The sperm is designed to penetrate the maternal cell wall in order to create a new cell, one which contains a mixture of maternal and paternal genetic code.

Human cells are enormously complex, each contains approximately 100 trillion atoms which make up over 42 million proteins. Cells comprise three main parts:

  1. Nucleus which contains the chromosomes and their genetic information.
  2. Cell membrane which encapsulates and protects the cell, and also has receptors in order to interact with its environment. It contains fatty lipids.
  3. Cytoplasm the medium between the nucleus and the membrane in which most reactions take place.

We can summarise the roles of these three parts of the cell as follows:

  • Nucleus—stored information and DNA code
  • Cytoplasm—expression and function
  • Membrane—protective cover and shield

The Whole Cell supports a unit or single identity that we call Life which has a three in one structure—the wholeness of nucleus, cytoplasm, and membrane. Three in one structures are not random inventions or perspectives, they turn out to be fundamental to life. Perception involves an observer, a process of observation, and an object. Physics considers processes involving energy, flow, and structure. Ancient ayurvedic medicine describes health as regulated by transformation, transport, and structure. There are numerous other examples.

Genes are often considered to be primary, whilst genetic expression via the cytoplasm is secondary. This doesn’t stack up. Genes cannot express themselves without the sophisticated proteins in the cytoplasm, whilst these same proteins cannot be formed except by DNA. A chicken and egg situation. This identifies the cell as a whole system, not a hierarchy.

The importance of the whole cell can’t be overemphasised as we seek to understand the basis of life and health. Cells have key properties:

  • Reproduction: Cells can divide and multiply enabling an organism to grow
  • Stability: Every reproduced cell contains identical genetic information
  • Adaptability: As an organism develops, cells begin to specialise and form distinct organ systems, which undertake functions crucial to the whole organism
  • Purification: Cells contain mechanisms to ensure that any threat to the integrity of genetic information and cellular operation or integrity is corrected
  • Integration: Most surprisingly and little remarked, as the number and diversity of cells grows, the cells collectively share a single identity. They form a membrane (the skin) sheltering a collection of organ systems.

Thus, cellular structure and function is the starting point for physiological structure, organisation, immunity, and growth, but it is also impossible at this point to ignore consciousness. Cells appear to be alive or at least sentient in as much as they sense their environment and react to it, but the collection of 37 trillion human cells support a very sophisticated property we call consciousness. A cell is a self-organising entity whose defining characteristic is its ability to support self-referral consciousness.

The capacity of cells to work together to support a single conscious entity appears to be a fundamental property of life.

Digging down into the machinery of the cell, the cytoplasm (expression and function) contains:

  • Ribosomes: consisting of RNA and associated proteins. Messenger RNA and transfer RNA synthesize polypeptides and proteins. DNA expresses itself through RNA.
  • Endoplasmic reticulum: containing pathways connecting the nucleus and its genetic information to ribosomes.
  • Golgi apparatus: involved in transporting, modifying, and packaging manufactured proteins and lipids into packages (vesicles) for delivery to targeted destinations.
  • Mitochondria: which are bound to the membrane and provide the energy to power the cell.

The functions of these organelles are part and parcel of the whole cell—life. mRNA vaccines are designed to pierce the protective cell membrane and coopt cytoplasm functions in order to redirect cellular activity. As such they are in fact parasitic and ultimately damage the functions of the host cell. They disrupt the whole cell and therefore disrupt multiple characteristics of human life, including physiological stability, adaptability, immunity, and possibly even our mental acuity. Hence the observed massive increases in hospitalisations and deaths across the whole spectrum of disease types.

The end result is still unknown but the effects are already deadly

Let us just summarise the implications of what we have learned. Cells are responsible for maintaining health. Cellular functions are protected by a cell membrane. Cells are connected to form a single conscious identity. Interventions carrying novel genetic instructions which cross the cell membrane put health and consciousness, body and mind, at risk of degradation. Hospitalisation rates have doubled, all cause deaths are at record levels, and there is an unexplained total disregard on the part of governments. The full extent of how much mRNA vaccines will ultimately influence mental and physical health remains unknown. GLOBE is promoting a campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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