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A smoking gun …

Barry Young opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change the world which yields most painfully to change. — Robert Kennedy

Last week, a New Zealand whistleblower, Barry Young, who until recently was an employee of the Ministry of Health, courageously came forward with statistical information about the experimental gene-based therapy “Covid” injection. The data was anonymised, according to Barry and the interviewer, Liz Gunn, and confirmed last night by the prime minister, which means that no personal information of the names of individuals was included, so their privacy was protected.

The CEO of the Ministry of Health reported that the data related to a large amount of vaccine-related information, and was published on an overseas website. It was reported in a Newshub article (4 December) that the man claimed in a video that “New Zealand has had a high number of excess deaths since the vaccine rollout.” He provided a substantial amount of statistical information in the release.

It is noted that the Ministry of Health has not denied there has been a high number of excess deaths since the “vaccine” rollout. It is also noted that there is no attempt to explain why there has been a high number of excess deaths since the rollout of the experimental gene-based therapy injection. The public would surely want to feel reassured that the MOH was doing all in its power to isolate why New Zealand is experiencing, what is understood to be the greatest increase of deaths in its history since the rollout, wouldn’t they?

The CEO of the Ministry of Health, Ms Apa, did state, “We are in the response stage right now and that requires very detailed analysis of the data that was released.” Strangely, Ms Apa, goes on to then categorically state that the “vaccination is safe and effective” and that there is “no evidence whatsoever that “vaccination” is responsible for excess mortality in New Zealand.

Is this not putting the cart before the horse? Common-sense would surely call for the Ministry to complete their “very detailed analysis of the data that was released” first, wouldn’t it? Instead, the spokesperson doubles down on the allegation (backed by no evidence given in the news-report) that the experimental gene-based therapy injection is “safe and effective”. while not denying there have been excess deaths since the experimental-gene-based therapy injection. Does that make sense to you? To every-day New Zealanders, this would possibly be of serious concern.

The CEO of the Ministry of Health further reported that the whistleblower had “no clinical background or experience with vaccine knowledge”. But he is a statistician and can read numbers and analyse data as, according to the CEO, his job required him to look at this data and analyse it.

Dr Guy Hatchard points it out very well here and highlights that Barry has been apparently charged with “dishonestly accessing vaccination data”, but the public have not been told that accessing this vaccination data was his job. As Guy further explains, “He was doing his job, spotted a concerning red flag and went public after much heart-searching about the inaction of his employer whose job it is to protect public health.

The CEO further stated that the MOH were, “doing everything it could to respond and safeguard people’s information.” But the prime minister has already confirmed that no personal information has been spread. It is difficult to see why that should be the MOH’s first concern, given that, over the past few years, New Zealanders have been required to announce their “vax” status to all and sundry, through the “vax-pass” system. Apparently this information is only private if you’ve died. Why is that?

New Zealand is experiencing an excess number of deaths since the rollout. The MOH has not denied this and that is not new information. NZDSOS (www.nzdsos.com) has been writing open letters to government officials in the MOH, to parliament, MPs, the Ombudsman, and the police, for several years now with factual data that is impossible to ignore — with an alarmingly zero response. There were some serious articles about it, as can be seen here, and here. It should have immediately stopped all mRNA injections while a full and honest investigation was made.

The Health Forum was also collating information, with mandated medical staff, on the many injured and incapacitated post-experimental injection, as well as those who had died. Many others were sounding the alarm, too. This abundance of information collated by these dedicated doctors and medical staff seemed far more accurate than what the Medsafe site was showing for deaths and injury.

This was not surprising though when considering that strangely, for an experimental injection, it wasn’t compulsory for medical staff to report side effects. Surely they would want to know? Liz Gunn —leader of the political party NZ Loyal, lawyer, and former journalist — had interviewed many of the bereaved and injured on FreeNZmedia. VFF also highlighted these concerns through RCR Radio and has done lengthy interviews, as has the online Daily Telegraph newspaper, NZDSOS, Counterspin Media, Dr. Guy Hatchard, and others. But there were certainly no alarm-bells sounding in main-stream media that should have been commensurate with such a steep escalation of deaths.

According to Newshub, the whistleblower had claimed a high number of excess deaths since the rollout,. And, despite many requests over the last few years for the full information — by NZDSOS and others — there had never before been information from the MOH on this vital subject. . It is understood that he had tried to alert his seniors to his concerns, as well as members of parliament, before it was made public. An injunction has now been placed on the detailed information provided by the whistleblower, so it is not able to be shown, although the information is already out in the public domain and has gone viral throughout the world.

There is no injunction on what the NZDSOS team and others have been reporting for several years though that confirms New Zealand deaths per year have accelerated at an alarming rate since the rollout of the experimental injection. In September/October of 2023 the death rate was 70% greater than over the same time in 2022, according to this report, dated 13 November 2023. In addition to the deaths, there are many, many stories of the injured who are so ill they can barely function.

Again, nobody in mainstream media, mainstream medicine, or government, is seriously talking about it. Instead, a “brush it under the carpet” approach continues to be taken as increasing numbers of New Zealanders die. Until now. Yet, even now there is a scrambling to deny there is any issue and the brave whistle-blower is — astoundingly — being attacked and accused of “mis-information”, despite the fact it was public health data that he made available, so how could it be “mis-information”?

Barry Young’s compassion, care, his sense of personal responsibility, and his love for fellow Kiwis appears to be what caused him to speak out. It takes enormous courage to do so. Apparently, he was visibly emotional about what he had seen. How many are there in the Ministry of Health that are aware of what is happening and haven’t spoken up? How many would dearly like to?

Thank God for people like Barry Young.

Barry Young whistleblower opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs..

But history will judge you, and as the years pass, you will ultimately judge yourself, in the extent to which you have used your gifts and talents to lighten and enrich the lives of your fellow men. In your hands lies the future of your world and the fulfilment of the best qualities of your own spirit. — Robert Kennedy

Liz Gunn and Barry Young expected potential backlash from those within the MOH so, before they made the information public, they reached out to international experts and academics to check and double-check the statistics. The data was put through stringent analyses to ensure its accuracy. Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, and dissenting pandemic analyst, reviewed it in detail and also sent it to esteemed colleagues to assess, including Professor Fenton — a British mathematician and computer scientist. Steve Kirsch remains convinced that what was reported was correct. One expert later modified his endorsement, but Kirsch remains resolute. He acknowledges it is not a complete sample as it only lists the vaccinated in the database, but he states, “There is no possible way that this data is consistent with a safe vaccine.” He also stated that he and Professor Fenton told Barry that the data showed the “vaccines” were killing people.

It is understood that the whistleblower begged to be proven wrong — because the alternative was almost too unbearable to confront — that those in power knew these excess deaths were happening as a result of the experimental injection and were allowing it to continue to the extent they are still telling the public it is safe and effective — even when their own website illustrates that it is not.

As mentioned in my last article – despite the world being awash with factual information from international experts publicly stating that the experimental injection is neither safe or effective and doesn’t prevent transmission — and when Pfizer has long-since released a nine-page list of adverse events by order of a (blessed) High Court Judge in America — the NZ ‘caretaker government’, on 3 November 2023, extended provisional consent for the experimental Pfizer jab for a further two years and then immediately moved to fully register all variations of the jab, and even included the formulas of the injection that are now redundant. Why? Isn’t that potential murder if it harms and can cause death? Dr David Martin certainly thinks so. He defines it as a bioweapon and has the qualifications to do so, and the documents to prove it. Dr Mike Yeadon, who worked for Pfizer for over 20 years, concurs and explains why here. Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical executive, gives her well-researched view that “an intent to harm has been taking place under the guise of a pandemic.” She states here that it was the US military that authorised the jabs and her video explaining that is here.

After carefully viewing the information and watching the serious anomalies here in NZ, the NZDSOS team reluctantly came to the same conclusion based on what they have witnessed with what they describe as: “the dysfunction of the organisations, authorities, institutions, laws and people that are supposedly in place in this country to protect us. “ They list specifics here. They have been sounding the alarm on the increasing deaths for several years.

With the information that has been made public in the news release by the CEO of the MOH, the Ministry of Health, even if they consider the information from the whistleblower inaccurate, should surely call a halt to all experimental mRNA injections until a thorough investigation is done? But this hasn’t happened. Instead, within about 24 hours they doubled down on the disproved “safe and effective” line and announced an investigation into the whistleblower, who was arrested.

It is unclear why, as the whistleblower did not cause the excess deaths.

He just reported them.

To ensure the least harm, it would be most logical to put an immediate halt to the experimental injection and any other mRNA injections, and meticulously investigate the exact reason for excess deaths in New Zealand on a dramatically increasing scale since the rollout of the experimental gene-therapy. What is difficult about that? It has been proven not to be safe and effective, it has, according to Pfizer, nine pages of adverse events, it can cause death, and does. Surely, it pays to err on the side of caution with experimental medications? Particularly when it has now been proven that Covid is about as “dangerous” as the common cold?

Iceland did.

Here in NZ, we also had a Medical Council and a Nurses Council that threatened doctors and nurses with deregistration if they mentioned anything negative about the experimental gene-therapy. Doesn’t this effectively put informed consent on mute and lower the medical profession to that of political lapdogs? Who does that put in the doctor’s surgery? The government? Or the doctor? Why violate the Nuremberg Code and the Hippocratic Oath? It doesn’t make sense. To continue to allow our people to be put to substantial potential risk would surely be regarded as, at the least, reckless wouldn’t it? It doesn’t happen in any other field.

Imagine if there was a restaurant where, after a meal, a number of people died — or even one person —and someone reported it as an excess death. Should the person who reported it be investigated and the restaurant remain open, or would you — even if you didn’t think it was true — want to immediately remove all doubt that anyone was at risk and close that restaurant while doing an investigation?

Or perhaps there is a sky-diving business where one or more of the parachutes didn’t open and a client fell to their death, and someone reported it. Wouldn’t it be vital to close down the operation until it could be found exactly why a client fell to their death, or would one investigate and attack the person who reported it and not permit people to discuss the information?

Well, in this case, it seems the Ministry of Health have moved to investigate the brave whistleblower and report him to the police while continuing to deny there is a screaming emergency with the number who have died post-injection, or been seriously injured as a result, and they are not immediately halting the administration of this experimental jab while doing a genuine investigation. Instead, the Ministry of Health continues to promote the injection as “safe and effective”.

Those aware must surely be called to account.

Disappointingly, the new Minister of Health doesn’t appear to have a grip on the situation either. He issued a statement stating the public can have “confidence in vaccines” and that he has been “reassured by experts confirming that there is no evidence supporting the allegations that have been made”.

Hopefully, he is not relying on “experts” like this. Further information here. He may also like to avail himself of over 1,000 scientific studies that refute his stance here. There have been a number of reports alleging that this injection is not even a “vaccine”, but rather an experimental gene-based therapy injection. Apparently, real vaccines take at least five to ten years to go through detailed tests and trials. This injection did not. If it isn’t a vaccine it should not be labelled as one or referred to as one as that creates confusion. Additionally, one of the government advisors, Dr Helen Petousis-Harris, vaccinologist, vaccine advocate, co-director of the Global Vaccine Data Network, and Pfizer advocate, advised New Zealanders in 2022 not to get another booster. She wasn’t intending to do so. So, that’s a very different view from the experts the Minister of Health appears to have contacted.

As Dr Guy Hatchard reports: “So the government feels that we should all be reassured by unnamed experts who say there is nothing to see here without discussing any specific points in the data leak. If you have been reading our reports here and here , you will know that there is a great deal of evidence published in reputable journals, including from NZ, indicating vaccine harm. As a result, we have consistently called for release of data comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated, but access was consistently denied by the previous government. It now appears the incoming government is also going to tell us to look the other way. If health data shows that there is no harm from Covid vaccines why would the government deny access to the relevant data?”

Exactly. If there was nothing to hide why wouldn’t a government calmly release all of the information as outlined by Professor Hatchard above? It would instantly end the discussion. It is also public health information.

Is money involved? Medsafe were apparently funded up to as much as 84.05% for the 2022/2023 year. Significant. Uncomfortable. Pfizer is one of the top five contributors. And pharmacies seem to have done well out of administering the experimental injection, according to Pharmacy Today magazine, with some making as much as $100,000 over a few months and one pharmacy apparently one million.

As Dr Matt Shelton mentioned in an interview with Peter Williams on RCR radio, those who have died are not coming back. The beautiful and productive lives of good Kiwis have been unnecessarily and prematurely taken, because they trusted the government, never thinking for a moment that these injections were unsafe. There are also the bereaved who have been left behind: Husbands, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, cousins, and grandparents — all living with the pain of the loss of their loved ones — for the rest of their lives. Nobody has the right to do this. Nobody.

We must speak for them.

Barry Young is.

Steve Kirsch stated, “No State or country has ever released record-level public health data on any vaccine.” He said, “The reason the data is kept secret is simple: it would expose the fact that the COVID vaccines are unsafe, as well as all the vaccines that I have been able to get record-level data on. . .Today, thanks to a courageous whistleblower who works [or worked] at the New Zealand Ministry of Health, we have record-level information . . .”

Health whistleblower opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it – always.― Mahatma Gandhi

Barry Young is just one man. One hero, within that great government monolith known as, The Ministry of Health, who is meant to be representing us, the people. Even if there was no experimental gene-therapy injection in the mix, the MOH should be urgently trying to find the cause of the recent escalation of deaths in NZ and resolving the problem. Why are the hospitals full? Why are so many who have been “vaccinated” regularly getting sick? Why are there so many thousands of Kiwis seriously injured? Why has the death rate increased for children from 0 — 4 over the past few years?

To the government: Please, do the right thing. Stop the experimental injection now and immediately bring forward the open investigation you promised. Release the information. Represent New Zealanders. Not off-shore cabals. Do not punish whistleblowers. Protect them. Listen. Investigate the situation. In dark times, it is often the whistleblower who stands between tyranny and freedom. They require genuine protection. Do so, for they are trying to protect us all. Including you. And please — be worthy of trust.

I urge everyone in the Ministry of Health to stand up and speak out if you have vital information that is causing death and/or injury to New Zealanders that is being ignored, so further injury and death can be prevented. New Zealand taxpayers have paid for that information. Or perhaps just stand up in silence? In support of your courageous former colleague who dared to care? Every New Zealander who has information — please come forward. Let us peacefully help our people. And our country. Like we all should.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Sometimes they quietly work away in a back office and then courageously emerge with sufficient information that can change a world. Simply because they had enough compassion, enough concern, and enough love for their fellow men and women to risk their all to do so.

Winston Smith whistleblower opinion
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  – Attributed to Edmund Burke

All photos are © Mary Hobbs.

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    • Thanks Anon. Yes, he is. We need more like him.
      I sincerely hope that this experimental gene-based therapy jab is halted while a full investigation is done.

  1. This info needs to be out for all NZ to see… Facebook not allowing me to share it. Great info and Barry Young is a hero and Liz Gunn did a fantastic job.

    • Thanks Anon. Gosh, that’s interesting that they are not allowing you to share.
      Perhaps if you copy the link and paste in comments that may work?
      Yes, both of them are.

  2. This so called vaccine has been a mass killing machine .. Barry Young is a world hero for exposing this travesty.
    We should be so so grateful for his bravery and insight from a soul level, and any other whistleblowers that come forward.
    How dare it be ignored and hidden by our government! You, Christopher Luxon, know the truth. Money talks.
    Thank you to Mary Hobbs, Liz Gunn and Barry Young, and others who have dug deep and found the fortitude and steely strength to show this evil corruptness.
    We will live in truth and love. Not in a black cloud of lies, death and dollars!

    • Thank you Jann. Indeed it is.
      Barry is a hero and his integrity shone through in that court-room, as he stood for the truth for all the right reasons.
      I hope more in the MOH find the courage to do so. Even just to stand in support.
      Yes, the day will come soon when we live in truth and love. Thanks for your comments.

    • Chris Luxon Jacinda Ardern Hipkins, Little, Bloomfield and their minions they all know the truth because they have been bribed, they are criminally corrupt. The jabs were not a true vaccine it was only called a ‘vaccine’ or a ‘gene therapy’ because it was administered by injection. The problem for the Govt. is. that the jabs are now classed as a ‘soft kill’ Bioweapon and there is no indemnity for unleashing a Bioweapon on to the population that is a War Crime. This I believe is why the Govt. have clammed up and don’t want to talk about it anymore. They all need to be prosecuted. they have violated the Nuremburg Codes and that is a Crime Against Humanity. One day the bell will toll for them.

  3. Great article Mary! The people should hold the Ministry of Health accountable for continuing to promote a vaccine that has not worked and causes harm. If there were any other product that posed a health risk, it would be pulled off the market. This begs the question why is the vaccine still on the market and being pushed??? Questions need to be answered by those we put in charge. They are answerable to us, the public.

    • Thank you Jane.
      The MOH should definitely be called to account for the damage done and for continuing to promote an experimental jab that harms and kills.
      You make excellent points. Many thanks.

  4. I never believed there would be a time in my beloved New Zealand that a letter like this would need to be written. That I would completely lose faith in my government, my doctor, and so many fellow New Zealanders. In a conventional war you know who your enemy is you can see your enemy and you know you’re at War, but in this case the general population of New Zealand have no idea what is being done to them they have no idea that there is a war they have no idea that people are trying to save their lives while their government is trying to kill them, maybe we need to change our approach and “admit” to the people of New Zealand that we were completely wrong about the vaccine and we think it is very safe and 100% effective and everybody should go and get their boosters now, go to the mainstream media open handed and offer our apologies and show where we got it wrong, maybe we would be able to offer these ridiculous apologies on the mainstream media and people watching mainstream media might actually think what the hell’s going on here? because at the moment they know nothing at all, it’s hidden from them. If we release the data showing how wrong we were people might realize we were actually right. Because I think there is something in the mass psychosis that stops people from being able to read this information if it is against the narrative they were led to believe, if the information we share purportedly shows the safety and efficacy of the jabs they might actually read it and while reading it realize that it’s bunk?
    I know this sounds kind of crazy but we’ve tried everything else.

    • Thanks for your comments David and I hear you. Who would ever have considered our country would reach such a point as this. It is hard to believe, but the evidence is damning. I think we must just continue to communicate the truth and help those who have been injured, and also hellp support the bereaved. Thank you again.

  5. Great work, Mary. It’s all so obvious and the more they try to skip around the facts the worse it looks for them. But then they’ve been doing that with diet and climate for decades. This is killing and injuring people quickly though so it will hopefully be the straw that breaks the camels back and lets al the lies out for the public to see. A democracy is only as good as the quality of information the public has available to it.

    • Thank you Darag. Yes, it is true isn’t it -they wouldn’t have to remember what they have said when telling the truth, but their lies trip them up. Every time. And yes, so many lies with diet and climate too, as you point out. NZ has a small population and it seems an increasing number of Kiwis are connecting the dots, thank goodness. Your last sentence rings true, too. Thanks again Darag.

  6. This is a very articulate article. Congratulations Mary Hobbs. The arguments succinct and irrefutable.
    I cringe at the lack of intellectual acumen and gross inconsistency in the head of MOH. Stalling….sensible enough while they do their enquiry; investigating…. yet she forms a concluded opinion on behalf of us all that this is dis/misinformation…BASED ON her own Govt Departments statistics. Anyone with any decent intellect will see the anomalies and holes in the MOH stance.

    • Thank you Rob. So appreciated.
      Exactly. They forget what they have said earlier and it shows up the lies and inconsistencies.
      How simply this could have been handled: 1: Halt the jab. 2. Start a full , genuine, and public nvestigation now.

  7. The Ministry of Health believes the leaked data is misinformation because it is “cherry picked” in a way that misrepresents reality. OK fine. So let’s get a second opinion and a third opinion and a fourth opinion from top experts after we give them the full anonymised data — no “cherry picking” (no filtering other than name suppression). There are hundreds of experts willing to analyse the data at no cost to NZ. Let’s go! This is a great opportunity for the Ministry of Health to prove its innocence and restore faith for all the Kiwis who have volunteered to inject themselves and their children.

    • This is all Steve Kirsch has been asking for. For months now. They vehemently REFUSE to do it.

      The only logical inference is that they have something to hide 🤷🏼‍♂️

      Even if they’re right, even if everything Barry has “cherry picked” is completely fake, there’s still something somewhere deep in that data that THEY don’t want getting out for some reason.

      It’s so glaringly obvious at this point it borders on comedy. We are ruled by the government from Spaceballs.

      • Thank you Unquaccinated. Yes, Steve Kirsch, all the brave doctors at nzdsos.com and many others have been asking for this information for a long time now.
        There is no reason why anonymised information cannot be released. It belongs to the people.
        But the genie is out of the bottle now and cannot be put back in. The world has seen it thanks to this brave whistleblower.

    • Thanks Richard. Yes, that’s all it would take.
      The fact that they don’t do this makes most wonder why and ask what they are trying to hide.

    • Thanks so much Neal. Great to hear it is of help.
      And these govts have indeed betrayed the people, but we will find a way through, for good always triumphs over evil. Just as Gandhi said.

  8. Another brilliant in depth work from Mary Hobbs.”The CEO of the Ministry of Health, Ms Apa, stated “We are in the response stage right now and that requires very detailed analysis of the data that was released.”
    If the M.O.H has been using New Zealanders as guinea pigs in their vaccine trials all this time surely the C.E.O should have the analysis of the data at her fingertips and not now be in reactionary mode after someone lets the world know what is going on. They’re either not analysing the data or they are covering up the truth!

  9. Mary, once again your knowledge and wisdom blows me away! And I’m sure others too.
    I so appreciate the updates and the truth which we do not hear from the mainstream media.
    Wishing you all the best with your family Christmas 🎄 and to a more positive new year !
    Rose( Auckland) 🤗

    • Thank you so much Rose. Honoured to be of help.
      All the best for a wonderful Christmas and New Year for you and your loved ones, too.
      And all readers here.

  10. See Igor Chudov at:
    A – “Be aware that the “leaked NZ data” is problematic; even the story accompanying it is less than entirely believable.
    I spent an entire day analyzing it.
    I downloaded it as a CSV file, uploaded it to my MySQL database server, and analyzed it.
    As I will show,
    The “whistleblower data” is missing huge chunks of information that should logically be present.
    Bad Data and Inconsistent Story
    • Liz Gunn of NZ is misinterpreting it by trying to pass normal nursing home deaths as evidence of “super deadly batches” and “mass vaccine casualties”
    • The data has problems that are incompatible with the story of its origin.
    • It cannot be a full snapshot from a working payment database. Therefore, the story of its origin is suspect.
    • The actual vaccine casualties may reside in the missing pieces of data that the “database” does not provide.” (Igor Chudov, Dec. 3, 2023)
    B – See MoH Final report 2022 – COVID-19 Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board
    Published 3 July 2023

  11. Thank you, Mary, for such a comprehensive article. We need the new covid enquiry more than ever now. It will be Winston Peter’s legacy to our nation – a chance to show that politicians can be courageous and strong. All those in the last government and many in the current government, are responsible for homicide and mass injury. They are war criminals and must be tried and sentenced as such. Let us hope that the nation becomes angry enough to push for justice.

    • Thanks Alanna. Oh yes, if only they would halt the experimental drug and start the enquiry immediately. The honest and public one that Winston Peters made sure was written in the coalition agreement. That should definitely reveal everything and from there our Nation can heal.

      • are you aware that the terms of the inquiry (the one you refer to as being written in to the coalition agreement), do not include vaccine harm?
        How will it be an honest inquiry if it doesn’t include this please?

  12. It’s all closing in on the propagandists. Iceland have stopped any further covid vaccines. South Korea has dutifully recorded startling information but the guilty in NZ have attacked the bravery that has challenged the lies. We are watching something similar to a stasi dictatorship in my own bloody country. May the culprits fry in hell.

    • Thanks for your input Rob. Yes, Iceland has. And yes, South Korea apparently showed all of their information which is how it should be. And the brave and courageous Barry Young deserves a meda. Thanks Rob.

  13. Fantastic work Mary. You always get to the heart of the issue in such a commonsense and easy to read way. I always look forward to the new articles you write. We certainly live in an upside-down world. As Edward Snowden said “when exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals” 😏

  14. It may be helpful to have a look at Dr Helen Potoussis Harris ‘s contribution …eg Sean Plunket’s interview with her and the comment by Dr Guy Hatchard.

  15. Thanks Louise. I note that Dr Helen P said some months ago she did not advise anyone to get the booster. She also mentioned she didn’t intend to. (As mentioned in my article.) Dr Guy Hatchard’s posts are always worth reading and I understand he highlighted that too and I think there is a link in my article on this. Many thanks.

  16. What an excellent heartfelt article Mary!

    If this country was by any stretch of the imagination a functional democracy with adequate seperation of powers within government , the Miniister of “Health” and the CEO of the ministry would have been arrested and charged with state treason and conspiracy to commit mass murder, not the heroic whistle blower who has put everything on the line to save Kiwi society from mcorporate sponsored democide.

    The dereliction of duty by the people that are surposed to protect NZ society, including the Governor-General, is a national disgrace. By sitting on their hands amidst this amount of damning information is readlily available proving that these lethal toxins are causing 1000s of deaths and incapacitation, they are further incriominating themselves in facilitating this carnage.

    This is especially distressing for me as I see the the huge damage manifest in my own family and acquaintences. I am attending the funeral of an old school friend tomorrow who has just died of turbo-cancer – no prizes for guessing what caused that. I have been to a procession of funerals ever since soon after the roll-out began.

    Almost two years ago I wrote an article on this mass poisoning and the liklihood that the carnage would be multi-generational because, in effect, we have poisoned the ovum, spem, and mitochondria of a huge portion of NZs gene pool.


    I followed that up with an article that showed that NZ could have kicked this entire plandemic into touch without deploying a single jab. The fact that the main drug in allowing NZ to escape with miniscule death rates and harm to our economy was withheld from us is another national disgrace.


    Keep up your great work Mary

    • Thank you Colin for your heartfelt response, and also your contributions to Gary Moller’s excellent website.
      The whistleblower is indeed heroic, having put everything on the line to bravely speak out in a genuine attempt to help put an end to the tragedies most of us have seen or heard of over the past several years. I am so sorry for the losses you have endured Colin over this time. it brings me to tears too, to think of the thousands of lives torn apart as a result of this experimental gene-based therapy injection.
      The knowingly guilty must be brought to account through proper means.We will continue to work to help peacefully protect and defend our people and our country, and thank you for doing the same. T

  17. Thanks Mary,
    Right from the very first lockdown I and numerous others (around 30 people according to MofHat that time) were requesting very specific OIA’s from Medsafe & MofH. We forwarded everything to Sue Grey & VFF in the early days but many of the most telling came later after repeated obfuscating by these government departments.
    As the employment mandates came in many of those were offered to lawyers who were incredibly lacking the critical information for court. Some even rejected our documents, thus setting their clients up for failure. As we know many NZ judges were also ignorant and brainwashed of the facts. If you ever wish to read or get copies let me know

  18. Are you aware that the inquiry Winston Peters is calling for doesn’t mention vaccine harm in it’s terms of reference?
    Rather problematic, wouldn’t you say?

  19. The power of the Pfizer Manufacture and supply contract is paramount. Once this criminal signed this indemnity the company was bound to perform as they have been.
    Statement of Indemnity given under the Public Finance Act 1989
    Pursuant to section 65ZD(3) of the Public Finance Act 1989, the Minister of Finance
    makes the following statement:
    On 22 December 2020 I, Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance, on behalf of the Crown,
    gave an indemnity to Pfizer New Zealand Limited, Pfizer Inc and BioNTech and specific
    associated persons in relation to the supply of a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Dated at Wellington this day 11th day of February 2021.
    Hon Grant Robertson
    Minister of Finance
    Saying the “vaccine” is not “safe and effective” is a breach of contract.

    • That’s an important point Steve. But even if it is a fraudulent contract? I had a quick look at it and see that it gives far too much power to one person. Although I cannot see how any indemnity would protect a corporation if their product was known to cause harm? We need to see that contract.And the full and anonomised statistics need to be disclosed to the public by the MOH. Thanks for your comments.

      • Are you saying the “statement of indemnity” is a contract outside of the manufacture and supply contract?Getting to see the contract would necessitate breaching its non disclosure clause. Manufacture and supply contracts pertaining to other countries have been published. I suppose they would all be generic including clause 5.5:
        5.5: Purchaser acknowledgement
        Purchaser acknowledges that the vaccine and materials related to the vaccine and their components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed due to the emergency circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to be studied after provision of the vaccine to Purchaser under this agreement. Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the vaccine that are not currently known. Further, to the extent applicable, Purchaser acknowledges that the Product shall not be serialised. Definition of “serialised”: “publish or broadcast in regular instalments.”

  20. Thank you Clifton. Appreciated! No, not quite yet! Although I have written a lot for the DT and articles can be found by searching my name. (I think some pop up that I haven’t written as well, but you’ll see the ones that are mine there.

    • I am so sorry to hear that Janet,. Thank you for your comment and backing up the information.
      Since the rollout, so many people around the world are experiencing similar. And so young.
      Our thoughts are with your son, the friends he has lost, and their loved ones.

  21. Everything the establishment has done WORLD WIDE shows its guilt.

    If the jab were really safe and effective they would be flooding the media with the data, and of course the would not have to bully and bribe any to take it – which is still, under the Nuremberg Code, a crime against humanity.

    instead the suppress data, deny, gaslight.

    they have of course always known the jab was deadly for there is nothing in their behaviour which shows they did not. This is because as the truth emerged they hid it where an honest person would have welcomed it and rectified the errors if errors they were.

    Moreover no scientist could be so ignorant as to be as discerning as a first year undergrad student

    so this is a crime. pure and simple.

    The question remains is our newly installed NZ govt going to stand with the truth here, or are they going to make it clear that the fact they were not in power when this mass murder started nothing more than an accident of history because they would have done exactly the same thing.

    Does Luxon have the stomach to stand with the truth, or does he want to become as hated as Jacinda Ardern still is

  22. Thanks for a great well thought well researched report. A lot of the turn the other cheek from sleepy joes and their media propaganda machine is only going to bit them fair in the arse. I’m of the opinion to just let them go.
    However they are going to take those of us who do t want to die or be harmed with them to an early grave. If these idiots have little respect for their own lives but more importantly said humanity itself then they are welcome to leave. From the very first time I heard the quote that there are too many humans on earth my response has been for those who do not like it, leave. But do not expect others who love the gift of life to have to leave. The evidence out now of a depopulation agenda matches the deaths across the world. Gates himself said if we get vaccinations right we can reduce the population by 10-15%, he will be grinning from ear to ear now. I think the weight of his body should be taken off of his feet. Intent is from his own mouth. His mates think the same. And there is a bigger picture that not too many are talking about. Search the biggest sensored subject on earth. I’m saying no more.

  23. Thank you for writing this. I hope you won’t be held as a misinformation spreader as others have been already! You’re very brave and my hero list is growing. Thank you

  24. Thanks yet again Mary for your outstanding contribution to letting the truth speak. So much carnage and damage to peoples’ lives…and still it goes on. We need to keep on spreading the facts, data and stories of lives ruined by all of this. You do an amazing job.

    • Thank you ED. I really appreciate your kind words. I feel that we do need to keep speaking up to the point where we are a chorus that no one can ignore. All peacefully, too. The price of freedom is indeed constant vigilance and the willingness to say no, we won’t permit tyranny.

  25. The covid vaccination is a intelligence test with the consequence of injury or death.
    Prayers for the 29000 souls who took their 3rd booster last week.

    • Thanks for your comment Mike.
      Prayers for them, indeed. So sad.
      I think some only know about mainstream media and don’t see information from other sources. Hopefully that is changing.

  26. If Barry Young saw the names of those vaccinated then can we identify which politicians and celebrities did not get the jabs, yet still pushed them publicly, and also faked their own jabs?


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