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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: What the whistleblower data tells us about the NZ Ministry of Health

MoH whistleblower news

This week an interview with a Ministry of Health employee under the pseudonym Winston Smith, who leaked data to former journalist and recent political candidate Liz Gunn, caused an international sensation.

A data set of four million vaccination records was briefly available for download and scrutiny from vaccine critic Steve Kirsch’s site. Many of you have no doubt watched the hour long interview by Liz Gunn by now. Kirsch independently promised his readers that international statistics experts would be publishing analysis of the data shortly.

The Wasabi site hosting the data for download acted rapidly to cancel Steve Kirsch’s account and YouTube took down the video within minutes (it is still up on Rumble). The Ministry of Health issued a statement, widely reported in the NZ press, labelling the leak as misinformation. They announced that they had sacked the whistleblower and called in the police. 

Dr. Shane Reti, our newly appointed Minister of Health, issued a statement:

“There are many conspiracy theorists out there who unfortunately disseminate harmful disinformation, however, as Minister and as a physician, the public can and should continue to have confidence in vaccines. I am reassured by experts confirming that there is no evidence supporting the allegations that have been made.”

So the government feels that we should all be reassured by unnamed experts who say there is nothing to see here without discussing any specific points in the data leak. If you have been reading our reports here and here, you will know that there is a great deal of evidence published in reputable journals, including from NZ, indicating vaccine harm. As a result, we have consistently called for release of data comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated, but access was consistently denied by the previous government. 

It now appears the incoming government is also going to tell us to look the other way. 

If health data shows that there is no harm from Covid vaccines why would the government deny access to the relevant data?

In fact, more than two years ago the government granted unfettered access to NZ Covid vaccine health data to vaccinologist Dr. Petousis-Harris Co-Director of the Global Vaccine Data Network. She promised to publish data on vaccine safety within months but has published no results since, and has publicly stated that she will not be getting another Covid vaccine. So what do you make of that?

Last week the relative of a friend phoned them with some bad news from Australia. They had been diagnosed with pericarditis. “Don’t worry,” they said “I have seen a specialist and I should be able to come through it OK”. The specialist told them it was “due to a prior Covid infection”“but I haven’t had Covid, I’ve had the vaccine” responded the patient. “Ah”, said the doctor, “you must have had Covid, it can’t be due to the vaccine.”

You get the picture don’t you? Pericarditis is a recognised adverse effect of mRNA Covid vaccination but medical experts are telling patients it can’t happen. I wonder what our experts are telling Dr. Shane Reti? It is ‘show and tell’ time at medical kindergarten. Can Dr Reti show us the full data or is he going to continue with the absurd and dictatorial ‘one podium of truth’ lie of the last administration?

More on the data leak

The whistleblower was reportedly a computer systems programmer at the Ministry of Health who designed the computer payment system for vaccine providers. In the video he appeared visibly distressed by the rate of deaths among those who had received vaccinations. There were a number of charts displayed showing for example that some South Island vaccination sites had been disproportionately affected by deaths subsequent to vaccination. It was immediately clear from the names of the providers that these sites serviced the elderly, an obvious and unfortunate data bias which has garnered some criticisms.

Respected mathematician Igor Chudov, who regularly analyses vaccine data and raises serious concerns about vaccine safety, downloaded the whole leaked data set of four million records and has now published some concerns on Substack under the title: I analyzed the “Leaked NZ Whistleblower Data” and Suggest to Be Wary of It. Bad Data and Inconsistent Story, others have also raised concerns.

Clearly the collection of vaccination data by the Ministry of Health has been a little haphazard and contains inconsistencies. There have been indications of this in earlier data, but in general the records leaked stand as authentic if incomplete. Statistically speaking, the main problem is the lack of sufficient data to make exact assessments of safety. In other words, a comparison of health outcomes between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated will be necessary. Precisely the data the Ministry of Health has refused to release. Unfortunately, the whistleblower only had access to data from the vaccinated. 

That doesn’t mean the data leak is invalid, a conspiracy theory, or irrelevant. There were some very real and concerning questions raised which need answers. The reaction of the Ministry of Health and the Minister actually points to a conspiracy of silence on their part, not to the whistleblower. We do have whistleblower protection legislation in NZ. It states that:

“An employee can make a protected disclosure (sometimes called ‘whistle blowing’) when they report serious wrongdoing in the workplace that they reasonably believe is true or likely to be true.”

The whistleblower was in the position that many people holding positions of responsibility in New Zealand now find themselves. We believe he acted responsibly because he disclosed very concerning information that the Ministry of Health has been withholding from public view. 

We have unprecedented record high rates of excess deaths and hospitalisation which are continuing long past the peaks of Covid infection yet virtually no one among the media, the medical profession, and the government wants to talk about it. Instead they are conspiring (yes I do mean to use the term and don’t do so lightly) to hide the figures which will demonstrate the exact extent of Covid vaccine harm.

This is all the more concerning since a rapidly growing number of recently published scientific papers we have been regularly reporting are pointing to a wide range of long term mRNA Covid harms including heart disease and immune deficiency, cancersstrokes and mental illness. 

The message that most resonated with me during the interview was the heartfelt plea from the whistleblower for others to speak up. I encourage all those with inside knowledge to speak up if you haven’t already done so, we can’t continue with the disastrous censorship of health information enforced by the previous government. The health and longevity of the whole population is at stake.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. Thank you for this excellent assessment Guy. Wonderful. It points to a criminal Ministry of Health who must now stop the jab and release all of the information regarding it.

  2. I’m still awaiting Medsafe to release ALL the “novel excipient” ingredients of the LNP’s as I requested numerous times via my OIA requests. Each time they refuse. Chris James did send me a fully redacted 5 page Pfizer confidential document however so…obviously nothing to hide eh!

    Thing is though, I already have such a Pfizer document released under FOIA in the US. It shows conclusively that “graphene oxide” was a component of LNP structures. A ‘experimental’ novel ingredient used only in research with well known toxicity in the human body


    • They cannot give you a definitive LNP content list. The Pfizer contract states, in the 3rd paragraph “Pfizer reserves the right to modify, exchange, substitute product contents without notice in order to fulfil its commercial objectives” Adern, Bloomfield and Hipkins went ahead and signed. Let’s be clear here, they knew there would be deaths, as per Chief Justice Sue Thomas’ findings in the Rory Nairn COVID Inquiry.

      • They can indeed release the documents which were sent to me fully redacted to hide all those novel excipient components that I requested in my numerous OIA’s.

        3 ingredients we do know of never used in humans before which have no long term safety data




        For research use ONLY, NOT for human or veterinary or diagnostic or therapeutic use.

        And now that “comirnaty” has been fully approved for use by Medsafe they actually have an legal obligation too.

  3. It’s speculated, they used elderly deaths to promote panic in the early stages. Many died within 3days of the first jab. The news reported them as unvaccinated deaths, sowing fear in the community and a rush to get vaccinated.

  4. The Govt knew the risks on the mRNA tech, they had been warned by other countries that were experiencing adverse side effects. In August 2021 the MOH issued modelling software predicting the anticipated hospitalization rates of people infected with Covid. Regardless of the demographical data entered the results were always the same, those that had received the Pfizer mRNA “vaccines” would fill the hospitals at a rate of 10:1 with respect to the unvaxxed.

    • Lol. Ok you do that. Look, it’s available. In every country on earth the unvaxxed have higher death rates and worse health outcomes. Antivaxxers have a lot of blood on their hands.

      • Yep every single person at my work that has had covid, possibly twice, and the flu, was 22x more likely to have caught it from me, even though I haven’t been sick the last 4 winters.

        Keep taking that jab if you believe in it so much

      • Can you provide links? As a part of the unvaxed community i can assure you that there is no such danger to us. Most of us have had covid once and it was minor. A few people didnt get it snd some had it twice but second time was insignificant. We chose to avoid the experiment and are happy with that choice. Nobody has changed their mind or regretted no vax. The opposite is true for my sadly vaxed friends. Many have bad health.

  5. The Astra zenica vaccine was recently made ‘defunked’ due to the damage it caused.
    Give it 2 – 3 years and the same will be said for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

  6. GUY
    Thank you for all the valuable information you provide us with to enable us to keep informed of the true facts .
    I feel it would be helpful if we were able to look in some bank accounts of certain top previous members of parliament.
    It may explain a few truths 😳

  7. Data data my four kings v your three aces. Go into a room of 30 people and ask: ‘Hands up those who know someone covid affected’. Small show of hands. ‘Hands up those who know someone vaccine affected’. Forrest of hands. I personally know of about 25 vaccine affected people including 2 deaths. A friend’s daughter with myorcarditis went to see a consultant cardiologist in Auckland early in the piece and he said he was seeing two or three a day similar.

  8. A very bad start for Shane Reti.

    He’s only been in the job for a week, and he’s already in ‘nothing to see here’ full cover-up mode.

    What a surprise. Not.

  9. Welcome to the NEW govt, same as the old Govt.
    There is a massive amount investigation in this criminal cabal masquerading as govt ministries, Medsafe, ex labour govt ministers are now running for cover……….wait a minute, that’s what should be happening BUT Alas, the whistleblower who just exposed the criminal nature of our govt needs to be thrown in Jail asap. This is our ‘Assange’ moment. There is no democracy in NZ any more.

    Dictatorship masquerading as democracy in the West.

  10. I’m in favor of banning that Judge Holden bot, he brings nothing to the subject but childish insults and slurs, he is obviously an idiot or getting paid to interfere in adult discussions or most likely both.


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