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Losing faith in science

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You’re not alone!

With so much seeming bonkers about our world lately, I wanted to share something positive. A small indication that people might be waking up, coming to their senses and seeing through the bull-dust.

Professor Peter Ridd details, in the Spectator, a recent Rasmussen poll in America. He writes,

There is no surer proof that people are losing faith in the scientific establishment than the recent Rasmussen poll of Americans which found 60 percent of respondents agreeing that, ‘Climate change has become a religion that “actually has nothing to do with the climate” and is really about power and control”.’ Even 45 percent of Democrats agreed.

I have to agree with Professor Ridd, this is an incredible result, especially given the wall-to-wall doomsday messaging in our media. Sure, it might be an American poll, but what happens there eventually finds its way here – good and bad.

Ridd doesn’t think it’s because people are suddenly boning up on ‘the science’ but instead points to the last three years of Covid Crazy and how dissenters were treated. More people are becoming aware of the dishonesty, outright disinformation and seeing parallels – joining the dots, so to speak.

they can smell a rat, and they can recognise a high-pressure salesman. The alarmist side has cried ‘Wolf!’ hundreds of times too many, and its treatment of those who dare to dissent only makes the rat smell worse.

In an echo of Professor Richard Lindzen’s brilliant and still relevant 2009 essay, Resisting Climate Hysteria, Ridd notes that people want to trust science institutions; they want to believe the Great Barrier Reef is doomed, despite evidence showing it isn’t.

if the reef is not doomed, they must face the possibility of something worse – that they have been deceived by institutions they have always trusted implicitly. Organisations such as the ABC and CSIRO, which we have traditionally put on a pedestal. People cannot handle that thought – not immediately at least – but they come around eventually.

Since 1986, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have conducted surveys of the Great Barrier Reef with the latest survey showing the reef is in excellent health with coral cover at a record high. Unsurprisingly, given this doesn’t fit with the eco-doomsday narrative, few know this. Cynically, I’m guessing if there’s another bleaching event there’ll be wall to wall media attention? The purpose of selective reporting on the reef is to leave most people in the dark that bleaching and recovery happens.

When 1,004 Australians were surveyed last year by the Australian Environment Foundation, remarkably, less than 3% of them knew the coral cover was “at a record high”. All up, only 10% of Australians realized that coral cover is even above average, leaving 80% of the country falsely thinking the situation was average or worse, and another ten percent having no idea at all.

Lindzen identified the psychological component of ‘climate faith’ almost 15 years ago, when he wrote,

finally, there are the numerous well meaning individuals who have allowed propagandists to convince them that in accepting the alarmist view of anthropogenic climate change, they are displaying intelligence and virtue. For them, their psychic welfare is at stake.

It helps explain why some people react so badly to what should be a discussion of facts. They perceive it as a direct attack on their personal identity.

Closer to home a few brave souls, like Ian Wishart, are taking on our own ‘climate’ establishment and their media apostles, catching them out being economical with the truth.

During ex-tropical cyclone Gabrielle, Wishart did what all our other journalists seem incapable of doing. Investigative journalism. He went back through archives, right back into the 1800s, to get a list of all the big storms that have hit New Zealand. What he found was that these big storms aren’t “unprecedented” nor “rare”, as the media and all their little ‘climate’ experts kept repeating. When he compared this list with NIWAs record he found these equally big or larger storms were mysteriously missing from the official record.

You can read his report here, or watch him on The Platform.

This takes nothing away from those impacted by the big storm. However, NIWA receives around 200 million taxpayer dollars a year and one of their key functions is to ensure an accurate record. Was it incompetence or corruption?

What we can conclude for sure, is that for a while there it allowed our media to repetitively make false statements about ‘climate change’. This brought our indoctrinated kids out to protest and potentially amplified the trauma of communities impacted by Gabrielle.

Did you notice when the media went suddenly quiet on all the climate stuff linked to Gabrielle? You can thank Ian Wishart for that small mercy!

Recently Wishart wrote this article about the active volcanoes under the west side of Antarctica. He writes,

Like all good scary climate change bedtime stories, however, the Stuff article didn’t mention a very important fact: Thwaites, Pine Island and Pope glaciers, and indeed much of the WAIS, are sitting on a geothermal powderkeg, bubbling away and melting the ice from underneath.

It’s little wonder that these glaciers are far and away the fastest-melting in the world. Imagine a 4km thick ice sheet sitting on top of Rotorua, and you’ll get a sense of what happens when irresistible heat meets an immovable ice block.

The presence of active marine volcanoes under the west side of Antarctica isn’t news to some of us. Sadly, too many people have swallowed the doomsday garbage and don’t want to know these facts. They need the lies as it gives their lives purpose and a cause to rail against. This is why climate apocalypticism is increasingly viewed as akin to a new religion.

Wishart must be over the target because he’s taking flak. It comes in the form of character assassination in the legacy mediocre (media). The spruikers of doom don’t like being shown up for what they are. They’re doubling-down and using denigration of him as a person. They trust the smears will be enough for their dwindling audience to go forth and parrot…

Why are they being economical with the truth?

There are trillions of reasons and each one begins with a dollar sign. Doomsday is big business now! From academic research grants to clickbait media to insurance to intermittent energy…it’s worth trillions worldwide and it’s largely built on a foundation of taxpayer money. A great big money soak with, you name it, clipping-the-ticket.

Institutions like NIWA are handsomely rewarded by Governments who are also wanting to increase the tax base substantially. How else do they pay for all those promises? Are they getting what they pay for?

Governments also want to increase their scope of control over every sphere of our lives, in the name of saving the planet, of course. What we can say, read, watch. What we can eat, where we can travel to. Don’t believe me? Watch the recent speech Jacinda Ardern gave to the UN where she talked about needing to take control of the internet in order to censor people like Ian Wishart. The proposals for 15 minute cities and replacing meat with insect protein.

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  1. Here’s the thing, Greta’s family tree. Mother an actress, Father a talent manager, but not only that the Grandfather was a climate change grifter from way back

    Al Gore took it up in the 90’s but didn’t take off for a while. Now people are making billions from it.

  2. Used to be a believer in science too, but money and agendas have corrupted it. And the mainstream media never publish science opposing their narrative. A good article, thanks.

  3. Science evolves. Recent studies indicate increased levels of IGG4 antibodies after mRNA injections. High IGG4 counts are associated with a large number of autoimmune diseases and cancers.

  4. Ever since Francis Crick and James Watson stole Rosalind Franklin’s photographs of the double dna helix science has gone to shit. Nobel prize winners (like Zimmerman etc) are whores to WEF.


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