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Robert Malone
Robert Malonehttp://rwmalonemd.substack.com/
Robert W. Malone is a physician and biochemist. His work focuses on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research.

Robert Malone: Integrity Lost and Regained

Integrity Lost and Regained.

Human beings can be characterized by exhibiting integrity or its opposites, hypocrisy and deceit.

Buildings can have structural integrity, or they can be unsound, a danger to inhabitants. Organizations can have integrity, or can be corrupt. And a Nation can have integrity, or be divided against itself.

Ed Dowd, Tom Lewis and their Maui colleagues diagnosed loss of integrity as a core problem contributing to the Covid crisis across virtually all governmental and corporate “verticals” and developed a solution which they (generously) named the “Malone Doctrine.”

Subsequent events have validated their assessment.

One needs look no further than the latest headlines. Election integrity has become one of the most trending of hashtags (in USA, Brazil, and so many other places). Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) have been sabotaged, most certainly not by either Russia or Germany, but fearing retaliation no one dares even whisper the name of the culprit all know to be responsible.

The deep corruption associated with the Biden family is being revealed, as is the role of corporate media in trying to keep it from impacting elections. The omniscient Anthony Fauci has followed in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton and so many others in deploying the “I cannot remember” defense, but with a new wrinkle of belligerent defiance; recently testifying that “I have a very busy day job running a $6 billion institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.”

Clear and compelling evidence released to Blaze Media under FOIA request document otherwise. During the Covid crisis, both CDC director Rochelle Walensky and Deborah Birx resorted to substituting “hope” for data in making major public health decisions, and then enforcing these decisions via deployment of highly refined psychological operations techniques against objecting United States Citizens. And then we have the cascading collapse of corruption known as the FTX scandal.

Just to highlight some of the most recent examples.

I argue that the Imperial Administrative State which the United States Federal Government has been transformed into has clearly lost any semblance of integrity.

The “Malone Doctrine” document has an amazing backstory, as it brought together the sensibilities of a senior building inspector (Tom) and a seasoned financial analyst (Ed). As Tom points out, the International Building Code is a set of agreements which, when properly implemented during the construction of a building, will guarantee reliable integrity and functionality of the final structure. The “Malone Doctrine” was forged by Ed, Tom and colleagues essentially as an “international building code” for individuals and organizations. The subheading in the title is as significant as the content, for this is a “Declaration of Independence” from corrupted institutions.

I am often asked “What can we do to fix the <fill in the blank> federal agency?” And I have to say that the picture is grim, because agency after agency has been thoroughly corrupted. There is little or no structural integrity left. If these agencies were buildings, the only option an inspector like Tom would have would be to condemn them. They are teardowns. They must be rebuilt on solid ground beginning with new footings. And if the legal citizens of the United States will not do this, then others will do it for us. As any who have studied the infiltration of the Chinese CCP will attest, that corrupt and unethical expansionist organization is well on the way to doing it for us.

Like paradise, once integrity has been lost, it cannot be regained.

Think this through with me. Tom and Ed’s vision in this document is essentially a clarion for creation of a network of intentional communities, organizations, and people that share a commitment to integrity.

The Malone Doctrine

We The Undersigned:

Demand that all underlying data that contributes to a body of work under consideration must be made available and must remain accessible for analysis.

Proclaim the value of knowledge to society is not determined by any given creator of information. Instead, that it is the beneficiaries of knowledge who assign value to a proposition only through critique and relentless scrutiny.

Establish the free and open exchange of information and establish as a duty the authority to serve as the custodians of all data forming the basis of our decisions.

Require the full disclosure of all sources of funding regarding any citation noted or references made pertaining to any matter under consideration.

Commit to impartiality in consideration of all analytical information and data brought before us and expect the same from all others.

Foster rigorous open debate and scrutiny in consideration of and for any matter of concern.

Shall promptly make the discovery of intellectual dishonesty or professional irresponsibility known to all.

Ensure the health, welfare and safety of any whistleblower, bringing forth and/or making public an abrogation of the beliefs held herein.

Stand in opposition to censorship and will not accept representations of parties holding within themselves values that conflict with principles of free expression.

Deny no person the right to challenge, debate, petition, redress, examine or protest with facts and evidence any decision of this body.

Each of us now faces a series of binary decisions. Either this or that. Assuming that you are committed to personal sovereignty and guiding your own future, making your own decisions. To be blunt, not everyone wants to be free. Many just want to be told what to do. Which type of person do you choose to be? Sovereign and free, or dependent on the arbitrary and capricious favour of a monopolist cabal?

Are you willing to cast your lot with the Overlords and their Machines, and for you and your children to become post-modern indentured servants (with no escape other than death) living in a fourth industrial revolution hellscape under a centralized corporatist (ergo Fascist) totalitarian world government run by technocrats and economist/bankers?

Wonder what that will look and feel like? Read Huxley’s Brave New World, and then let’s talk some more. Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by Huxley’s protégé Orwell is more often cited, but Huxley gets even closer to the dark reality envisioned by Britain’s King Charles III and his surrogate puppetmaster Klaus Schwab, which they refer to as “The Great Reset.”

Quoting from the Amazon review of the book;

Brave New World is a searching vision of an unequal, technologically-advanced future where humans are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order–all at the cost of our freedom, full humanity, and perhaps also our souls.

Sound familiar?

For those not inclined to pick up a book, I recommend GATTACA (the first DNA sequence used as a film title) as yet another fine example illustrating the near-term dystopia which the Overlords envision and seek to shape for all to inhabit.

If the future which King Charles III, Schwab and the infamous Silicon Valley darling Harari (the very title of whose most recent published ramblings proclaim that man is God) is not for you, and you do not like the idea of owning nothing and being happy living within a Globalized Fascist state, then what are your options?

The way things are going at this point, the most viable alternative seems to be to get working to build a parallel social structure which can exist alongside or even tunneled within the Fascist Imperial state, and which might eventually replace it. How could such an organization be structured?

Well, once upon a time, a group of merchants, landholders, and farmers faced the same problem when confronting another mad British King, George III. It was a period of intense intellectual ferment, and yielded the amazing legal policy consensus documents and treaty agreements known as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which remain the definitive treatise on how to structure a limited representative government.

Strangely, both corporate media and the US “Democrat” political party have labeled those who remain committed to practicing the principles and defending the substance of these documents as “far right,” and apply the terms radical, far-far right, and even Fascist when seeking to define and demonize what is a fundamentally conservative political (and economic) position. These terms are applied to members of the current populist movement which seek to return to a limited Federal government, and who share an abiding commitment to an autonomous Nation which operates under those principles. A commitment to rekindling American Greatness. Simply stated, to making America great again.

For those who reject a World Economic Forum-managed Fascist totalitarian global state, and are committed to the fundamental principles defined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, the challenge is to define the alternative future which we wish for our children.

The anarchy of local warlords and “Mad Max” await future generations if we do not seize the opportunity to present an alternative positive vision which the persuadable middle views as a preferred option. Does any sane person imagine that the “shaped” future envisioned by Charles, Klaus, Harari and their financial partners can be sustained? This is a last gasp grab for power by the Imperium. They have overreached, and the current system is already careening from crisis to crisis, teetering on the brink of collapse.

In previous essays, I have explored the alternative future vision of Chris Langan, and discussed a process for enabling a decentralized human network of communities as an alternative to the centralized Fascist dystopia which the WEF seeks to shape and force on us. But what processes, terms and conditions of engagement can we use to shape such a network of intentional communities? The starting point needs to be a clear understanding of shared guiding principles, and a realistic, enforceable commitment to those ideals. I have suggested that personal, institutional, and political commitment to integrity, human dignity, and community would be a good start.

But of all of those, and so many others, I believe that the starting point for rebuilding a world centered on a celebration and recognition of humanity (rather than economics and machines) is to insist on a verifiable commitment to integrity from each and every organization in business and government. Endorsement of a common set of principles akin to the “Malone Doctrine,” with independent audit and verification of compliance.

The WEF and its sponsors BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Bank of America have deployed the social credit scheme-like ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) scoring system in a remarkably short time, including “independent” ESG auditor organizations. I suggest that deployment and validation of Integrity standards would be both trivial and remarkably straightforward in comparison.

Once such a system is implemented, then one can start to choose to only do business with others who are committed to acting with integrity. Building business and trading networks with people and organizations who strive to demonstrate that they have integrity, and in this way are worthy of your trust. Which is what most of us want in both our business transactions and in our personal lives.

The power to shape the future which your children will inhabit is in your hands. It is time to begin building anew. First one step, then another, then another, and soon the journey will be well along.

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