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Hunter Biden biolab revelations: The beginning of the end for the west’s fake Ukrainian narrative

Documents previously deleted from the Internet but recovered by independent US investigative journalists show Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca funded the construction of secret biolabs in Ukraine.

The US has denied the existence of the biolabs for years, but the truth was exposed last week as Russian forces marched through Ukrainian territory and discovered a network of more than 30 of the clandestine facilities.

The Biden administration initially flip-flopped on the allegation. Until recently so-called ‘independent fact-checkers’ continued to deny their existence, calling the claim ‘Russian disinformation.’

However, this week senior US diplomat for Russian affairs Victoria Nuland admitted under oath to the existence of the biolabs, and further, that she had ‘grave concerns if they were to fall into Russian hands.’ The admission surprised many observers, with some wondering if Nuland had made it inadvertently.

READ MORE: Hunter Biden’s Investment Fund Connected to Financing of Pentagon-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

The Nuland admission proves that Russian President Vladimir Putin was right all along: that the US was funding and operating illegal and top secret pathogen laboratories for nefarious purposes on Russia’s doorstep. Here, it is alleged by the Russians (who claim to have evidence they intend to produce in the United Nations), biological warfare products were created and advanced research of them conducted in contravention of the Biologicial and Toxin Weapons Treaty of 1975. What is even more shocking, is the allegation the son of the sitting US President was bankrolling these activities. That the purpose of the labs was nefarious now appears undeniable. Why else would the US have denied their existence for so long? And why would Nuland have any ‘concerns’ about them falling under Russian control if they were just standard laboratoties? And why were public documents connecting Hunter Biden’s company to them scrubbed from the Internet?

Hunter Biden news

The irony is that for years, successive US adminitrations, whipped up by legacy MSM hysteria, have accused a litany of foreign leaders of secretly possessing similar facilities when it is they themselves who have actually done so; and doing it in the heart of Europe, no less. The fact we are only learning about it now is not simply a case of the Russians finding them now – Putin has rightly complained about the labs for years.

The legacy MSM were silent about these US-funded labs because they are part of the conspiracy to cover their existence up. As many have now seen during COVID, they work hand-in-hand with governments and the ‘elites’ to suppress information. They spread misinformation and attack and censor those who report alternative facts or dissent.

Can you imagine the outrage in the legacy MSM if one of Putin’s daugthers had secretly funded a network of biolabs in Mexico? They would be calling for Putin’s head. Yet so far, in this developing story of huge importance which calls into question the west’s role in creating this crisis, we hear crickets, and a regurgitation of the false ‘fact-checking’.

For those interested, the investigation into Biden Jnr’s financial and investment links to the Ukrainian biolabs was undertaken and reported on by The Gateway Pundit.

Legacy mainstream media and the Ukrainian narrative

Here’s a summary of the Ukraine narrative the legacy MSM want you to believe:

  • Russia has engaged in an unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression against a small, innocent neighbour.
  • Spear-heading this ‘outrageous war crime’ is the stereotypical ‘arch-villian’, the ex-KGB agent Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
  • The innocent victim, Ukraine, is a ‘heroic’ underdog, led by the ‘inspirational’ Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • Against all odds, the Ukrainians are standing firm, even inflicting casualties and material damage against its more fancied, bigger opponent.
  • The Russian ‘invasion’ has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, civilian deaths, and the bombing of civilian targets, including hospitals and schools, which amount to war crimes.

The narrative is hogwash. The COVID narrative was hogwash, as was the Syrian, Libyan, Afghanistani, Iraqi one before it. Ask yourself, why would it be any different in the case of Ukraine? If it has been proven the legacy MSM lied about all these major geopolitical events and crises before, how can they be trusted to be telling you the truth about Ukraine, especially when any opposing or dissenting reports are being censored out of existence on the Internet and social media?

Putin has tried since 2014 to reach a peaceful settlement of the Ukraine issue. His attempts have been treated with contempt by NATO and the West. Ukraine, supported from the shadows by the demonic US Deep State apparatus, has never complied with the terms of the Minsk Agreement; an agreement which provided a simple roadmap for the peaceful settlement of the Donbass issue. Instead, Zelensky’s forces have shelled the Donbass for months and committed other attrocities which have seen 14,000 ethnic civilian Russians killed. As Russian diplomat Maria Zakhorova recently said, the body count in Ukraine began back in 2014, and not with the Russian operation. Russia didn’t start this crisis, but it intends to finish it.

There were no ‘howls of protest’ in New Zealand’s legacy MSM when Zelensky bombed ethnic Russian townships every day, or when he approved the creation of military units comprised solely of neo-Nazis. Yes, you read that right – NAZIS – haters of Jews, gays, blacks, Muslims and immigrants. The west is funding, arming and cheerleeding an army comprised in part, by soldiers who worship Adolf Hitler and the SS. Nor did they protest when Zelensky closed down three TV stations that were critical of him, or when he arrested the main opposition leader. Instead, they accuse Putin of such crimes.

For years Putin has shown restraint in the face of provocation. But his restraint has limits. He has repeatedly spoke of his ‘red line’, which is that Ukraine must never join NATO, and any attempt to bring the country into that organisation would result in military conflict. NATO danced close to that red line and have now stepped over it.

As a retired US Colonel recently told Fox News, Ukrainian neutrality is the best outcome for everyone. It also makes logical sense, given half the country is pro-west, and the other pro-Russian. Why is the west insisting it chose them?

The Ukrainian army is large, well-trained and well-equipped – a much more formidable foe on paper than those of Vietnam and Afghanistan, which inflicted embarrasing loses on larger more advanced western militaries.

Despite the talk-up of ‘heroic’ resistance, it now appears inevitable the main force of the Ukrainian army will either disintegrate or surrender within weeks, as reports of the encirclement of the eastern Ukrainian forces are now confirmed.

The west’s reporting of the Russian military operation shows an ignorance of Russian military history and tactics. Whereas the West will go for a war ‘made for TV’ with shock and awe tactics, the Russian way is more patient and based on encirclement tactics they used to great effect to subdue and repel Hitler’s advance in World War II, and more recently, in Syria. The aim is to ensure opposition forces are trapped in a ‘cauldron’. Life steadily becomes more unbearable to the point where the trapped force just gives up or disintegrates. This patient way also has the advantage of lessening civilian casualties and preserving civilian infrastructure.

Unless the Ukrainians can break out of the encirlcement or are relieved from the outside (ie. by NATO), disintegration or destruction of the main body of the Ukrainian army is inevitable. It is a military fact. And the fact is, there won’t be a breakout, and NATO isn’t coming.

The most heroic thing Zelensky can do is accept the inevitability and come to terms with the Russians. This will save countless innocent Ukrainian lives. It will also preserve the country’s infrastructure.

However, following the orders of western elites safely ensconsed in offices thousands of miles from the frontline, Zelensky appears to be intent on remaining defiant – although his messages seem to change each day, oscillating between defiance one day, and appeasement of Russia the next.

Rather than save the lives of innocent Ukrainians and the future of the country, NATO and the western elites are intent on seeing its inevitable destruction. This perverse attitude is aided by the legacy MSM’s dissemination of fake news in an effort to manufacture public  consent for a continuation of this now pointless resistance.

We have seen fake reports every day in the legacy MSM about hospitals, atrocities and battle outcomes, use of video game footage to depict real life battles, fake photos of alleged Russian atrocities and Ukrainian victims, alleged Russian battle loses and use of chemical weapons, doctored and misleading videos, crisis actors and fake defectors.

The legacy MSM never seem to learn that this misinformation will in due course be debunked, and their falsehoods exposed yet again, as they were in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and Iraq. In fact, in this particular conflict, they would have been debunked in real time, but for the blanket censorship of Russian media from the Internet. And they wonder why no one trusts the legacy MSM anymore.


Enter Hunter Biden

The revelation of a potential Biden connection to the Ukrainian biolabs is the beginning of the end of the western narrative on Ukraine. Today we see leaders from Israel, Austria, France and others calling on Zelensky to negotiate with Putin. Coincidence?

People will now realise why the West ‘doth protested so much’ in support of a violent neo-Nazi administration which has been killing innocent Russians for years. Putin’s discovery of the dangerous biolabs also gives him a form of ‘retrospective justification,’ which, as more relevations surface, will only increase. The US war in Iraq, for example, was predicated on an allegation of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – except in that case the world was lied to by the politicians and legacy MSM. In this case, the evidence of criminality has been found.

Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe – by a long margin. This has created an environment, a turgid swamp of corruption and vice, where it appears a sitting US President’s son can invest, without scrutiny or oversight, a vast sum of money in a network of secret and illegal pathogen-making biolabs. If that high crime is possible, what others are? Could the rumours of drug running, money laundering and child sex trafficking by western elites in Ukraine, as yet unverified, also be true? Time, or Vladimir Putin, will tell.

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  1. To understand what the legacy msm and western politicians mean you have to take the opposite of what they say, only way to the truth

  2. The moment they banned RT and all other Russian media from all platforms, I knew this was going to be another bulls*** propaganda war. How stupid are these media/ big tech clowns? Don’t they know they cannot fool everybody all of the time?

  3. It is sad to see most kiwis are ignorant on this issue than many ordinary Americans. Both labour and national support the American/UK/EU govt. dubvious stand. The legacy media in NZ are just puppets following the US/UK mocking bird media. There are many critics on YouTube, largely American but independent media, who are exposing the root cause of the war. I particularly liked the Jimmy Dore show
    NZ traded with Soviets during cold war and we were more realsitic then but now we are all mesmerised by the political and MSM pundits. NZ take no independant neutral stand.

    • Oh my Adam, nothing like an actual person reporting exactly what they see…and the masses believe everything the MSM state!

  4. Reports of Hunter Biden’s very shady dealings with China were shut down very quickly as his father ran for the US President’s job.

    Pfizer, Monsanto, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. None of what they’re turning loose on the world can be blamed on Russia.

    Good to see some balanced reporting here.

  5. Putin is a leader. Biden is a puppet. Moreover the Ukraine is more aligned to Russia than Vietnam was to the USA. That is, Russia have genuine and historical context to be there.

    The USA has been found with its trousers around its ankles. How embarrassing but my oh my how I am enjoying this. It seems MSM are in the same position.

    Militarily Russians play Chess and the Americans Draughts and I’ll leave it there

  6. It is time for America to own up for putting so many bio. Chemical lab.
    Does America wants to kill all the people in this world by releasing all pathogen into the air and kill every living beings.
    America should be persecuted and actions taken against them.
    If they can do this what is the UN for.
    US go around the world bullying small countries who has no weapon of mass destruction and killing millions of innocent lives.
    Persecute them time is up for them to pay their dues.

  7. UN is totally useless . By now both US hegemony and western puppets together with MSM should realise that the whole world has awaken . We are no longer that naive or stupid to listen to ‘their own fake news’ . Evidence of bio labs and Hunter Biden involvement are TRUE ! UN pls be honest and fair dinkum

  8. The UN is a piece of worthless sh*t organization, a puppet and a liar. You have mo credibility as a puppet led by the US. Please disband yourself

  9. I’m so grateful that theres a voice speaking the truth! Biden should be exposed for fabricating stories and his sons involvement in Ukraine!!! Nato is licking up his allegations without proof- unless U have forgotten “weapons of mass destruction

  10. As a New Zealand citizen, I am ashame that our government had joined the bandwagon of sanctioning Russia when it is so obvious that the US has been stoking the fire with NATO.

  11. As a responsible news agent, you should fact-check this article. This article claims `The Nuland admission proves that Russian President Vladimir Putin was right all along: that the US was funding and operating illegal and top secret pathogen laboratories for nefarious purposes on Russia’s doorstep. ‘ , but this is not true.
    Nulandactual says: Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. So we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces, should they approach.(https://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2022/3/rubio-speaks-at-senate-foreign-relations-committee-hearing-on-putin-s-invasion-of-ukraine-condemns-talks-with-maduro)
    Just as research done in Wuhan China on Covid virus, can this prove that Chinese government is making biological weapon?

    I hope you can question my query publicly to maintain your objectivity and to stand for you honorable reputation.

  12. This confirms several sources of Independent news , chief of which is The Gray Zone & The Duran .Great work, keep it up.

  13. The article said that the Nuland admission proves that Russian President Vladimir Putin was right all along: that the US was funding and operating illegal and top secret pathogen laboratories for nefarious purposes on Russia’s doorstep. ‘ , but this conclusion cannot be deduced by Nuland testimony. This is logically invalid. This is what I mean.
    Nuland actual says: Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are now quite concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. So we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces, should they approach.(https://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2022/3/rubio-speaks-at-senate-foreign-relations-committee-hearing-on-putin-s-invasion-of-ukraine-condemns-talks-with-maduro)
    Just as research done in Wuhan China on Covid virus, can this prove that Chinese government is making biological weapon? I want to point out the author twist Nulland word for his own gesture.

    2. I am a Christian, as the Bible points out
    ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?'(Jeremiah 17:9 NIV) It is possible that each government may have secret plan to prepare if the other side use biochemical weapon, out of fear. If a democratic government might have such plan, how about a dictatorship government ? Up to now, it is only gesture. In this case, the American government has to be checked by the Senates Committee and his people. It may have higher chance to act responsibility, but what can keep a dictatorship government from doing evil as it has great power and every thing done can be covered?

    3. The invasion of Ukraine, in no way, can be accepted if one has clear mind. The suspicion of biological weapon by Putin cannot be an excuse for war. Putin should appeal to international arbitration committee,instead of war. If you read the recent report from the journalist escaped from Mariupol, the cruelty of this war tells us any excuse is totally unacceptable.

    • You are missing the point. The US has denied there were any biolabs or that they were involved in them since 2004 – they said Putin was just spreading ‘Russian misinformation’. Now suddenly they have been discovered, and US now admits their existence. Like a thief they have been caught red-handed. So why did they lie to the world for 17 years?? What else have they lied about??

      • Rob,

        Agree with you.

        Moreover, all Christians can be right or wrong on any thoughts/ understanding/ interpretation and application of Bible verses.

        Further, can’t be that simple —— democratic govt must be good or better than something else.

        The point here is – why lie?

        (Democratic govt won’t lie?)

        Btw, I’m also a Christian from HK.

      • The claim is not Russian disinformation.

        Anybody can Google this search term : “Contract to Metabiota , Inc USAspending.gov” and view a list of US DoD contracts to biolabs in Ukraine. Founder & Chairman of Metabiota is Dr. Nathan Wolfe, is also a member of DARPA’s Defense Science Research Council specializing in advanced biological weapons. In turn Wolfe is on the Scientific Board of Ecohealth Alliance (funded by the Gates Foundation).

        Nathan Wolfe directly links DARPA with Metabiota in Ukraine and Ecohealth Alliance who also contracted Metabiota Inc in 2014 to create a chimera virus from the Hku5 bat coronavirus by genetically splicing a coronavirus with a SARS virus spike glycoprotein. In 2014,

        Dr Ralph Baric published a report in 2014, how he synthesized this new virus for Ecohealth Alliance. Today this virus is better known as Covid-19

    • First of all, there are evidences that the labs were funded by Pantagon. The US officials admitted. We dont know what projects were carried out in those labs, but shouldn’t medical related projects funded by health dept? And what and why Pantagon was involved there? At the very min, US should come clean with all facts and proof. Just like they would demand others to do.

      War is bad and no reason can justify. Simple as that. And while we condemn Putin who started the war, we should not neglect the historical backdrop and those parties who have continuously provoked Russia and misleading Ukraine into today’s situation. And what’s worst of all, is in the middle of a war keep feeding weapons into Ukraine to prolong the war and deeped the damage. It should also be condemned.

      We should have way passed the naivness to assume certain people or group or system are good or bad. US is righteous? (90% of wars would not have happened if not because of US involvement) Democracy is fair and will be the of hisotry? (Look at the state of some democratic countries and human kind will be damned if this is end of hisotry). Christian is kind and good? (I hate to point out that there is no shortage of horrible crimes committed by religious people).

    • Why the many of the contracts specifically ask for the use of Russian DNA samples?

      All bio-research can be put to military use. Bioweapons may have been researched for targetting.

      Ukraine is a poor country in Europe and its science status is not high compared to many other European countries. So why choose Ukraine to do this research? Why American politicians were involved in enabling this research in the first place?

      The reported evidence calls for further investigation by a trust worthy third party similar to nuclear energy monitoring by IAEC.

  14. Rob: good explanation.

    Also, Christian can be right or wrong on any one particular thought/matter, interpretation and or application of Bible verses.

    Btw I’m also a Christian from HK.

  15. The Biden crime family running the USA with mentally challenged confused old Joe so called leader of the free world with his finger on the nuke button. Feel safe US citizens ? I think the USA would have been much safer run by the likes of John Gotti and his Organisation at least he was a Patriot.


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