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Sayonara Jacinda Ardern and thanks for our generation’s ‘Dawn Raid Moment’

Dawn Raid Moment

At the launch of her first campaign to become Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern told supporters that climate change was her generation’s ‘nuclear free moment.’

According to research conducted by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) in 2018 before the COVID crisis, only 1 in 3 New Zealanders were ‘worried about climate change’, and nearly 40% didn’t support ‘ambitious emissions targets’.

The MOE research was itself evidence of a dramatic reduction in the climate change concerns of kiwis. Just three years earlier in 2015 a survey by Motu Research found that 87% of New Zealanders were ‘somewhat concerned’ about the societal effects of climate change, and 63% were ‘very concerned’. It appears New Zealanders have more important things to worry about.

The ‘my generation’s nuclear-free moment’ sound bite was an effective piece of messaging at the time. Had COVID not intervened the rallying call embodied in the phrase coupled with a slick PR campaign may have swung a solid majority of us onto the climate change bandwagon. COVID has shown how easy it can be to brainwash the masses.

The number of New Zealanders concerned about climate change today however, would have dropped even more from the 2017 numbers, perhaps dramatically so. The ‘man on the street’ is still coming to terms with what’s happened over the last two to three years to be thinking about disappearing glaciers. Trust in ‘science’ and ‘experts’ aligned to governments and mainstream media narratives is at an all time low, given the disinformation they were responsible for during the COVID crisis.

As a result of this disinformation some kiwis are shell-shocked, others incredulous, many are angry and bitterly resentful about the Labour government’s approach to COVID and the fake news mainstream media’s reporting of it. Many thousands have been physically and mentally injured by the experimental gene therapy medication they marketed to the public as a ‘vaccine’.

This is our generation’s ‘Dawn Raid Moment’.

But ‘we’ are not just one generation, nor are we just one ethnic group. We are the unvaccinated, the vaccine harmed and those opposed philosophically to the government. We comprise many generations, old and young, and many demographic groups – Maori, European, Pasifika, working class, professionals, LGBT+, straight, Jew, Muslim, Christian and everything in between.

My mother is Tongan, and while no member of my family was deported, the Dawn Raids had a profound effect on all Pacific Islanders for a generation. It created a widespread anti-Pasifika sentiment and racism, which I had first-hand experience of on many occasions (back when there were real white supremacists), that did not end until the late 1980s.

I put the change in attitude down to the rise of a number of great All Blacks of Pasifika heritage – Sir Michael Jones and Va’aiga Tuigamala and many others – players who not only revolutionised the way the national game was played, but whose humble demeanour and ability to communicate well brought Pasifika culture out of the poor suburbs of Auckland and Wellington and into mainstream acceptance.

Ironically, it was Ardern, in August 2021, who made the official apology on behalf of the government for the raids, some 40 odd years after they had ended.

Here’s what she said:

‘Today I offered, on behalf of the Government, a formal and unreserved apology to Pacific communities for the discriminatory implementation of immigration laws that led to the Dawn Raids. The Dawn Raids period cast a shadow over our shared history. Upholding immigration laws is one thing, but the Dawn Raids went well beyond that. Whole communities felt targeted and terrorised. The raids were absolutely discriminatory. Expressing our sorrow, regret and remorse for past actions is the right thing to do and provides an opportunity for closure and reconciliation.’

Her words were well-chosen, but, for me at least, the occasion was missing something – the people who actually approved and carried out the policy.

Dawn Raids began under the Norman Kirk Labour government in 1973, and were carried on by Rob Muldoon up until 1979. Most, if not all of those responsible – the cabinet ministers, the high ranking government officials and police commanders involved in the design and implementation of the policy had probably passed away by the time of Ardern’s apology.

It would’ve been far more poignant and meaningful if Norman Kirk or Rob Muldoon, or one of their senior immigration or police underlings, had fronted up and made the apology, but of course, that was not possible given the passage of time.

The passage of time, however, will not save Jacinda Ardern, nor new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, from the day of their atonement for perpetrating remarkably similar types of policies during the COVID crisis. And as more evidence about the dangers of the mRNA jabs becomes known to the public, the calls for atonement will get louder.

As a child of the Dawn Raid era, as traumatic and scary as that time and the ensuing years were, the policies towards the unvaccinated during 2021 and 2022 and the continued gaslighting of the vaccine injured will have far more damaging and far-reaching consequences for our country. This government took the concept of ‘evil’ to a new level. The science was clear from the beginning that the deliberate targetting of the unvaccinated by the government and fake news mainstream media was callous and unwarranted.

Most of Ardern’s Dawn Raid apology could apply verbatim to the unvaccinated and vaccine harmed of today – the disciminatory implementation of laws (indeed, the enactment of discriminatory laws), the ‘shadow’ that was cast over our ‘shared history’, the feeling that whole communities ‘felt targeted and terrorised’. Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, this is exactly what you did to the unvaccinated. Have you forgotten? We haven’t. We never will.

The numbers of Pacific Island overstayers in the 70s varied between 5,000 and 12,000. Figures for those actually deported is more difficult to find but it would only be a proportion of those that were here illegally.

The numbers of unvaccinated are a much larger group – some estimates put the total at around 300,000 people. There were also many thousands of vaccinated who were traumatised by Labour’s COVID policies – the vaccine injured and those who died from it, their families and friends, those refused medical exemptions (including, callously, some who had suffered adverse reactions to the first shot), those who were forced to take it to keep their jobs, those whose businesses were wiped out, those who felt ripped off by taking something sold as ‘effective’ but wasn’t, and the pregnant New Zealand women overeas during lockdowns who were denied re-entry. The number affected totals many hundreds of thousands and is likely to grow as more mRNA damage comes to light in the months and years ahead.

As someone who was affected in various ways by government policies targetting Pacific Islanders and the mRNA unvaccinated, the Dawn Raids pale in comparison to what this government has done. They forced people en masse to take an untested medication, unused before in human populations or face losing their job. Those jobs were the only means they had to survive. The medication was not as safe and ineffective as promised. It is the greatest crime ever committed by a government of New Zealand, its barbarity unlikely to ever be surpassed – one would hope.

The rate of scientific evidence emerging on the harm mRNA ‘vaccines’ cause is accruing at an alarming rate, as are the number of its innocent victims. The number of medical experts once in favour of their use but now strongly opposed to them is also growing. This momentum is unstoppable. The government and fake news mainstream media are desperate to cover up their crimes and gaslight the public by pretending it hasn’t happened. This kind of approach, founded on crude deceptions that fool no one, is a reason why no one trusts either of them anymore, and why politicians and mainstream media journalists are universally despised.

Thanks Jacinda and Chris for our generation’s ‘Dawn Raid Moment’. It’s been way worse than the real ones, and drawing attention to this apparently makes me a misogynist. The All Blacks can’t save you this time. We’ll be expecting a full ‘Dawn Raid’ apology in due course. It could read something like the following, though I doubt whether such an apology would be sufficient in the eyes of your many victims to absolve you of responsbility:

‘Today I offer, on behalf of the Sixth Labour Government, a formal and unreserved apology to the unvaccinated and mRNA vaccine harmed for the discriminatory implementation of health laws that led to the vaccine mandates and vaccine passes. The COVID period cast a shadow over our shared history. Upholding public health laws is one thing, but the mandates and passports went well beyond that. Whole communities felt targeted and terrorised. The mandates and passports were absolutely discriminatory. Expressing our sorrow, regret and remorse for past actions is the right thing to do and provides an opportunity for closure and reconciliation.’

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  1. Where are the charges? Where are the trials? And when are the MSM mediawhores hungry enough to do some real investigative journalism?

  2. Thank you Ed,

    God I love it when you say something. You made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, a lump in my throat and I got something in my eye I swear…. Don’t get that very often.
    So many people so many lives so awful.

    And I remember those days the Kirk days and Muldoon too… My mother’s friend a school teacher and colleague joked as he always would that he’s not sure if he was an overstayer or not and couldn’t find his papers. With his big eyes staring straight at her dead pan….
    Indeed it was a thing but life went on and we learnt something. It was hard for those kids though.

  3. Poignant and accurate. So nice to to read such a piece long missing in the mainstream. We are truly a nation divided, many in slumber others awake. Yet we share a common bond whether we know it or not. We have all been affected by this government’s contamination. Its actions have injured a wonderful nation almost beyond repair. But there is still hope. And there is a way forward when we begin to see the damage and work together to repair it.

    Jacinda has taken the first step by vacating her role as leader of the tyranny machine. We have an election date. And we have independent parties who will stand for a better New Zealand. And love him or not we have Winston. Time now for the independents to start talking about the future together, the alternative is no change at all especially with National in the driver’s seat.

    It’s up to us now…

  4. I agree with onlooker Malcolm. Very powerfully written. I can’t believe that this nation has been involved in these hideous crimes against the people and still they continue.These atrocities should be met with shame and repentance and never ever repeated! I can only imagine the fear of the men, woman and children in those terrifying dawn raids, the betrayal they must have felt when the filthy government had finished using them. It’s thanks to the people who were there, continuing to remind us of the history of those times, and up to us to make sure we fight against it. All government overreach must stop. We all have the right to live in peace.

  5. ALL genocides, holocausts, holodomors and wars have always been approved, sanctioned and actioned by GOVERNMENT ENTITIES!
    Any form of government is an encroachment on personal freedom (NOT to be confused with liberty, which is government-approved and permissive / restricted ‘freedom…!)
    All forms of government are horrid, especially when a narcissistic psychopath, sociopath, or white collar criminal ends up in office by any means available ie vote fraud, ‘appointments’, etc.

  6. Great post! However, I will never ever forget what this govt and Ardern have done to this country in the form of psychological tyranny and the mental anguish past, present and future endured and yet to be endured by many. For those, sadly there cannot be closure and reconciliation.

    What is scary is the self-righteous public who went along with these evil mandates and policies and they turned into fiends. Ardern could not have done what she did without the blinded by mainstream media and herself public. There are consequences and there has to be accountability.

  7. Great article.

    We need to heal and unite as a country. A sincere profound apology from all those in NZ who pushed the mRNA injections on behalf of Pfizer/Gates et al would go some way toward this – oh and an admission that said injection is definitely not safe and effective, and all those enforcing it were either duped or deliberately avoided the available trustworthy science. As we know this govt was constantly presented by concerned NZers with research and info about the ‘unsafeness’ of the mRNA vaccine, which this govt deliberately ignored.

    One good thing out of all this is that we’ve found out who the truly intelligent and otherwise gullible are. Lots of scientists and PhDs in our circle, including medical, and it’s been eye-opening witnessing how much thorough research – nothing or almost nothing in most cases – they’ve done as individuals into the mRNA injection incorrectly termed a vaccine.

    My mind boggles witnessing so-called intelligent ‘qualified’ people allowing into their bodies, even up to 4 times!, a long-term, gene altering therapy that has no properly conducted or fulfilled trials – and those few hasty trials that were done were either aborted (and caused abortions) or were ethically unfulfilled.

    Pfizer, for eg, reluctantly agreed, only when forced by law, to release their data in steady tranches after initially only being prepared to release it several decades hence. Mmm, now that’s the medical science our govt and it’s ‘experts’ chose to fully trust to enforce a mass media-driven programme of ‘vaccination’, costing billions of taxpayer dollars, never mind all those harmed short- and long-term by the ‘vaccine’. My heart goes out to them and my sincere hope their health will be restored – they had the mRNA injection trusting the government and, or, needing to keep their jobs.

    • Darwin’s theory will be in vogue again.
      Selection always follows mutation.
      I can’t feel as forgiving and civil as you can, mate. Respect for that.
      This colossal crime is in many ways colossal. It is a colossal crime involving colossal amounts of money. And I’m not even talking about what you might think right now, like unobservable flows never to be known. I’m talking about the finance deals with big profits for the internationalist cabal, in order to make NZ into a Konzentration Lager, where obsoletes will be culled/eliminated while the rest, our children’s children, will be literally serfs to that cabal.
      In any parasitic environment comes a time when either two things happen: either the parasites will emaciate and kill the host and will try to move onto the next one or eat each other. Or the host generates defenses and gets rid of the parasites, and that doesn’t mean you allow them a holiday dance on your nose.
      Would you let tapeworms dance on your nose?

  8. Jacinda Ardern’s departure from office has been welcomed by many – but there are also endless torrents of condemnation for those who have been accused of causing her to resign. We are all so tired of lies spewing forth from what is euphemistically called the media Our beautiful country has been despoiled, and so many of us are aware of a sadness that now exists. This was not how it was in the past.

    Yes, we have had our bad times, but we recovered and retained our equilibrium. Today that is not so. It will take a long time for “normality” to return. Perhaps what is saddest of all is that people are suspicious of each other. Where has trust gone?

    • Trust is one of he first things that go away in socialism, because socialism means you have to steal, at least curtail, and that means surveillance (tax) and regime (police to enforce tax and surveillance).
      It is hard to think that New Zealand can be ever whole again.

      • 2032 is when the change for good happens. By then we will be rid of the Marxist’s, the socialists and also this top heavy money laundering style of Govt ‘ruling’ class.

        The years in between will be a rough ride, make no mistake, but keep that light at the end of the tunnel in mind.

        New Zealand and it’s beautiful people will rise from the ashes and those who sold their souls and those of their fellow citizens in exchange for some $$ will languish in the pits of hell from whence they came

        Truth wins, good wins, God wins.

        • I just heard that many overseas’ maggots have cushy homes/bunkers here.
          NZ shall be NO PLACE TO HIDE after being part of the cabal that wrecks this planet and good people.
          These parasites shall have no hiding place, and shall be exposed and ostrazised by our good folk and shall have no chance to ever feel welcome here.


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