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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Startling revelations change everything New Zealanders have been schooled to believe

Anthony Fauci news

Bombshell revelations reported this weekend by The Australian, a leading broadsheet owned by the Murdoch group, have huge implications for pandemic policy here in New Zealand.

They should completely change public perceptions and understanding of the Covid landscape. These implications include legal liability, safety of public health measures, future pandemic responses, and personal health choices. 

The Weekend Australian leads with an investigative article entitled ‘Covid Cover-Up: How Science was Silenced’ covering a chilling admission of guilt from Robert Kadlec—former Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Health at the US Department of Health. Kadlec told The Australian that he, Dr. Fauci and National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins privately discussed how to turn down the heat on China in the early days of the pandemic by playing down concerns about a lab leak from Wuhan. 

Kadlec said “I think Tony Fauci was trying to protect his institution and his own reputation from the possibility that his agency was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers who, beyond the scope of the grants received from the National Institutes of Health, may have been working with People’s Liberation Army researchers on defensive coronavirus vaccines.”

‘Defensive coronavirus vaccine research’ is a euphemism for military-funded gain of function research to mutate deadly pathogens in order to explore the creation of vaccines for use in the event of a bio-war.

Kadlec admitted “We think vaccine research resulted in the pandemic—that vaccine research was the proximate cause.” 

As a result, Kadlec said “we decided to encourage a group of leading international scientists to calm down speculation on the origin of the virus.”

The front page Australian article dated 29th July 2023 and three other articles on subsequent pages of the same edition, all covering the explosive admissions, are hidden behind an expensive online paywall shared with the WSJ but you can view a photo of the newspaper here and examine more detailed evidence here. 

It comes on top of leaked private communications showing that leading scientists, very publicly debunking the lab leak theory, in actuality believed it was almost certainly correct. At the time, my own communications with top scientists working in the gene therapy field showed that it was widely understood that the genetic structures associated with the Covid spike protein were man made, yet saying so could lose you your job. 

If you are new to this kind of discussion, you are probably asking why haven’t we seen articles like these here in NZ? The answer is revealed by a reporter from ABC News, talking with colleagues from the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian which was inadvertently caught on a hot mic. One describes it as ‘annoying and amazing’ that the lab leak theory now looks to be correct. The journalists admit that they never looked at the lab leak theory dispassionately, but relied on their ideological rejection of those asking questions. In other words, there was no credible investigation of the facts by mainstream media.

The implications for New Zealand of the latest Covid revelations

For three years we have been divided as a nation along the lines of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. It is now abundantly clear that both Covid and Covid vaccines originated from risky biotechnology research on mutated deadly pathogens. 

Rather than a divided nation we could have been a united nation, standing shoulder to shoulder against novel biotechnology experimentation.

There is a need to spell out the technical implications of this. The engineered spike protein has features which are completely foreign to our immune system. At the start of the pandemic, our physiology had no evolutionary context or memory of fighting off these novel genetic sequences. It is now apparent that the spike protein has a toxic profile, especially for the heart and circulatory system. Thus Covid infection had both short and long term unquantified implications for health. The various Covid vaccines were designed to teach our cells to produce Covid spike proteins in quantity, therefore the vaccines inevitably also had significant short and long term implications for health dictated by their pathogenic design.

If we had known that Covid was an engineered pathogen, we would have recognised that concerns about Covid vaccine safety were legitimate.

New Zealand was misled by the US administration. The lesson here is very clear. New Zealand must be more circumspect to scrutinise the health information supplied to our nation from nations and institutions who are clearly tied to commercial endeavours seeking to profit from actions and policy decisions resulting from this information. This includes information received from the WHO, ICMRA, FDA, CDC, WEF, and possibly through Five Eyes. It is now clear that some information we received during the pandemic from these sources was unreliable. False and/or misleading information was received at multiple levels of government including Medsafe, the PM’s office, and probably our intelligence organisations. Yet NZ adopted a trusting perspective and vigorously acted upon it, possibly more stringently than other nations. The result has not just been policy missteps, but high rates of vaccine injuryexcess deaths, economic hardship and lasting social division.

There is no doubt that PM Jacinda Ardern curated misplaced trust in foreign official sources. We now know these sources were editing scientific dialogue and results to suit commercial and geopolitical agendas. 

In a gross error of judgement, Ardern’s department created a policy of exclusion aimed at those questioning the severity of Covid, the lab leak hypothesis, and Covid vaccine safety. This legitimised actions at every level of government and the judiciary to cancel those raising concerns. The Ardern government with the approval of opposition parties framed this as a moral crusade and pursued agreements with social media companies to exclude legitimate science and debate. In actuality, we were being played by foreign interests. Our sovereign independence was being undermined to an extent it never has been before. We were losing our right to choose as a nation, and thereby our right to choose as individuals. This illustrates the inherent bankruptcy of the globalist outlook as opposed to our traditional NZ outlook of self-determination. It highlights the need for extreme caution in a world of globalised information and media dilution of science.

How serious are the potential dangers?

In a globalised world, we have to be very circumspect of foreign interests which certainly do not coincide with those of New Zealand. Consider this article—New evidence of Beijing’s Covid cover-up and possible Wuhan lab leak revealed: China’s public health authorities cracked virus’ genetic code five DAYS before the world knew about the disease, scientist claims. China, like the US, was not sharing information, rather they were sharing disinformation, and they are likely to do so again in future. 

The freewheeling attitude to biotech risk management was underlined this week by a horrifying article entitled “Unassuming warehouse in California turns out to be illegal Chinese-run virus laboratory that was genetically engineering mice and experimenting with HIV, herpes and malaria“. The safety rules governing biotechnology experimentation are simply inadequate for the task. Risky experimentation involving deadly pathogens at poorly secured locations are proliferating around the world. Worse, many are being funded by governments and legally sanctioned. The entire gene editing enterprise, whether safely contained or not, is fraught with unacceptable levels of risk and rife with accidents. Much publicity generated by commercial biotech interests is aimed at persuading the public that these serious risks are non-existent.

On top of this we have to consider that politicians have little ability to reliably sort the significance of varying evidence when considering any complex scientific advice they receive. Consider this paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine entitled “The Effect of Influenza Vaccination for the Elderly on Hospitalization and Mortality”, which studied 170 million episodes of influenza care and 7.6 million deaths among those over 64. It concluded back in April 2020:

“No evidence indicated that flu vaccination reduced hospitalisations or mortality among elderly persons. The estimates were precise enough to rule out results from many previous studies.”

Do we hear about this when being urged to take our flu shots? No. The media and the government have long since stopped caring about the exaggerations and profiteering of the pharmaceutical industry.

Across the board, the globalist agenda and the associated information network is driven by ideological priorities remote from our national interests. 

Listen for example to John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, implying that agricultural production has to be curtailed to contain global warming. It doesn’t seem to bother John Kerry that he frequently travels by private jet. Nor does he seem to appreciate that modern civilization relies on agriculture which started in the Indus Valley 10,000 years ago. By a rambling circuitous route that lacks continuity of thought, Kerry arrives at the idea that because the world’s population is increasing we should reduce the global food supply, an argument worthy of concentration camp systems designed to work people to death. What does that mean for agricultural producers like NZ? This is being used to target NZ farmers. Our local supermarkets have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker (see here). Remember, the US sees NZ as an agricultural competitor to be controlled rather than assisted. We need to become alert and look out for our own interests.

In the wake of this weekend’s revelations we must appreciate that there are outstanding questions of legal liability. 

We have covered some of these in our previous articles: 

  • Were we sufficiently warned by Pfizer of the results of trials and post-marketing data indicating very high levels of vaccine adverse effects across a range of conditions? Apparently not. 
  • Did our government decide to ignore concerning and unprecedented levels of domestic adverse effects of Covid vaccines because the US and UK authorities were spreading propaganda designed to dampen concerns around biotechnology in order to protect their commercial domination in the field of vaccine research, development and marketing? It appears so. 
  • As a result, did the New Zealand Government, our health service, and the Accident Compensation Commission unfairly deny the existence of Covid vaccine injuries, dismiss patients without investigation or testing and withhold compensation? Yes, they did.
  • Did our courts trust government sources without requiring cross examination of government witnesses, and thereby disadvantage appellants? Yes, repeatedly.
  • Is the NZ government still funding a disinformation project driven by ideology aimed at cancelling anyone asking questions about Covid origins, vaccine safety and pandemic policy? Yes, vigorously.

Unfortunately none of these concerns are within the scope of the NZ All of Government COVID-19 Royal Commission of Inquiry which no doubt needs to be urgently widened (https://www.beehive.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2022-12/Summary of ToR for Royal Commission into COVID and any future pandemic.pdf). 

In particular, the government seems to be unaware of the pitfalls of concluding an agreement which cedes our health sovereignty to the World Health Organisation (WHO). People working in distant offices in Geneva Switzerland, heavily influenced by the global pharmaceutical industry, are unlikely to fully appreciate the concerns of independent scientists and the unique interests of New Zealand and the health of its citizens. On past and present evidence, they are more than likely to work against our interests. 

For example a study published by the prestigious BMJ on 26 February 2020 entitled WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “serious breach of international ethical standards” details WHO’s disregard for the adverse effects of an experimental malaria vaccine called Mosquirix in Malawi, Ghana, and Kenya. The trial was projected to involve 720,000 children, yet previous clinical trials found a rate of meningitis in those receiving Mosquirix 10 times that of those who did not, increased cerebral malaria cases, and a doubling in the risk of death (from any cause) in girls. The article bemoans the complete lack of informed consent concerning these serious risks offered to the unsuspecting African child participants and their parents. This is vile. Sound familiar? The WHO 2030 Agenda expects that we will all receive hundreds of novel vaccines over the next ten years, but WHO can’t even manage a single vaccine without violating accepted ethical safeguards. Our government wishes to hand over control of our medical system to these people. Why?

In conclusion, the New Zealand government, the media, the health service and the judiciary have failed to seriously consider safety questions that have been repeatedly raised, despite them being backed by published data and studies. Precaution has been thrown to the winds. The public has been left in the dark because of ideological prejudice and an ill-conceived reliance on foreign authority, alien to our history of self-sufficiency and cultural integrity. This represents a collective failure of our national systems of governance, science, education, information, health and justice. We are waiting to hear words of caution from those among the major parties standing for election in October. Proceeding with our election without anyone in authority admitting and correcting these mistakes will initiate a nightmare journey to further national chaos.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. It’s astounding, still crickets on every side of the government. Whoever is elected there is some serious soul searching that needs to be done and changes have to be made.

    These people have to be blatantly told time and time again. Only the tenacious few are left fighting. Please Guy keep going. After October with a new govt. a strong reminder to those polliticians who claim to represent us need to stand up and be adults about it and take responsibility. Take the reigns and govern with fairness to it’s entire population ffs! The despicable bunch of slimey toads!

  2. Yep. But no one is listening. Those in power have zero interest in the people they’re supposed to represent and there’s no realistic alternative vote. All the same shades of WEF

  3. One of the most succinct articles ever to be written and published in NZ.
    Thank you Mr Hatchard and the DTNZ.
    Etiquette pertains to editorials, but not so much to frank comments:
    “…why haven’t we seen articles like these here in NZ? … The journalists admit that they never looked at the lab leak theory dispassionately, but relied on their ideological rejection of those asking questions. …”
    BS! These are not journalists. These are corrupt presstitutes, corrupted by their own greed for professional career and the $$$ bribes they took to write according to government autocracy.
    It is unfair to the oldest and honest professsion in the world to use analogies like ‘media whores”, so in order to describe NZ mainstream ‘journalists’, let’s describe them as what they have become: swine, with their snout in the trough of taxpayers’ money, while being rooted by bullsh*ticians from behind.

    • I resemble that remark! 😉
      Pigs are highly intelligent and have a distinctly developed sense for community. They protect their most vulnerable ones with utmost dedication.
      Call ’em lice, maggots, cockroaches, but not swine.

  4. I can’t speak for NZ, but here in the US we’re expecting a minimum 35mil lost to cardiovascular issues over the next 10 yrs. Strokes, cancers and neurological injuries not included. No need to worry about climate change…

    • I second that!
      However, the crux is in the vampire squid.
      In some way or another, most of us are ‘shareholders’. You have insurance, a pension savings fund, investments? One has to actively detail those, or we become tools to the system, the tools who keep THEM alive.
      Not easy, but it can be done. The more you get out of the system, …

  5. A timely article Dr. Hatchard! I used to subscribe to The Australian. I cancelled in 2020 because they were censoring any comments regarding the lab theory and that laptop, just as all other legacy media were. It was clear they had arrogantly swallowed the disinformation about both lab and laptop being “conspiracy.”

    The last three years have demonstrated just how gullible, suggestible and prone to Group Think most in our society are. Particularly the legacy media and politicians! Unlike The Australian, who are belatedly trying to position themselves as being at the forefront and on the right side of history, our politicians and NZ media don’t want to admit fallibility. Many are still petulantly calling those of us who were more informed on these issues, and more, nasty names. I observe that reality (and data) has a habit of figuratively smacking these people in the face though.

    I don’t have any confidence that reflection has been done and lessons learned so we don’t find ourselves vulnerable in the future. What we do witness are transparent attempts to protect fragile egos and avoid accountability.

    I will vote for the party that isn’t a suck up to international bodies because certain narcissistic individuals are more concerned with securing their next cushy career move at the expense of our national sovereignty. The party determined to protect us from the machinations of global power grabbing institutions, overseas bureaucrats and their media sycophants, who are clearly corrupt, and big corporates who will put profit ahead of NZ lives in a heartbeat, especially when given immunity from legal recourse.

  6. There was no misplaced trust, no trusting perspective. Ardern drove the pandemic response on orders from the WEF. Chris Hipkins was right beside her all the way. They both knew full well what they were doing. They knew the plan beforehand and were placed in positions of power to carry it out. They will also pull forelock when the WHO comes knocking. They will have no trouble sleeping at night because they know what they are and are content to be so.
    There was no pandemic. There was simply a murderous plan to depopulate western countries devised by people of great wealth and power who buy minions like Ardern and Hipkins for peanuts and who can destroy them just as easily.
    Now we watch the young dropping dead and wonder how long those who survived this far will continue to live but we say nothing. We think the ancient people who dropped human sacrifices into volcanoes or burned witches alive were abhorrent and we continue to think the death penalty is barbaric yet we are watching something unfold which far exceeds any evil we can imagine. We know it, and still we say nothing. We are cringing cowards hoping if we sit quietly that death will come for someone else and not us.

    • Jayem, i salute you because YOU say something, you’re not a cringing coward, and we damn sure not sit still anymore. We become more by the day, the critical mass is reached at 15%…

    • I have been beating this drum for 3 years now on the deaths that would slowly start to accelerate. I predicted that NZ could lose 25-35% of its population by 2030. A brutal way to solve the housing crisis. But with the massive immigration quotas coming into NZ by 2030 people will hardly know the difference. NZ population is being replaced with more compliant peoples. A UN and WEF agenda initiative. I dont like to say it but ‘I told it so’ 3 years ago.

  7. Unimaginable Catastrophe: COVID-19 “Vax” Triggers IgG4 Cells in Vax’d People; Tells the Immune System to IGNORE COVID – as it replicates and kills them!
    Was at the hospital recently for a blood test
    The car park was absolutely ‘choka’
    Everybody was wearing masks
    I asked the nurse knowing full well ‘if there had been a lot of accidents’
    She said ‘It’s probably covid’
    I don’t like going near hospitals
    I felt ‘rat-shit’ the next day
    Ardern has f—ked NZ
    And its not coming back

    • I didn’t hit the link, I’ve already seen the research. It seems the IGG1 antibodies are depleted and replaced with IGG4. People with autoimmune diseases are known to have excess IGG4’s. Furthermore, in mouse studies: The offspring 3 generations later still have excess IGG4’s.


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