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This is why I am not getting the vax booster

My journey to this decision began in 2004 when I had a heart attack.

In 2020 when Covid arrived I got sucked into the rhetoric about over 65s with an underlying health condition were at risk of contracting Covid.

No booster news

So, I had my two jabs. Immediately after the second jab I had respiratory issues which no one in the health sector was prepared to discuss the possibility of any links to the jab. Took many weeks to resolve that and even today I am advised to continue to use the inhaler.

Now to the present

Working in the garden with the cultivator the machine got a bit out of control, and I thought I got a groin strain. Over the next 3 or 4 weeks the pain got steadily worse. Due to what appears to be silly Covid rules, I was only able to get a telephone appointment with the doctor. I had a few of these and the diagnosis was reflux. Finally, I managed to get a face-to-face appointment with a thorough physical examination. I was prescribed more drugs. Over the weekend the pain got worse and, on the Monday, asked to see the doctor again. He was fully booked but he did ring, and he arranged for me to go to hospital as it looked like I might have a case of serious constipation.

Initially I was looked after by the general surgical team. After 3 or 4 days I was placed in the care of the haematology team. I knew what was coming! After many scans, x-rays, and blood tests I was advised I had cancer. I’m told it is curable and I am dealing with it in a positive manner.

Here is the crux of the matter

I have seen a lot of discussion around the testing of the vaccine and there seems to be enough evidence to suggest it is not up to scratch. This makes me wonder…. If the testing is not satisfactory how will the vaccine react with the cancer drugs, and there is a lot of them.

Am I prepared to take the risk and die from a jab, or would I prefer to put my trust in the doctors and the cancer treatment without any interference from an untested vaccine and enjoy many more years?

The answer is obvious – no booster jab and potentially a longer life!

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  1. The jabs are performing as designed.
    To lower the population. Everyone has the ability to find information, but most are too lazy or committed to their god of money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Giving the entire planet a jab of unproven stuff, no control group wanted is pure evil. People better start putting the piece’s together soon, or you will be needing to get your affairs in order. Remember The WEF wants you to own nothing but it is alright for them to own all your stuff including your body. Gallows for New Zealand politicians is the correct answer and long term solution to this tyranny. Hanged from the neck in a public square and left to rot for the next generations to see what happens when politicians think they are in charge. They serve the people, the people are not the slaves of politicians

    • Bill Gates has a TED talk on using man made viruses and vaccines to lower the population for anyone who wants to fall down the rabbit hole.

      • I think its generally quite well known Bill Gates is not a fan of humans. You dont need to fall down any holes to acknowledge this. But hey, you do you, sleeping is way easier anyway!

    • Yes. Come on everybody. You are all blinded and brainwashed by two years of the government’s propaganda broadcast day after day on mainstream media. Stop watching the corrupt narrative. Wake up! Stand and speak out before its too late and our freedoms, our democracy is lost forever to this madness

  2. I have a couple of friends who developed sudden onset leukaemia after mRNA vaccination. They have fortunately both responded to treatment. Leukaemia is a known side effect of some gene therapies.

    • You bear quite a bit of culpability in all this Guy. While we, the supposedly uneducated and unwashed heathens, were screaming from the rooftops, as loud as we could, alerting to the obvious dangers of what was occurring, you were cheering the rollout. You helped let the genie out of the bottle. Do you apologize to your friends for what you’ve done? How many took the jab on your advice?

  3. Israel is currently the most vaccinated country on earth. They have rolled out the 4th shot and guess who has the highest number of new daily cases by far? Yep you guessed it, Israel.

    When are people going to wake up for goodness sake?

      • Yeah forget sheeple, we now have SLEEPLE. ????????

        My grandfather who was an engineer/gunner in the RNZAF sacrificed his life for what?

        Hard times breed strong men, strong men breed good times, good times breed weak men……circle of life I guess. So yeah urgent call out there for people to wake the hell up. I am angry at myself for not waking up sooner but I am here now and that’s what counts right?

  4. “Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Presents Opening Statements at Grand Jury Investigation Into Crimes Against Humanity Disguised as COVID Pandemic.”

  5. Sadly even after 2 years , the enemy are the dumb obedient sheeple. If only a significant portion they stood up the covid mandates would end right away. Many do not deserve freedoms. Humans deserve to be enslaved
    If they are still asleep after 2 years . Except for a small spiritual and brave minority I despise the human species in general.Perhaps it’s good they die off with the vaccine Quality control. Get rid of garbage humans. It will be better world then.

  6. Thing is the hospital dnt know how to treat most of the illnesses they pass it of as anxiety etc . They must be Swan under oath not to treat ppl I guess. Ppl.stand up stop taking the poke ..surely u can see by now what it’s designed to do.kill u

  7. Hello Anonymous. Looks like we’re a generation. I am almost 72. From the beginning, I have followed alternative censored opinions about vaccines. Everything that is happening now has been scientifically predicted. I bet on my well-supported immune system. For now, it went without a damn injection.

    I am very sorry for your situation, but I admire your courage and your honesty. I really hope you do well. I haven’t trusted medicine in a long time. In fact, this medicine is not able to non-invasively cure any serious disease. My loved ones and some friends got vaccinated despite my warnings. I care about them, but we are all participants in the Apocalypse. I am very angry at corrupt ortho medicine.

    Soon after my retirement, my ankylosing spondylitis got much worse. I went to the doctor just for fun to see what would happen. She prescribed me naclofen without actually diagnosing my rheumatism. I didn’t even open the medicine box because naclofen is desperately aggressive to my stomach and the ‘treatment’ could end in cancer.

    So dear Anonymous now I tell you that I cured rheumatism in 2-3 months with quantum technologies according to dr. Grabovoi, and before that also ‘incurable’ chronic dermatitis and a few other problems. If you are willing to believe, you can find all the necessary information for yourself on my portal. But I know it’s hard to switch to something new, unknown.

    I wish you good luck.


    • Thanks Yoda. I have confidence in the medical folk who are treating my cancer and I will have the fourth chemo this coming week. After that I will have more tests and scans to see how I am doing. Like you say – a bit hard to change mid stream. One of the senior consultants whispered in my ear one day “don’t take the booster”
      I see every bodies best friend (Michael Baker who is high on the list of Jacinda’s circle of Evil) is now promoting annual boosters!!

  8. I was having my fourth round of chemo recently and the patient next to me was informed they need a third jab before having the booster!


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