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History in the making – Convoy 2022 NZ starts Sunday: What you need to know

The highly anticipated Convoy 2022 NZ protest begins Sunday morning, 6 February. Could this be NZ’s biggest ever anti-government protest?

DTNZ spoke to one of the convoy’s organisers, Palmerston North man Jerome Smith-Pula. Organisers hope the convoy will bring New Zealanders together in peaceful protest against the government’s COVID policies and to promote the restoration of kiwi’s human rights. The protest ‘has nothing to do with vaccines, nor is it anti-vax. This is a spiritual battle’, for the soul of New Zealand.

‘We are saving New Zealand for the next generation,’ he said.

Convoy 2022 NZ news

The focus of the protest is set out in its Mission Statement, which contains five points:

  • Stop all mandates and end all COVID-19 imposed restrictions.
  • Reverse COVID-19 introducted legislation and cease all proposed legislation.
  • The immediate restoration of inalienable human rights.
  • Medical professionals to follow the principles in the NZMA Code of Ethics.
  • All media to have freedom without censorship.

Everyone is welcome to join the convoy – trucks, cars, tractors and bikes.

There are two convoys – one in the North Island, one in the South Island, but within each island there’s different routes to ensure as much of the population has a chance to join as possible.

North Island Itinerary:

Sunday 6 February: Departs Cape Reinga at 6.30am, Whangarei, Mercer. Overnight in Hamilton.

Monday 7 February: From Hamilton, the convoy will split to travel down the east and west coasts of the North Island.

  • East Coast Route: Departs Hamilton at 6.30am, Cambridge, Putaruru, Tokoroa, Taupo, Napier, Hastings, Dannevirke, Woodville, Palmerston North.
  • West Coast Route: Departs Hamilton at 6.30am, Te Awamutu, Otorohanga, Te Kuiti, Awakino, New Plymouth, Hawera, Waverley, Wanganui, Palmerston North.

Both routes to meet in Palmerston North, with final drive to Wellington together.

South Island Itinerary:

Sunday 6 February: Departs Bluff at 6.30am, Invercargill, Gore, Dunedin, Oamaru, Timaru, Ashburton. Overnight in Christchurch.

Monday 7 February:

  • East Coast Route: Departs Christchurch at 6.30am, Kaikoura, Blenheim, Picton.
  • West Coast Route: Departs Greymouth at 6.30am, Westport, Reefton, Murchison, Nelson, Blenheim, Picton.

The South Island convoy will converge on Picton, while the intended destination of the North Island Convoy is the streets and public spaces around parliament in downtown Wellington.

If you can’t be part of the convoy, organisers encourge the public to provide roadside support as they drive by your location.

Legacy mainstream media have ignored the protest at this early stage, following the playbook of their Canadian counterparts. But when the Canadian protest became too big to ignore they took a different approach – deceptively portraying it as a right-wing, racist movement, and even blaming ‘Russian interference’.

The potential for the convoy to capture the imagination of kiwis, as the Canadian one has for millions of people around the world is not lost on Smith-Pula. When asked abut how long the protest will be he said, ‘for as long as it takes’.

Following the convoy’s progress

DTNZ will be publishing regular articles on the convoy. You can also follow Convoy 2022 NZ on one of their social media channels for regular updates, or visit their website.

  • Facebook: convoy 2022 nz
  • TikTok: @nztruckies
  • Telegram: convoy2022nz
  • Instagram: convoy2022nz
  • Twitter: convoy2022nz

The organisers have done an excellent job in mobilising the movement in such a short space of time, and bringing together separate convoy movements into a unified alliance.

Can the convoy be the spark that finally ignites all New Zealanders to wake up and take action to protect their rights and freedoms today and those of their children in the future? One thing is for sure, many will be hoping it will change the momentum up a gear as the COVID narrative loses credibility with each day.

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  1. Yay for Daily Telegraph for reporting on this, thank you!

    I continue to ignore all main stream media by keeping my TV off and never buying a newspaper or giving them online ‘clicks’. I even refused an offer of a free 2 weeks of the local newspaper even though I will need something to start my fire this winter. Lol.

    I look forward to reading the updates on the Daily Telegraph!

  2. Anyone who is at the protests needs to confront any ‘bad actors’ or ‘crisis actors’ too. Anyone instigating agression or with nazi signs or anyone who looks out of place. My friend was at the first Wellington protest and confronted the Trump flag holder who was very coy about what they were doing their and the conclusion that was made was that they were a plant. Our media definitely honed in on them didn’t they? They won’t get away with that kind of thing now we know their tricks ????????????????????

  3. I have been waiting for this for two years! Have felt so alone and afraid of the politicians who are paid very well to SERVE and PROTECT New Zealanders like myself. They will be hiding along with the so-called media. Cowards. But not our wonderful brave unselfish truckers! Lets reclaim our dignity and our Human Rights!

  4. Wishing all an safe and sound travels thank you all for bringing nz humanity together with your time and effort. For our people and children’s future ???????? love and light and peace for the world.

  5. I pray that peace will prevail. That like the truckies in Canada, love, peace and community will work s miracles in our nation. God bless the convoy

  6. Thank you to the UK Daily Telegraph for this article! Otherwise New Zealanders would be ignored by their own legacy media censored bytheir own government: and this is a democracy! Our Fourth Estate has turned into a Fifth Column!

  7. Brings a lot of emotion reading this, esp their Mission Statement. Absolute heroes, the organisers. Get out on a road nearest you to support if you can’t join and post your photos everywhere. Time to wake up the rest of NZ, who have been compliant and asleep too long.

  8. With regards to trusting NZ’s Give a Little… From memory a Give a Little page was created for one of our NZDSOS Doctors when he got heavied by the medical council for speaking some truths. Funds paid into that cause were returned to the people who donated, as the “powers that be” who run Give a Little NZ deemed the cause inappropriate. So no, not to be trusted.

  9. You emigrate from a country to escape Apartheid.
    30 years later you wake up and realise your new country, which was once great , has enforced their own brand of Kiwi Apartheid. Sad, so sad, indeed.

  10. I am a simple man. Simplification remains the highest form of Mathematica. When psychopaths threaten the lives of my children, I just want to see convoys of guillotines and tumbrils. I want to see them used. Simples. Perhaps Nature is stepping in now… finally, to cleave this Gordian Knot.

  11. It’s okay. The vast majority of New Zealanders can see clearly that all these protesters are just just the dumbest one percent of the population. All the morons who drove to Picton and couldn’t get on the ferry because they are too thick to be vaccinated take the prize as NZ’s most historically moronic lowlifes ever. Get a job and learn to spell, you utter numbskulls.


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