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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

We are all set for more of the same and it won’t be pretty

Election 2023 news

National party leader Christopher Luxon and Health spokesperson Dr. Shane Reti have announced financial incentives payable to doctors if they vaccinate 95% of those registered in their practice.

As well as standard doctor payments for vaccination, which were $75 per jab during the pandemic, under National’s plan, doctors will be paid an additional $10 per person bonus as long as they can persuade 95% of their eligible patients to receive jabs by June next year. 

The average NZ GP has around 1350 patients which could bring in an additional $10,000.

For those hoping that the pandemic gravy train and the medicalisation of politics would stop under a National government, think again. We remember that Labour’s road to perdition began with Jacinda Ardern’s promise to vaccinate 90% of the population. Luxon intends to finish the job and up the ante to 95%. Despite his best efforts to sound reasonable, Luxon has given us another glimpse into his long held prejudice against anyone who wants to manage their own health choices.

Bonus payments to doctors achieving vaccination targets is just a step away from the coercive mandates which evolved under Ardern. The proposed payments will only add to current incentives to prioritise vaccination, come what may. You can hear the ringing of cash registers. They will further push informed consent onto the back burner at a time when new studies are revealing mRNA vaccines are associated with adverse health outcomes.

Politicians are no longer able to deny we are in the midst of a health crisis like no other. 

The misleading remedies they are offering involve blaming everything bad on Covid and everything good on new vaccines, whatever the research says.

An article published by RNZ yesterday suggests “Covid may have permanently damaged people’s immunity“, saying 

“Covid infections are putting people at higher risk of diabetes, strokes, heart disease and other long-term illnesses – but experts warn it may be decades before the full impact is known.”

The article encourages us to mask up, utilise CO2 monitors, and install ventilation systems ASAP. It quoted a Northland ED doctor Gary Payinda who ‘suspects’ based on very high rates of admissions and serious complications from normally mild conditions that Covid may have damaged people’s immunityHe refers to the “latest research” which he claims without attribution “showed vaccination halved the risk of cardiac problems post-infection” [???].

I hope you noticed the incongruity. New Zealand has a vaccination rate of around 90% which according to Payinda should reduce cardiac problems, but we have a 83% higher rate of cardiac events, according to leaked hospitalisation data, since we began Covid vaccination programmes. It doesn’t fit together does it? 

Our massive increases in hospitalisations here in NZ for cardiac events, strokes, kidney damage, miscarriage, etc. began in 2021 after the vaccine rollout, but before Covid arrived on our shores in anything but very isolated outbreaks. The evidence for vaccine harm is irrefutable (watch here).

Dr. Payinda probably hasn’t read my last few articles which report carefully designed published studies showing that

There has been deafening silence from Luxon and the whole current crop of politicians on the studies of vaccine safety that we have been analysing and reporting every week. Both Labour and National are calling for more doctors to solve the health crisis, but inexplicably failing to discuss a significant cause of our health crisis—their coercive policies to promote novel mRNA vaccines.

In a recent trial, 1 out of 50 recipients of the new Moderna Covid XBB.1.5 mRNA vaccine suffered a medically attended adverse event subsequent to their vaccination. The question is: do you think these are good odds? If 2% of people crossing a road were hit by cars would you take that route? Those are our current odds, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to our politicians. We are not talking about weighing up marginal relative risks here, there are significant large unprecedented short and long term risks to health.

Yet vaccine safety is off the table when it comes to talks at hustings and press conferences. Today’s announcement of financial incentives shows vaccination safety is not just a no go area, apparently if there is some political leverage to be gained by talking up vaccines to a misinformed public schooled for the last three years to fear Covid infection, then it’s still OK to keep the public in the dark about vaccine adverse events.

Payments to scientists, experts, and doctors to change their minds or keep quiet seems to be the flavour of the month. According to a letter sent by the Chairman of the House select committee on the coronavirus pandemic to CIA Director William Burns on 12th September 2023, a senior-level CIA officer has testified that his agency tried to pay off six analysts if they changed their support for a lab-leak origin and said the virus jumped from animals to humans. 

The extreme efforts to hide the lab origin of Covid is entirely relevant to today’s article. If Covid infection and vaccination both originated from a lab, the whole paradigm of biotechnology is to blame for our current drop in public health. This makes it all the more inexplicable that the National Party and ACT are pledged to deregulate biotechnology experimentation.

If they are elected, we will only have ourselves to blame for what happens next. We have entered an age when it pays to be alert. A 2022 study of the Prevalence of Accident Occurrence Among Scientific Laboratory Workers found:

 “Among 220 participants recruited in our study, 99 participants (45.0%) have had accidents during their lab work. 59.6% have been exposed once, 32.3% between two and four times, only 1.0% between four and six times, but 7.1% more than six times.”

A USA Today Investigation into bio-laboratory safety uncovered hundreds of mistakes. It found:  

“Vials of bioterror bacteria have gone missing. Lab mice infected with deadly viruses have escaped, and wild rodents have been found making nests with research waste. Cattle infected in a university’s vaccine experiments were repeatedly sent to slaughter and their meat sold for human consumption.”

No general pandemic investigation such as that currently progressing through the US House Committee with wide terms of reference is being proposed in New Zealand. Last night the National Party was riding high in the polls on 39%. The only party currently scoring more than 1% that is questioning the safety of novel biotech vaccines and asking for an investigation is NZ First on 5%. 

With its latest incentives to vaccinate, National is doubling down on the very policies that have caused the most damage to our health over the last three years. Instead, vote for a party prepared to examine the evidence and face up to past mistakes. If we are not healthy, we will not be happy, wealthy or wise whatever other policy initiatives are introduced.

For the last two years behind the scenes I have urged those planning to set up parties and run for election on platforms designed to address the pandemic, to band together under common agreed policies. This hasn’t happened. There are several new parties who have failed to register in the polls despite their best efforts. At this point in time, there are very good reasons to vote tactically, otherwise our voice may not be heard. It is becoming very clear now that without elected representation we may be condemned to three more years of medical dictatorship and burgeoning ill health.

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  1. I’d recommend doctors be very careful. More and more chatter of Nuremberg trials are being mentioned in social media and public sentiment.

  2. So Basically what national are saying here is like their loyal opposition labour (and all the other parties that never stood up to jabcinda) they to no longer want to be electable in New Zealand. Any medical professional that got paid to convince people to get the jab needs to be unemployed struck off for life as of right now. That surely goes against the hippocratic oath that they agree to.

    • Why? Why? Why are they getting paid to administer a jab. Isn’t that part and parcel of being a doctor. $75 for 2 or 3 mins tops timewise.

      Why were people discriminated against for not taking this rubbish?

      Not going to be happy if discriminated agaisnt again for not taking poorly tested rubbish

    • “…no longer want to be electable in New Zealand.”

      Why, it’s almost as if they have no fear of elections at all anymore 🤔

      As though the results are predetermined and everything that plays out in the next few weeks is just a scripted pantomime… 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

      Luxon is an avowed globalist/WEF stooge, like the rest of them. How long is it going to take people to realise that democracy is dead and buried?

  3. I clicked on the link to read the study showing a rate of 1 in 35 for myocardial issues following boosters. It corresponds to the prospective Thai research on adolescents similarly showing this adverse reaction is far from rare. Those still pushing the jabs point to Covid infection as also causing these issues, as does the research.

    I think we can all agree that earlier strains were more pathogenic albeit less transmissible. Pointing to these early variants that NO LONGER EXIST in the wild as the rationale to get boosted for more transmissible, but MILD/cold like OMICRON variants is dishonest! It’s comparing apples and oranges. If Omicron variants were causing myocardial issues greater than 1 in 35 then we would hardly be calling them LESS pathogenic!

    Any doctor who fails to inform patients of this and disingenuously points to strains their patients can no longer catch, but may have a 1 in 35 risk of heart inflammation with the booster, should hang their money corrupted heads in shame and hang up their licence to practice!

    • I don’t know if I agree earlier strains were that much worse. For older people and poorly, but the treatment most got was detrimental. Overall it was still only around 0.1% CFR. 1 in a thousand and other treatments were discredited and restricted

  4. “For the last two years behind the scenes I have urged those planning to set up parties and run for election on platforms designed to address the pandemic, to band together under common agreed policies. This hasn’t happened. ”

    Freedoms NZ is made up of multiple parties that joined together to attempt this

    • The ONLY way to carry the ideas and ops of Freedoms NZ is to vote for the NZ Loyal Party!
      RCR has a host that is actively downplaying the third / minor parties, saying we will waste our votes of we vote for such entities.
      The Freedom Movement in NZ has openly attacked Liz Gunn, as ‘they’ cannot control her or her determination to stop the Zio-Globalist ruination of our country!
      I will NOT allow some Zionist Whale-Oiler to dictate to me what is actually an underlying Noahide Law agenda exploited with Talmudic Ops and more than likely, Mossad infiltration.
      Such happened as noted under PM ‘Sir’ JK!

      • His support of Winston, saying voting for him is the only place for the freedom vote as the other parties are a wasted vote has definately shepharded people to NZ First(as far as the polls say).

        People are easily fooled. Winston is the status quos’ way of sucking in disgruntled voters, and then have him support one of the two main parties.
        A safety net.

  5. They are trying to push jab mandates and lockdowns in the US again. Its all a big Pharma scam. Why did the Govt push mandates for everyone but not for Parlimentarians ? Because they have been bribed they are corrupt. If National form a Govt. after the coming election you will find out just how corrupt they are as well only with a vengence. They are heavily infiltrated with WEF WHO and UN stooges trying to impress their masters. Get ready to pull your children out of school for home schooling because they are going to be the main target.

  6. The KPI’s under the previous DHB regimes had Vaccine targets which filtered down to General Practice KPI’s..this included childhood, flu etc…payments for meeting KPI’s is nothing new. However, compulsory vaccination is next level and without doubt, was/is a core issue (for many) surrounding the Covid mandates.
    There are several articles in NZ quoting Dr Nikki Turner (Immunisation Advisory) and Professor Graham Le Gros (Vaccine Alliance) surrounding patients being “heard” regarding adverse reactions to vaccination and the long timeframe (could be up to 10 years) for studies to be completed (specifically around Covid vaccine).
    In view of this, there is no place for Political interference until NZ has an appointed agency to deal with the outfall for patients adversely impacted needing treatment and all research has been evaluated. How many patients are now autoimmune, have SLE or any other debilitating conditions post vaccine that have been under reported by Medsafe due to lack of diagnostic capability, shortage of Doctors and Immunologists in NZ…or simple refusal to?
    I have no objection to anyone wanting to take vaccinations to protect themselves but only with sound systems and the Clinicians in place to deal with any adverse reaction and provide honest clinical advice (with regard to causal link)and timely remedial treatment pathways. This is the only way to bring about any level of confidence back to the vaccination programme and I simply cannot see any MP capable nor wanting to address these issues in the interest of ALL New Zealanders.

    • People don’t want vaccines of any kind anymore. Confidence is gone, trust is lost. I regret getting my kids done. I have one child with type a diabetes.mi wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I can’t help but blame myself. Was it because I had him vaccinated as a baby? And now HE is the one who had to live like that. I hate myself for being so asleep. 😞

      I concede, vaccines do cause autism and they do cause autoimmune diseases. NEVER AGAIN. NEVER.

      Here is nothing I would EVER do to take another vaccine, I would rather be alone with nothing in the wilderness than take those POISON depopulation jabs.

      Anyone who ‘mandates’ them can go get 🖕


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