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What happened to Joseph Gregory Hallett?

Greg Hallett news

When I first started listening to Gregory Hallett, I was fascinated by his historical claims, and put aside his declarations that he was the rightful King of England, and Jesus, the Messiah.

It was his historical claims that intrigued me.

He was born in Wellsford, and later moved to Auckland.

He made a number of videos, interviews, and short documentaries, which are still available on YouTube under the YouTube IDs King of UK and Greg Hallett Archives.

He has also written a number of books, which are available on Amazon.

During his interviews, he made claims that he had numerous attempts on his life. He last made a documentary in the UK in 2020, named, The Hidden King, Joseph Gregory Hallett interviews. Since 2020, he has disappeared from the internet.

After listening to his videos, I will give a brief summary of his historical claims. Please note, I am in no way asserting the truth of any of these claims:

He claims that the Rothschilds, funded both the French army and the British army in the Battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds had discovered how to use carrier pigeons, which were faster than the horse-riding message carriers. They had a clever ruse planned. Whoever was winning the battle, the Rothschilds would declare the opposite, in both France and Britain. When it was clear that the Duke of Wellington was winning, the carrier pigeon was sent away to England, with the message that Napoleon had in effect won. This caused the stocks and shares in England to crash, and the Rothschilds scooped them up, paying a penny on the pound. This was done to bankrupt the UK and the UK Royal Family. Since then, the Rothschilds, it is claimed, owned the Royal Family, and also bargained a deal whereby the Rothschilds would interbreed into the Royal Family.

He claims that Queen Elizabeth is a Flat Lie Royal, meaning she is illegitimate for the throne, and that all Knighthoods and so on, are also illegitimate. In fact, the true blood Royals were bred out of the family centuries ago. This, he claims, is backed up by the fact that 266 House of Lords peers refused to swear on the Queen’s oath in the late 1990s.

Her true father, and the father of Margaret, was Sir Winston Churchill, who sired them by artificial insemination. Another claim was that Grace Kelly was the lover of Elizabeth, and she later had her murdered. He also claims Elizabeth banned Prince Charles from having children with Princess Dianna, but that he has two adult children with Camilla. He claims, Harry and William are both bastards. William is the son of Spanish royalty. Harry is the son of a British man named Hewitt. He also claims that Prince Phillip was a heroin dealer.

His most popular book is called, Hitler Was a British Agent. He asserts that Hitler was trained and funded by the British, who were acting for the Rothschilds, and so were Lenin, Stalin, and Mao Zedong. He also asserts that Churchill was in constant phone contact with the Germans, during the war, and knew when to visit London, because he had been told when the bombings would occur. And that Hitler chose not to wipe out the British army on the beaches of Dunkirk, because he did not want to pay the war reparations.

Joseph Gregory Hallett news
Yale Daily News 29 February 1972.

where is joseph gregory hallett2

His claim regarding the Battle of Waterloo, and the bankrupting of the UK Royals by the Rothschilds was also made buy an author named Myron Fagan in a fascinating speech he made in 1967. I recommend everyone listen to that speech, as it is scarily accurate and relevant to the New World Order, and what is occurring today.

Hallett asserts that the socialists want to destroy the predictions contained in the Bible. They want to remove value from people, as in property ownership, and their values, as in moral values. And that the UK Royal family since the 1950s have been engaged in a strategy called Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, which means effectively they have gone to war against their own citizens.

So, what has happened to Gregory Hallett? Why has he been quiet for nearly two years?

Yale Daily News source: PsyPolitics

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