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Biden slammed for proclaiming Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

Critics included former president Donald Trump and other high-profile conservative media personalities.

Actor James Woods tweeted, ‘This vile hypocrite banned any reference to Christ on the most holy of Christian holidays, but honors transvestites instead. How is it possible the world has gone this mad, and it is simply shrugged off by millions on the lunatic left?’

Matt Walsh, producer of the documentary What is a Woman? called Biden a ‘demon’.

‘I have as low an opinion of Biden as you can possibly have and yet this is so outrageously evil that I had to check to make sure it was real. It is. Our “catholic” president has chosen the highest holiday on the Christian calendar to celebrate transgenderism. This man is a demon.’

Legacy media outlet CNN reported the visibility day always fell on 31 March, and it was just a coincidnce it fell this year on the same day as Easter Sunday.

A statement from Donald Trump’s campaign called Biden’s proclamation, ‘appalling and insulting’.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said the Biden administration had ‘betrayed the central tenet of Easter’ in a post on X.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement Saturday, ‘As a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American.’

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    • NOT morons, criminals.

      Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming ANYONE in government is an idiot. They only pretend to be to avoid accountability.

      In reality they are all incredibly smart and know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Oh, and they hate you.

      • What The Actual………..

        Not criminals, Satanist’s

        I do have to disagree with you about them being idiots. Calculated, yes. Do they know what they are doing? Yes. Do they know the agenda? Yes. Have they been offered a seat at the table? Yes.

        But are they are idiot enough to think that it would actually happen? Yes. This is just an initiation into a club that they will never be part of, but they don’t know that because they are dizzy with the promises of money and power.

        I do however agree with you about them hating us and all of humanity

        • Troubling times are ahead me thinks.
          Disconcerting day will be when individuals had enough, and will seek justice. And once they band together it will be like a Tsunami.
          That is the moment when the broken-down law of the land will find competition in form of resurrection, not by the corrupt system’s decree, but but by those who water the tree of freedom from time to time.
          The ‘system’, ANY parasitic system and its defense agents will not modify itself from the parasitic state it has become into something where citizens have their freedom and power back.
          Just as well we don’t live under totalitarian face-recognition surveillance, CBDCs, Social Scores and universal identity implants, ay?

      • Yeah not so sure I agree there. Many have basic degrees in things like political science and nothing much more, aside from a glib tongue. Or they have an actual professional qualification but are not up to the tough reality of using it, in the real world.

        I have only worked contracts in govt very occasionally because I find it depressing. Mostly, a dumping ground for the functionally useless, the lazy and disenchanted. As a IT manager mate of mine said who briefly worked a contract in a govt dept said “Their get up and go, has gotten up and gone.”

        In my experience, most true talent is in the private sector because the work is more interesting, the people more engaging and of course, the money is better.

        • “Mostly, a dumping ground for the functionally useless, the lazy and disenchanted.”
          True to the core.
          Insted of positions of merit and experience, politics and bureaucracy is nowadays filled with creatures who are simply un-employable.


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