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Former NATO troops see ‘disarray’ in Ukrainian military – CTV

“Generations of Ukrainians” might be lost if swift changes aren’t made, US and Canadian instructors have reportedly claimed.

A chaotic military command structure is leading to huge losses among Ukrainian troops and is causing serious doubts over the outcome of the conflict with Russia, Canada’s CTV National News has claimed, citing a report by former NATO soldiers.

The so-called ‘White Papers’ were compiled by two former high-ranking members of the US Special Forces and one former major in the Canadian Armed Forces. Each of the group has been training local forces in Ukraine for the last nine months, the broadcaster reported on Friday.

According to CTV, the papers describe Ukraine’s military command structure as being in disarray, while it further claims that the country’s military communication system is crumbling. If changes to tactics are not introduced rapidly, “generations of Ukrainians” could be lost, the document warns.

One of the authors, a former Canadian army major who chose to remain anonymous, told CTV that it was “well documented” that the Ukrainian army had suffered “huge losses with their junior officers.”

Earlier this month, leaked Pentagon papers claimed that Ukrainian forces have so far suffered between 124,000 and 131,000 dead and wounded during the conflict. The figure, which was based on US estimates, is several times higher than Kiev’s official death toll.

The source argued to CTV that the authors of the ‘White Papers’ were not looking to criticize Ukraine, but were “only striving for the better outcome” for the country.

The lack of coordination between Ukrainian units is leading to “greater losses of life and equipment as well as failed operations,” the paper is said to have stated.

Another issue of concern for the former NATO servicemen is that “military aid, such as tanks, are used as mobile artillery and not in combined operations with infantry” by Kiev’s forces. As a result, “[Ukrainian] infantry will watch as the enemy maneuvers and stages in front of their defensive positions just outside of effective artillery range.”

According to the report, Ukraine’s training approach “is based on the legacy Soviet model” which puts the commander at the center, “with no delegation of authority in training, planning, and especially operations.”

The widespread lack of application of NATO standards leads to painfully slow decision-making on the battlefield, the document reportedly claims.

Russia has long described the conflict with Ukraine as a “proxy war” waged against it by NATO. According to Moscow, the assistance provided to Kiev by the US and its allies, including the supply of weapons, training for Ukrainian troops, and intelligence sharing, has de facto made Western nations parties to the conflict.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Average lifespan of a Ukrainian on the war front; four (4) hours!!!!
    This is what J3wi$h Zelensky wants; getting rid of the ‘Christian Goyim’ just like he and the former Ukrainian J3wi$h President has done at the urging of the CIA / Mossad coup in 2014, as demanded by J3we$$ *Victoria Nuland (*”Fuck the Europeans! (who are mostly Christians) and the illegal ‘State of Israel’ that has it’s agents in the U.S. and comprises of 78% J3w$ in the Executive Branch Cabinet, and which has taken over the U.S. via Noahide Law using Zio-Communist tactics (ie bribery, blackmailing members of the Congress, etc.) and Israeli Police Training tested and proven on the Palestinians, and now being used on Americans, Canadians, Kiwis, Aussies, and Europeans-especially if they are ‘white, conservative Christians’.
    The 10 year war against ethnic Russians in the Donbass was barely, if at all reported on by the J3wi$h-controlled and owned MSM!
    This plan was laid out in Chabad 1994 by Rabbi Schneerson. Ukraine and parts of Russia are the old Khazaria, where the J3wi$h mafia was kicked-out of the region in the 900’s for grotesque Talmudic practices.
    3,015 more American Veterans who have been denied their VA benefits, gainful employment, and who are being harassed by Israeli-trained Police in the U.S. due to Zio-Communist ‘politically-correct’ interference, and who are also homeless, have arrived at Wagner Group HQ / Induction offices for ’employment’ in the Wagner Group.
    Afterwards, the Yanks of Wagner will be allowed a Russian Passport, a home to live in, and a job IF they want one with a guaranteed war compensation for the rest of their lives!
    The U.S.A. is Israel West, with Israeli ‘interests’ committing usuary and exploitation of the Goyim, using the Goyim’s taxpayer money for billions given to Israel annually while Goyim American children starve, just like Holodomor that the Bolshevik Zio-Khazarian-based Communists inflicted on Russia and the Ukraine circa 1920!
    Israel murders Americans with impunity!

  2. The US and its lap dogs, can send all the weapons they like but they are not use, if there is no one left to wield them….


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