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Liz Truss Vows ‘Military Aid Worth Billions’ for Ukraine as UK Suffers From Cost-of-Living Crisis

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The UK remains one of the leading donors of military aid to Kiev, committing 2.3 billion ($2.6 billion) since Russia launched its special operation to “demilitarize and de-Nazify” Ukraine on February 24th.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the West that delivering arms to Kiev will further exacerbate the Ukraine crisis.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has confirmed that in 2023, Britain will meet or exceed the amount of military aid that it spent on Ukraine this year.

“My message to the people of Ukraine is this: the UK will continue to be right behind you every step of the way. Your security is our security”, Truss told reporters on Monday ahead of her visit to New York City (NYC) to take part in an annual United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session.

In her upcoming UNGA speech, the British PM is expected to pledge “military aid worth billions [of pounds],” according to the BBC.

Sky News, in turn, reported that Truss may use her trip to NYC “to underscore the UK’s long-term commitment to Ukraine” as Russia continues its special military operation in the country.

The UK remains Ukraine’s second largest military donor after the US, committing £2.3 billion ($2.6 billion) and providing Kiev with hundreds of rockets, air defense systems, and non-lethal military equipment.

Russia has repeatedly slammed the West over its arms supplies to Ukraine, pointing out that it emboldens Kiev to ignore the diplomatic paths to resolving the Ukraine crisis. Since the Western countries intensified their weapons supplies to Ukraine after the start of the Russian special operation on February 24, Kiev halted negotiations with Russia and its officials have started to claim that they would only end hostilities when Russian forces are expelled from parts of Ukraine, Donbass and Crimea.

UK Hit by Cost-of-Living Crisis

As for Truss’s promise to send more military aid to Ukraine, it comes as the UK remains in the grip of the cost-of-living crisis amid soaring inflation and fuel prices.

Earlier this month, the British PM announced that in line with her plan to tackle the crisis, which is purportedly worth £150 billion ($171 billion), energy bills would be capped at £2,500 ($2,857) per year from October 1st. She added that the phased-in measure would last for two years to save a typical household around £1,000 ($1,143) a year and help cope with soaring living costs.

Opposition parties were quick to warn that the government’s plan to ease the cost-of-living crisis without taxing energy companies would burden Britons with debt. Labour leader Keir Starmer, for his part, argued that the freeze would force taxpayers to “foot the bill.” Lib Dem leader Ed Davey in turn insisted that “this phony freeze will still leave struggling families and pensioners facing impossible choices this winter as energy bills almost double.”

The rising cost of living has already hit millions of UK households, prompting tens of thousands of rail and postal workers to go on strike. Last month’s study conducted by the University of York suggested that at least 45 million Brits may be in the grip of fuel poverty by January 2022 due to the looming energy price cap increase.

The study referred to a move by the UK energy regulator Ofgem, who revealed in late August that the energy price cap would rise 80% to £3,549 ($4,056) per year for an average household from October 1st.

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    • Which is why New Zealand and Australia need to leave the Commonwealth and declare themselves as Neutral Nations, thus reforming the ANZACS for Defence purposes only, and staying in our region!

      • Australia will leave the Commonwealth but they will never cut ties with Washington, they will cut us loose first, the US only want us for 5 eyes, and a spring board to Antarctica and they give us a shine every now and then to keep us from getting to close to China other than that we are chump change.

  1. Re Hal Turner Radio Show Free Today 21/09
    The music starts around 1200 hrs
    And the Broadcast around 1300 hrs
    Use Link at bottom of Page

  2. New Zealand would do well to declare Neutrality at this point in time, and stop sending $, military gear (which 70% of it being sold on the ‘*Black Market’..(.*ooooh,…that might be a racist phrase,..!) and be ready to follow Oz if both countries vote to leave the Commonwealth due to Taxes for Charlie and Lizzie being spent on the Ukraine at the direction of the Zio-Communist Banksters who always profit from war…!
    The ‘West’ and especially the Rothschild-owned ‘City of London’ banking district gets their marching orders from Israel with blackmailing used as a Mossad tool to force compliance with Israel’s desires to institute the WEF / NWO / Noahide Law / Talmudic exploitation of all non-Jews!
    The current NZ PM needs to go as well, and snap elections called ASAP in order to keep us out of this Fomenting and upcoming World War!

  3. See the lighting in the photo. The photo psychologiclaly manipulates the viewer as if Lizz Thrash is a top personality while she is a make duck.????????????????


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