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Watch: Taupo Supervolcano alert level change – what does it mean?

Authorities have raised the alert level to 1 for the first time ever.

The move comes as more than 700 earthquakes were recorded beneath the surface of Lake Taupo in one day, raising fears of an unprecedented rise in underground volcanic activity.

The Taupo supervolcano is responsible for the largest volcanic eruption on earth in the last 5,000 years when it exploded around 1,800 years ago.

According to YouTube channel OzGeographics, the earthquakes are most likely associated with the movement of magma beneath the ground. This activity and deformation has been  occuring since May this year.

‘This could mean that a large volume of magma is injecting into the magma chamber, or, more scarily, it could be a sign that magma from the magma chamber is moving towards the surface in the form of a powerful eruption.

‘But, fear not, it’s only moved from a volcanic alert level of zero to one, meaning there’s minor volcanic unrest. But then again, when things move, they tend to do so rapidly, and this volcano does have a history of frequent past eruptions, prior to the major one which occured 1,800 years ago, meaning there is a chance, a possibility, albeit slim, that things could be taking a major turn for the worse here.

‘If this replicated the 200 BC eruption, let’s just say the vast majority of the North Island would be devastated in a manner we probably couldn’t accurately fathom in our minds, and for a good reason – it would be horrifying beyond belief.’

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  1. If satanist JabSinda continues to reign, our god zone mother earth will take natural remedial actions to restore the heavenly order.

  2. If this reaches Level Two, then that’s when the ferry companies need to start making plans to ditch their cargo services and plan to carry families, their cars and walk-on passengers only.
    We already have the Whispa Bars installed on our vehicle for our car top carrier, and the utility trailer is now being checked-over and the necessities that can be tarped-over loaded onto the same. (ie jerry cans of water, petrol, oil, the Berkey, masks and goggles, spare air filters for the car, etc.
    IF you are fortunate enough to have a caravan, get it stocked-up!
    If you have an old caravan that has sat for sometime, now would be a very good time to get it road-worthy and habitation ready!
    The safe is small enough to be loaded into the boot and locked. Should have birth certificates, banking, insurance papers, etc. loaded into the same.
    Get your passports up to date if needed, and purchase Flexi Ferry Passes that are good for a long term.
    One may have to dash for South Island if on lower North Island, or to Oz on a cargo / ferry vessel in in the north end of North Island.
    Make your plans now to have everything ready to go, as you will not have the time to do so IF Taupo blows!
    Lots of Earth activities w/ quakes, volcanoes, and storms, with yet another La Nina summer!
    Let’s watch and see how incompetent the Disaster Minister is when it comes to pre-planning; not one word about planning for this situation except for a ‘Level One Alert’ declaration in the media!
    Watch this situation closely as the aspects of volcanism can change in a few seconds as with what happened on White Island. YOU will have to get the info, as the Government and MSM will NOT inform us of any changes for the worse; but they will cover Rugby, the Queen’s repeated funeral clips, etc for the next 3 months…!

  3. We won’t know or remember much about it if Taupo does blow, at least at the velocity of 200 BC eruption.
    And there I was concerned about falling house prices.

  4. OH here we go!!!
    Are we being forewarned of what they are doing next(NWO)!!

    Is this going to be like the Tonga eruption??? Like the bomb that was dropped in the supposedly grumbling volcano near Tonga that they called a massive eruption!!!
    Satellite footage shows “something” dropping in the middle of it them BOOM
    Check it out on Brand new tube and Bitchute


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