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Watch: Tucker Carlson calls Zelensky a ‘troll’

The Fox News host was responding to Zelensky’s demand for a further $5 billion.

‘Some uppity foreigner in a t-shirt demanding money for his critical economic needs?

‘We’ve critical economic needs too buddy. Who are you troll? Go away!

‘Since when does that guy have a claim on our treasury?’


As they did with COVID, the New Zealand state-subsidized legacy media is publishing a great deal of mis/disinformation on the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, based on demonstrably false US or UK intelligence/propaganda reports and/or ‘anonymous’ Ukrainian military sources, or their overseas legacy media partners. For unbiased, factual accounts on what’s really happening on the frontlines DTNZ recommends the following sources:

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  1. …and RT (rt.com). For those who might want to jump in proclaiming the govt line “it’s propaganda!”. Just watch it for yourself and you’ll find, like I did, a plethora of history and background to this conflict. It’s called “the other side of the story”, and is still useful in working out who is telling the truth. It also raises questions like, why would the west want to shut RT down? What does our govt have to hide? What don’t they want us to know. It’s interesting that unlike our govt, who in their mind, is our single source of truth RT’s motto is “question everything” – something that every Kiwi (or citizen of the west) should be doing, without permission.

  2. ‘Since when does that guy have a claim on our treasury?’
    He is a (((J*w))) they own your treasury Tucker, when are you going to say it?

  3. The entitlement mentality of ungrateful ukronazis is disgusting. When Ukraine became independent, their share of USSR debts is USD200 billion, and Russia accepted the whole debt on their behalf and waived it. Cheap gas and oil, lots of help were rendered by Russians but Ukraine never got out of its grip from Oligarchs who continued exploit and control everything. Thugs such as Ihor Kolomoyskyi became billionaires who forcibly took over businesses wih violence. Neo-nazi fuding from US, Monsanto control of wheat production made Ukraine the poorest country and their per capita income has been below Albania! For gas transit, Ukraine was getting over 10 billion from Russia but most gas sold for profit while pensioners couldnt afford to heat in the winter. CIA and Americans were using Ukronazis giving lot of funding, and poloiticians such as Hillary Clinton, Biden and others were laundering money with their Ukrosh*t links.

    These entitled low life drug addict neonazis will ask for anything. Only those politicians such as pedo Biden whose secrets are hidden in Ukraine will fund them and not any decent politician.

    • Good summery but why did you leave out the Jew angle and just call them Oligarchs? It is much more interesting when you explain that there are Jews, Nazis and left wing liberal Democrats all on one side and that is without mentioning the EU.


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