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Watch: Ukraine is a ‘corrupt f***** up society run by f***** up people’ – US military instructor

A video shows the founder of Mozart Group, Andrew Milburn, admitting Kiev’s forces have committed “atrocities”.

Ukraine should not be placed on a pedestal in the West’s attempts to support the country in its conflict with Russia. That’s according to Andrew Milburn, founder of the ‘Mozart Group’, which has been providing training for Kiev’s forces.

The retired Marine commander shared his experience and conclusions from working in Ukraine during an appearance on the Team House podcast last month. Attention to the video, which had only amassed some 20,000 views since it was posted, was drawn by Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal on Monday.

During the podcast, Milburn stated that Ukraine is a “corrupt, f****d-up society.” While he stressed that continued Western support for the country was important and justified by the need to uphold “global norms,” he suggested that the whole point was “not about Ukraine.”

“I have a Ukrainian flag tied to my bag, but I’m not like ‘oh my God, Ukraine is so awesome,’ because I understand that there are plenty of f****d up people running Ukraine,” Milburn said, admitting that he’s really “not a big fan” of the country.

He also stated that “a number of things” that Kiev’s forces do with Russian POWs violate the Hague convention on the laws of armed conflict, especially when it comes to filming interrogations of captured Russian soldiers and posting them online.

Milburn noted that the trainers from Mozart Group don’t condone such acts and have always tried to distance themselves from any unit that showed them videos of killing Russian POWs. “We’ve been shown those videos plenty of times,” he said, adding that “there were plenty” of atrocities being committed by Ukrainian forces and “all kinds of atrocities to go around.”

He did stress, however, that most of the groups his trainers have dealt with were “very professional” and did not resort to such acts.

While Milburn’s Mozart Group claims charity status, it is considered to be among the largest private military companies currently working in Ukraine and has been providing military training to Ukrainian soldiers since the early days of the conflict. However, it has also been the source of several damning reports on the dark underbelly of Kiev’s armed forces.

Back in August, Milburn was quoted by CBS news in a since-deleted report that revealed how Western-supplied weapons were disappearing in Ukraine and popping up on the black market. Recently, he was also quoted by Newsweek in a report revealing that the Ukrainian military was seeing casualty rates of 70% or more, contrary to official Kiev’s claims.

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Source:RT News

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  1. The Mozart mercenaries in terms of results have truly under performed at every level.

    Compare them to the Wagner group in Bakhmut and the difference is simply results. The Wagner group are methodical and disciplined and part now of overall Russian operations

    Whereas even the founder of the US Mozart group bad mouths his own team. And so the lack of respect and discipline in that group flows from the top down.

    A commander never ever bad mouths his troops regardless of what happens behind closed doors

  2. So there you have it! From a frontline observer who KNOWS the rules, and what has been actually going on.
    Aussie Cossack also has videos of Ukrainians murdering ethnic Russians in the Donbass, and murdering surrendered Russians.
    While there may be (and probably is) a small, very small group of Russians committing atrocities, (Muslim Chechnians?) the videos of dead civilians killed by Russians in one released video showed one of the dead, murdered-by-Russians turn over and get up after assuming that the video camera had passed out of range.
    In other words, it was a staged anti-Russian propaganda stunt!
    See Patrick Lancaster’s assessments, as well as John Mark Dugan’s videos and reports.
    It’s the Ukrainians that are the problem, and have been since the last two J3wi$h Presidents were appointed by the globalists to have yet another Zio-Communist 1917-style take-over of Russia and it’s resources.
    Zelensky stated that he would and will make Ukraine another part of Greater Israel, which means the Ukrainians that are left will be murdered in due course, CHEKA-style.
    Vlad Putin will insure that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!
    Interesting that the J3ws who staged the Bolshevik Revolution were totally anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox Christian!
    Today, Zelensky is persecuting the Orthodox Churches, and plans to replace the same with Zio-Communist Noahide Law based on the exploitations listed in the Talmud!
    See Rabbi Schneerson’s Chabad 1994 predictions and plans for the Ukraine and Russia!
    The so-called ‘Christian Nations’ are being purged from the West, along with God-given Freedoms.
    This is due to the plans for Greater Israel and Noahide Law being taken to a ‘Global Level’, and we’re all about to become ‘Global Palestinians’!
    Only Putin stands in the way of this, andw e should ALL be supporting Russia, ignoring the false narratives and dialogues in the Zionist-owned media outlets, and REMEMBER the corrupt politicians who supported the Zio-Communist plans along with the J3wi$h-owned pharmaceutical companies that engaged the un-tested Covid Vaccine mRNA Bio-Weapon!


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