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Evgeny Mikhaylov
Evgeny Mikhaylov
Evgeny Mikhaylov is a Moscow-based Sputnik correspondent specialising in the Mediterranean region, British and Byzantine history, and cultural issues. Moscow State Institute of International Relations graduate.

Fake It Till You Make It: Turkish Girl Faces 13 Years in Jail for Working as Doctor Without Diploma

The suspect confessed to forging her medical school exam results in order to please her family.

This started a years-long “career” of pretending to be a doctor and eventually – working in a real medical facility.

A Turkish woman who spent four months working in a hospital without proper medical training faces over 13 years in prison, local media has reported.

Ayse Ozkiraz became a doctor in the Tekirdag province in Eastern Turkey, claiming to be a graduate of Capa Medicine School. However, co-workers noted her lack of medical knowledge and voiced their suspicions. After several complaints, police investigated and arrested her, revealing that the woman’s diploma was fake. In addition, Aisha lied about her age, claiming to be 25 years old – while in fact, she was only 20.

“When I was a high school student, my parents wanted me to study in a medical school. They thought I would get a high score. But I did not get a good enough score to get into medical school,” Ozkiraz stated. “When my family wanted to see the exam result document, I prepared a fake exam result document and showed it to my family”.

The wannabe medic settled in a dormitory in Istanbul to make a fake ID card, so she had an opportunity to spend some time with students, but she did not attend any classes.

Ozkiraz brought her “medical career” even further after her mother was admitted to a state hospital in Tekirdag – the young woman claimed that she was a pediatric surgeon and eventually started working there.

On her social media, Ozkiraz posted photos from the hospital, wearing a gown and a stethoscope or claiming she was “performing surgery”. In reality, she only assisted once.

“Over time, I gained the love and trust of the doctors in the hospital. A chief physician, whom I said I wanted to become a pediatric surgeon, even included me in an operation. During the surgery, he told me, ‘come on, you stitch the wound,'” she stated.

After her arrest, Ayse said she didn’t treat the patients herself. Police found fake student cards, intern doctor cards and a fake diploma in her apartment, and in the coming days, the woman is expected to face the trial for forging documents.

In the meantime, her superiors face a wide range of sanctions for allowing the impostor to work in the hospital, including fines, official reprimands and termination of contracts.

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  1. Comparisons;…
    Jared Kushner’s father donated US$2.5 million to Harvard University. A couple of months later, Jared was admitted to Harvard…but I’m sure that the J***** powerbrokers, influencers, ‘movers and shakers’ had a bit to do with that…!
    A young man in Indiana was able to change his grades (he hacked the High School’s software) and began to attend Community College.
    From there, he applied to Harvard after some additional hacking to raise his SAT and classroom scores, and got admitted.
    He completed 3+ years at Harvard until a vindictive teacher who he had conflict with from his former High School noted his Harvard admission, and began to uncover the hacking.
    Once the student was in Harvard, he no longer hacked his grades to change them, and did some honest work while at Harvard pursuing a law degree.
    The FBI was notified…by the vindictive former High School teacher, who noted something was amiss.
    The FBI investigated, and arrested the student.
    The System was pissed off due to a student who had brains and was considered to be a ‘problem child’ and had outsmarted the high school, the grading software, and even Harvard University…despite the fact that he was doing well at Harvard on an honest basis once he was enroled there.
    The student (age 21 at the time of arrest) was charged and sentenced to TEN YEARS IN PRISON WITH NO PAROLE!!!
    This shows that the status-quo only accepts those from wealthy (J3wi$h-preferred, as the Zionist run these institutions…) ‘in the know’ families who are properly ‘illumminated’.
    The fact that a non-J3w who was considered an ‘underachiever’ and who was able to outsmart the system and go on to study at Harvard really put a weed up the ass of the PTB!
    One would have thought that a student who was that smart would have been granted clemency or the dismissal of charges would have been in order, and allowed to complete Harvard, but;
    This is proof positive that only certain types of people go to these morally corrupt, woke and politically correct Zionist-mandated Ivy League Universities.
    Albert Speer was right in his book ‘Spandau; The Secret Diaries’ – – “It’s far better to learn a trade, as such a vocation builds character and promotes a skill set. Going to University, on the other hand, only promotes intellectual arrogance.” Speer taught as a Professor at Heidelburg before World War Two.
    Those doing the bidding of the Globalist, NWO WEF Ilk get rewarded. Just look at where Jabby is today; at HARVARD UNIVERSITY!!! That shows the type of person that Harvard accepts, promotes, and churns out, along with the rest of the over-glorified ‘(Poison) Ivy League Schools’ that slant towards Talmudic Bolshevism via MK-Ultra / Majestic 12 operatives teaching in the classrooms.


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