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‘Malicious, dirty and without substance’: US DOJ files secret applications in Dotcom case

The United States DOJ has filed new ex parte motions under seal in the Dotcom extradition case today, after eight years of inactivity, says Kim Dotcom.

Dotcom shared the news on X today, with a lengthy tweet explaining the situation.

Dotcom has been a vocal critic of US foreign policy, and shares his views on the Biden administration regularly to his 1.5 million followers on the platform.

Full text of tweet

Speak out when they come for me because they are coming for you next.

New development in my case:

The US DOJ filed new Ex Parte motions under seal in my case today after 8 years of inactivity asking the US Court to make orders in secret without my lawyers being able to respond.

The new National Govt in New Zealand is proudly mean spirited and aggressively sucking up to the US Govt and has likely coordinated with the US DOJ to get new US Court orders that enable them to attack me, again.

It’s not coming as a surprise. This is what I told you would happen after National won the election in New Zealand recently. The new Attorney General, Judith Collins, is as ‘dirty politics’ as they get and many years ago she declared openly in Parliament “I hope that Kim Dotcom will soon be extradited.” The fact that she’s now in a position of power over my case couldn’t be a bigger conflict of interest after that statement. But that’s where we are.

I’m a nuisance to Joe Biden who is personally responsible for the destruction of Megaupload and the anti-terror style raid against my family for his Hollywood donors. Biden appointed his personal lawyer, a copyright lobbyist, to the DOJ to bring the ‘world’s largest criminal copyright case’ against me. Details: http://Kim.com/whitepaper.pdf

Ever since then I have beaten the US and NZ Govt in Court, exposed illegal spying against me by the NSA and GCSB for which the Prime Minister of New Zealand had to apologize and numerous other unlawful Govt actions like the withholding of documents in my case for which the NZ Govt had to pay damages. To this day New Zealand has not provided me with the documents I’m legally entitled to despite an order from the Highest Court that withholding them was against NZ law.

I frequently expose US Govt lies and malfeasance on X especially when it comes to toxic US foreign policy like the US proxy war in Ukraine. I also educate my followers about the economic disaster that the US Govt is facing because of insurmountable debt and unsustainable money printing. My replies to senior US Govt officials often ratio their own posts and it makes them look like liars and fools (because they are).

So whatever this new action by the US DOJ is it will be malicious, dirty and without substance. I have done nothing wrong. I’m free to speak my mind on X (thanks to Elon) and I will continue to defend my case and expose the corruption that created it.

They want to silence me and take my freedom away. I’m expecting another raid, seizure of my devices and arrest with the goal to get my bail revoked and to stop me from being so successfully loud about the corruption that has ruined the United States and turned New Zealand into a nation that is subverting its on laws to please their US masters.

It won’t be long until they take action. The US Judge will give the DOJ what they are asking for and the New Zealand Govt is ready to act for the evildoers who want to destroy me.

Stay tuned.

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  1. “We’re going to charge you with something, but we can’t tell you what because it’s a secret. Prepare your legal team…”

    – those who prattle endlessly about “duh rool of law”

  2. The globalist party’s in NZ are just proxy’s for their US masters…..anyone voting for them is betraying their own people and themselves…..

    • I voted for the NZ Loyal Party, and the Electoral Commission deliberately sabotaged their candidate lists.
      We are still going to vote for N.Z. LOYAL PARTY in the next (s)election, IF we’re all still here and not locked-away in a Konzentration Kamp overseen by Christopher Luxon and Judith Collins, or dead from radioactive poisoning as a result of nukes.
      Labour / Nazional / Greens / ACT are NOT to be trusted on ANYTHING!!!!
      Luxon has no direct answers to questions, skirting around the same as his Globalist Masters need to be consulted by him and most of Parliament before any question can be answered directly.
      Like Jabby, Luxon appeared a couple of years before becoming PM, despite the fact that there were other ‘candidates’ who were more qualified based on tenure to be PM.
      & John Key, the ‘Smiling Assassin’ is doing just that; smiling all the way to the IMF Bank from passing the Global Dictates on to Luxon.
      Let’s see IF Luxon does the following here as is being planned in the U.S. for January 2025.
      Based on the Nazional Party methodology of ‘cost-cutting’ measures, and what they have planned for N.Z. and the rest of us, I’m sure that there is a LOT that is not being talked about in public by the current ‘Coalition Government’. It will be levied on us all in fascist corporate Admiralty Law fashion!
      The Globalist Uni-Party System is still here…and AI will now frame you for crimes that you did not commit.
      Kim Dotcom’s case in the U.S. is actually a CIVIL CASE, and NOT a Criminal Case, although the Hellywood Zionist J3wi$h Moguls running Hellywood have presented it as a criminal one.
      Vlad the Enabler below is right- Dotcom and his family will need to go to Russia ASAP and ask for Political Asylum. as he will not get justice here in N.Z., despite his past lawsuits being won against the Globalist NWO monsters that invaded his home and tried to blame him for the actions of other unknown Mega-Upload users…!
      THAT is why we need a Ratified N.Z. Constitution and a revised Bill of Rights with the wording that is reflective of the current U.S. Bill of Rights, and their Amendments!
      Liz Gunn knows this!
      Maybe President Putin will convey Russian Citizenship on Kim Dotcom and his family just as he did for the Aussie Cossack, and issue Russian Passports via the Russian Embassy here in N.Z. and the associated exit visas!

  3. Note to Dotcom;
    Go to the Russian Embassy and get visas for you and your family, & prepare to seek political asylum.
    Don’t waste any more time. Get out while you can, because the living conditions in the 5-Eyes are about to get a whole lot worse…for everyone!

  4. Yeah, we’re doing the best we can.
    The feds are rading homes, confiscating phones and electronics under false pretenses (Looking for crimes). Anything to validate their suspicions.
    I will speculate:
    There are places in the USA where knocking on the wrong door will “disappear” them, never to be seen or heard from again.

  5. Typical American attitude.we can do what ever we like. We. Don’t have to answer to anyone . But the world must answer to us.
    The bully of the world. Have gotten extremely bad every going forward.

    • The terroist of the world [since at least 100 years]. (fixed it for you:-)
      And who hijacked the good people of the USA?
      The cabal emanating from the house with “Das Rote Schild’.

  6. I think the comment above about going to Russia is a good idea. Not long now before the Russians have total victory in Ukraine. Russia is right. Ukraine is a hotbed of Nazi zealots. My old man fought the Nazis in WWII and he will be turning over in his grave if he knew what NZ was doing. The USA will soon be a third world country and we will be expected to make donations to them!


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