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Justice or Fantasy Ideology?

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Justice or Fantasy Ideology?

Dear Sir,

I observed with interest the election of a new Supreme Court Judge recently in the USA. My first observation was that Biden was committed to, (or compelled to?), the appointment of a women of colour. Why was that necessary? Does that mean that he believes that all the other judges are biased against women of colour? Or does it mean that he believes only a woman of colour can actually administer justice in a manner that is unbiased and fair to all? Or does he believe that all justice should be biased towards women of colour? Seems to me that Biden and the Dems have completely lost sight of exactly what Justice is all about.

My second observation is that in the Republican questioning of the said nominated judge, the judge was having difficulty in knowing the difference between male and female. Does this mean that when a person with a vagina, but who identifies as a male, is convicted of a crime, will be sentenced to spend time in a male prison to enjoy the benefits of the communal showers? If that isn’t the case then the said judge doesn’t actually believe in her own ideology (or religious belief system) and is confused.

My third observation is this: If this is now the case that a Supreme Court Judge cannot tell the difference between a male and a female, even though I could provide a scientific biology book that could help in that direction, then what has happened to Justice? Surely Justice is based primarily on presenting observable evidence to be scrutinised by judge, jury and public alike. The more who observe the facts the more compelling the evidence. So will this now be a departure from this that has stood the test of time? Does it mean that one can present evidence now, not on what is observable, but on what one “feels” or would somehow like things to be even when they are not? “I feel like I am a good person when I steal from rich people.” “Obviously I should be let off.” The fact that I actually took something that didn’t belong to me, (an observable fact), shouldn’t come into it. Surely this means we are now losing our grip on reality. Or we don’t even know what reality is anymore. As God is the Ultimate Reality it is a sure sign we are suffering from a great Departure from Him and entering a fantasy world of our own making and not willing to face the facts. This has serious consequences for us:

It means that Justice has surrendered to ideology. Justice is no longer about what is fair for all but what is only “fair” for those who hold to the “fantasy ideology”. This is then further compounded when “those in charge” have sold their souls to such a “fantasy ideology/religious belief system”. That becomes their ‘podium of truth’ and no one can dare challenge that. They become “the sole source of truth” and can buy (using devious means – about $55million should do it) a support network to promote “their fantasy”. The courts then come under their sway and back up the fantasy, I would like to think probably without realising it. Do we see this in the court cases in N.Z. that have challenged the work mandates? Well you can be the judges of that. But it certainly seems strange that basically the same court cases can end up with exactly opposite outcomes. The one that went against the “fantasy of those in charge” is going back to court. Why? In the pursuit of Justice? Or in pursuit of vindictiveness (“how dare you not bow down and worship my ideological fantasy – we will make you pay!”). I have wondered what would happen if such cases were held under three different courts. One under the Nuremburg Code, the second under the Human Rights Bill and the third under the Public Health Ordinance of our communist government. If Justice for all is the primary aim then all courts should arrive at the same decision. If they don’t then that can only surely mean we have lost our sense of Justice. Ideology has taken over.

How did we arrive at this place? I guess my answer will be different to most peoples and rejected by most. But at least consider. We are a nation that has turned far from God. God is the Ultimate Reality and this world is not going to last forever. Thus only Eternity and Eternity’s values holds the Ultimate Reality, only that which lasts forever can truly satisfy. With God and Christian values excommunicated from our schools and universities and homes we are left with having to try to create our own ‘realities’. A fantasy world of our own making based mainly on “this is how it ought be” and damn everyone all around me, if it is not. Most of this is not based on Reality! “Girls can do anything” the mantra says. Except they can’t anymore than boys can. Such fantasies have been instilled into our kids hearts and minds for years. No wonder so many are disillusioned and suffering from mental health issues. We pretend to display great dismay over the mental heath of our nation but never ask the question “just who is shaping their minds, their beliefs? Are they living in fact or fiction?” What we believe is actually the most critical thing for our lives. It is from our beliefs that we act. We are all individually responsible for what we believe.

All such lack of reality filters down into everything, even into Justice, as we have seen. It certainly does into politics. And definitely down into ‘science’. Have you noticed how difficult it is to talk to anyone who has been jabbed and you have not been? The jab is ‘safe and effective’, that is the mantra to be believed. Never mind any actual scientific “proof”. Let me believe the fantasy that I am ‘safe’ because I have been jabbed, and you are not safe, so stay away! Let me believe that Mr Pfizer is the most sacred humanitarian organisation in the world. The FDA, although they are funded by big Pharma, will be completely unbiased in all they say about the jabs. The fact that they wanted to hide all the data for 75years doesn’t come into it. No thank you – I prefer to live in my fantasy world and not face reality. Schwab and his bunch of petty tyrants in “The Great Reset” says, “you will own nothing and be happy!” Presumably that means that they will own everything and be unhappy? How very kind of them to be so unhappy in order for us to be so happy! At least we now know where our own petty tyrant gets her definition of “kindness” from.

I was interested to observe an item in MSM looking at an adverse effect from the jab. You could see the incredulous looks on the faces of the presenters. It was like their little fantasy bubble had been pricked. But of course not for long, for it was immediately followed with; “but we know that the jab protects us!” We much prefer our fantasy bubbles. To face the Truth is to face God and we certainly don’t want to do that, we are much too clever for that.

Whether we like it or not our fantasy world is falling down around us. Those things we once could rely on are falling down. Our lack of willingness to face Reality is seeing education getting dumber and dumber, and our kids being brainwashed with godless mantras that have little reality to them. You cannot let them fail, otherwise they would have to face reality! Science is greatly influenced by biased ideology, so is medicine. Doctors can swear to do no harm and then fail to adequately investigate just the harm they could be doing. Justice, as we used to know it, is becoming a lottery in favour of the powerfuls’ ideology.

Perhaps that Reality, which is Eternal, is still the best option to build our sense of secuity in? For the Promise still holds Good that if we draw near to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, He will draw near to us, and His Reality is the Truth that sets us free.

Chris Dombroski
Palmerston North

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  1. Hi Chris, first off, great letter. Like the statue of the blindfolded lady, justice is supposed to be blind to race, colour, gender, and touchy / feely stuff. Yet today it seems her eyes have been jabbed out! And now justice is blind to morals, commonsense and truth. Did I mention morals? What are those some ask.

    Well they are what decent caring societies used to be built on. To have them leads to crucifixion in today’s media. And commonsense is like when I look in my trousers to confirm I’m male. (just a second. Yep all good)

    Truth? Well until Jacinda stepped up, only Jesus claimed to be the truth. But I accept, we all have a right to choose what we deem to be true.

    Its just that, well, when Jacinda pisses in my boots and tells me its raining outside, I then know her for the liar she is. Just my humble opinion of course.

    Therefore we are all judges of what is right, and what is wrong. And so Justice rests in us all. And so it is up to us…. to reinstall it. Hopefully before the next election.

  2. Justice or fantasy ideology? I believe the question answers itself as there is no such thing as justice, only the law. Being left with fantasy ideology you have nailed it on the head.

    An interesting letter, Dom and in so many ways, but I must say from the outset you are clearly unwell in the eyes of the secular world. That you dare mention God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit is your undoing in their eyes. May He show His mercy upon you.

    But, yes, we as you allude, now inhabit a very strange and different world than that of our forebears. Commonsense and reason have long been laid to rest. We, though no fault of our own of course, live in a place of delusion, which came into existence while we were asleep. All we can do shake our loved ones out of their stupor as best we can.

    As for Biden, he was no doubt caught between that rock and a hard place we all face from time to time. But at least our decisions do not (hopefully) result in the nightmare being continually laid over truth and rightful thinking. The worrying thing is that such decisions made in the US will be emulated here. We have our own Government nonsense to deal with.

    As to the Daily Telegraph what more can be said than well done for standing as a beacon in these days of wonder. Who would have thought, it would require an online medium to publish good and honest opinion such as this letter, and the ones, which have gone before. Big tick from me.

    So here we have it. The world has gone nuts, God is alive, and reason will prevail when good people come to the fore.

    Peace and love…

  3. Apologies Chris, my mind was elsewhere when I called you Dom. Maybe editor can make quick correction with my blessing, and then delete this addendum. If not, so be it.


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