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‘Absolute fear and panic in their eyes’: Police offensive against protest underway

Police have moved in to remove protesters from parliament grounds in a major offensive which began early this morning.

Watch: Livestream on Facebook courtesy of Independent View (IV).


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  1. .Stay strong you brave people, Police are on board with the communist govt. Remember their faces, Get their photos and spread them on social media so we can see who these cops are that will soon be walking amongst us, hoping for the publics help one day.

  2. Who needs Vladimir Putin when you can have Jacinda Ardern? Her pathetic virtue signalling about democracy in Ukraine while undermining democracy and freedoms in her own country is vomit inducing

    • I agree with your comments about Jabcinda but President Putin is not the bad guy. Ukrains constant shelling and crimes against humanity towards their Russian speaking population. These people have been under constant bombardment since 2014. Ukraine has violated the Minsk Accord frequently.

      We have all been sucked into believing the hypocritic and utter lies for generations. we have been propagandized into believing Americans and its vassals (including our own country) are the beacons of Freedom and Democracy whilst Russians and Chinese are bad. What utter dribble!!

      Sorry to go off topic but I think these forums are a good way to hear other peoples views.

      • Anonymous- hear freakin hear!

        I’m mostly indifferent about Putin, not my President so it makes no difference to me (although I HAVE heard him make a lot of common sense comments in interviews in recent years, while our western leaders seem to do nothing but lie or contradict themselves).

        But holy crap, I listened to Newstalk on the radio yesterday, caught a bit of One News last night as well.
        No talk of the Minsk accords, nothing about the Nordstream pipeline, not a peep about Burisma holdings or the highly questionable “election” of zelinski.


        “Putin is a madman. Putin is an unhinged criminal. Putin is stoking NUCLEAR WAR!!”

        That’s not news, that’s propaganda. Putin might very well be the bad guy they all claim, but it doesn’t change the fact that propaganda is propaganda.

        After all the media shenanigans and comedic lies we saw in the last 2 years of Covid, as well as the preceding 4 years of trump, you can’t help but wonder how much of the history we think we know was true or not.

        I would like to know all the facts, I would like the people around me to as well. Tired of simply being told what groupthink I have to espouse without question.

        There is no more “mainstream media”.

        • USsoldiers in Syria ,the bombing of Middle Eastern nations where is the outrage from the hideous puppet Jacinda. or is it a case of”Oh its OK when we do it”

        • Unquaccinated good to hear there are a few of us who get our news from all sources and then use our common sense to make those decisions.

          It’s pathetic and childish for Sky to stop RT news broadcast as soon as the current conflict with Russia and Ukraine started (and even their website gets hacked all the time) so all we hear is American propaganda.

          Other good source is Gray Zone (Max Blumenthal & Co. Check out his interview with Stew Peters on one of the social media platforms where he quotes some numbers on the near genocide that has been happening to the people of Donbass region. Ukraine comes out looking very guilty.)

          Our ‘media’ here is a bunch of copy and paste merchants. They wouldn’t know what investigative journalism is. I mean how dumb and insincere you can be about the protesters when clearly it’s not the case.

          If you get a chance watch ‘ Its a rich man’s world on YT. Things will make a lot of sense.

  3. “We just want to be listened to by our government.”

    The truth is it isn’t our government. You’ll recognize their faces as those you may have voted for but the democratic system you last voted under has vanished. Our country is being run by a major corporation now. Politicians united under Labour’s directive to not acknowledge protestors and that’s how it has transpired. Our country has been taken. Expect it to get worse. Financiers have us in debt for another $60b, a pharmaceutical corporation will manage through the government a scheme where we’re all mandated for continuous top ups of genetic modification and our ability to freely travel will be difficult.

    • Agreed: “But let not cowardice hide behind the skirts of non-violence. ”
      As Gandhi once said, “I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence….”
      I hope not, but perhaps that time has come.
      A sad world.

    • Leave Putin out of it and read the facts. Its the Zelensky lead mob that is the threat. A common bunch of tyrants and all under the same WEF, UN leadership as is our beloved Jacinda. With NATO and thier big guns.
      Nine pages of Pfizer document on adverse effects report just out. Wow.

    • Anonymous, Unquaccinated, right on the nose. Putin’s strike was a precission air strike at military bases aimed to disarm and cripple their might against Zelensky’s own people. Putin’s nuclear comment came about from a comment made by a UK MP indicating there are a nuclear weapons involved long before there was any mention of nuclear. I think Putin picked up on that. One thing gets said then another and it is all taken out of context. Now he is an “unhinged mad man’? Funny, we’ve heard that one before. Yes please give us some news with facts, it is hard to find. We have to sniff it out in obscure places. But your comment is fair Rich. You point out her double standards. The threats from the Police in order to stop people from filming at the protest of brutality inflicted upon the peacefull protest is just more hypocrycy. That is the river of filth spewing out from inside parliament.

  4. The rank hypocrisy: Adern calling out ‘Slava Ukraini’ in parliament while NZers protest and camp peacefully for freedom right outside, metres away, against her mandates. And she ignores the very people she was elected to lead with fairness and kindness, whom she promised to be transparent with, never to lie to … I could go on, we know the story.

    Any filthy river, of lies and deceit, at parliament is within its walls, not outside.

    How many lawful peaceful protests and marches, petitions, questions, pleas, emails, silent vigils, court cases, job losses, confirmed vaccine injuries and deaths – and how much suffering and societal division should caring patriotic NZers stomach before resorting to a peaceful convoy then camping in parliament grounds?

    Once a Labour supporter, never ever ever again! Once I was blind, now I see.

    • American lapdog she is, like Scomo and Trudy, sorry I mean Trudeau! Right on que like an echo chamber.

      She is now looking to sanction Russia. Holy Mackerel, Russia will be quacking in its boots! Mighty NZ will sanction them. The Americans and Europeans have been sanctioning Russia for best part of a decade and it has only made Russia more self reliant and it’s opponents citizens poorer. NZ is an exporter of primary products, mainly agriculture; who do you think will have more to loose? Ah not Russia! The Americans have got the vassals in such a grip that our incompetent leaders will sell their country to please their masters. Just look at Europe right now and primarily Germany shooting itself in the foot by not certifying Nord Stream 2 and getting excess to cheap high quality gas from Russia. This is economic suicide. Most, if not all it’s industry depends on uninterrupted supply of this energy. Those fancy German cars will cost a whole lot more!!

  5. The government and the media, the real river of filth. We are no longer a democratic society being controlled by the government and bullied by their agencies ie the police and the media and I have never witnessed so many lies and absolute deceit in all my life.

  6. New Zealand, New Zealand, what has become of our freedom to speech, our freedom to protest, our freedom to have our own opinions. I love my country, but this is not the New Zealand I know. I feel such compassion for our police who are only doing what they have been ordered to do, just as soldiers do with their orders. They are not the enemy, and I am sure if we spoke with them, they would be mortified that they are being ordered to do this to peaceful, strong and brave New Zealanders. Love needs to win but at the moment, hatred and fear are the domineering forces. Choose love! For the sake of our children and our mokopuna stand firm for our beliefs and values. I wish I could be there with you all, but know my heart is with you. Kia Kaha

  7. Many of the pice i believe dont want to do this but the truth is “they still are”. They have a choice as well. There are also mongrels within the force who are brutalising all people including woman and children. That should never be tolerated. A national disgrace which makes me totally ashamed to be a Kiwi. I will never be a NZer as i will not belong to a corporation.

  8. This is now life in the Orwellian dystopia that we call New Zealand.What are you going to do about it ? Vote in another tyrant from another party? Or is it time for real change?

  9. I read all the above comments and would like to point out that everything that is happening is being scripted for the NWO.
    As for the leaders! Ardern,Trudeau,Putin,Zelensky and others are all graduates of Claus Schwaub’s young leaders school i.e NWO. They are sipping from the same cup and running the same plan. Research will show this. It’s all staged to bring about world monetary collapse so they can bring in the One World Government,
    First a fake virus, second a fake war, then an orchestrated financial collapse, all to serve their own plan


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