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Billy TK Jnr and Vinny Eastwood found guilty in lockdown protest case

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The verdict was passed down today on the Civil Rights activists in the Auckland District Court following a judge-alone trial.

Sentencing will take place on 30 March 2023. Te Kahika confirmed to DTNZ that he is considering lodging an appeal.

Te Kahika and Eastwood were both charged with organising and attending a gathering to protest lockdowns on 18 August 2021.

Eastwood wrote on his Telegram channel:

‘We’re very disappointed in the result but we hope this will wake people up to the reality that the government has now officially thrown out the bill of rights, welcome to the new reality.

‘Thanks so much to everyone in the truth community and alternative media for showing up to support us during this difficult time and highlighting the great threat this result poses to the freedoms of all kiwis… God bless you and indeed…God help is all.’

Te Kahika also expressed his disappointent in an email to supporters:

‘The right to peaceful assembly for protest is meant to be protected by the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 sections 14 and 16 and also as protection against Government overreach.

‘It is ironic that recently Jacinda Ardern loudly championed the rights of Iranian’s to peacefully protest. These protests were crushed by Iranian Authorities. In great self righteousness, she condemned Iran’s Government for being undemocratic and totalitarian. And yet this very scenario has happened in New Zealand. As a community serving, God fearing and country loving person without convictions, I have been persecuted, prosecuted and criminalised by Ardern’s Government for peaceful protest against the harms they know were caused from lockdowns. These lockdowns prevented nothing, offered no benefit to our country, only causing massive almost immeasurable harm.’

He also recalled the tragic case of a 14 year old in his local community who took her life, likely due to lockdown anxiety.

In the final paragraph he lamented the fragmented nature of the New Zealand Freedom Movement, and called for calm heads and logical argument in the face of government tyranny:

‘With the ‘NZ freedom movement’ in disarray and without any semblance of calm and logical argument emanating from it, it seems that the Government now has a clear run at introducing tyranny at will without any sensible and meaningful resistance to it.’

Te Kahika’s highly anticipated documentary River of Lies: The New Zealand Scandemic is due for release early next year.

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  1. Thank you Bily and Vinny for standing up the way you did against lockdowns that trampled the Bill of Rights, and our right to protest. I acknowledge your loss and ours.

    Those same lockdowns caused a spike in suicides in communities like the Hawkes Bay at that time and to add insult to injury, the spike went unreported so as to avoid criticism of the government. People were sacked in prevention units for speaking out as one injustice was laid upon another.

    Isn’t it strange that Jesus told the religious you white wash the graves of the very prophets you killed for testifying against you. In the same way this government and indeed the public of New Zealand (in the main) will take no responsibility for the outrage they have caused either by their actions or inaction. Such is their self righteous arrogance.

    But you can both walk in peace.

  2. I remember watching the coverage of Billy T’s first political speech. I think it was somewhere in Auckland, from memory.
    He said very clearly, Fauci created it, Covid is just a method to take away our rights and freedoms, and the injections will be poison.
    He was right on all three.
    But very few of the sheep voted for him. If he had got say 10 % of the vote even, he may well have saved the sheeple a lot of baaaas.
    But sheeple are sheeple.
    An they will continue to be sheeple.

    • I voted for the NZ Public Party / Advance Party under Jamie Lee Ross and Billy TK…
      Interesting how the media viciously attacked both men, especially Jamie Lee Ross for exposing what he had to deal with in Parlioament, similar to the Doctor who was a Labour MP who resigned last week and lost the Hamilton seat as an independent in a by-election.
      If the NZ voters would wake the hell up and see sense, and had voted for that coalition, then we would probably have NEVER had to deal with the draconian measures imposed by Labour and the Opposition who were in complete agreement to stifle our freedoms and rights on businesses, bio-weaponised vaccine mandates, and threats of arrest for exercising our International Human Rights!

  3. Time to start a ‘Give a Little’ page for both Billy & Vinny.
    This is so they can appeal the Masonic Judge’s ruling, this time with the demand for a JURY trial.
    IF that fails, then even though the Ardern Government removed the Privy Council, the Privy Council should be notified of the Judge’s and Government’s violations of the 1990 Act that supports protesting.
    IF the Privy Council fails, then it’s off to the International Criminal Court.
    Amazing the hypocrisy of the Zio-Communist tyrannical Ardern Government to bitch about the protest in Iran, and in supporting the Ukraine and Zio-Communist Bolshevik Zelensky, whuile trampling on the rights of New Zealanders!!!
    AND- the Labour Government’s move to further dis-arm law abiding Kiwis by raising the Firearms Licencing Fees to where firearms support is un-affordable is further proof of back-door ‘Gun Control’ and disarming the citizenry.
    Remember- in June of 2023, Ardern plans to institute an already approved Firearms Registration…and we all know what follows ‘registration; CONFISCATION removing the UN Right to Self Defence under Chapter Seven, Article 51 which New Zealand signed on to!
    Hence, the Labour Government ignores and violated the UN Agreement!
    BTW, when I went to submit input regarding the Firearms Licencing Fee Increase, the Parliament’s web page had no such item listed; seems as though they deliberately left it off their website to minimise the submissions from the public.
    & BTW; where the hell is Luxon and Seymour in this regard????
    Don’t forget, this current government

  4. We respect everyone’s legally protected right to protest, but if you DO protest you will be arrested and imprisoned.

    Democracy 🤡

  5. Billy and Vinny are true heroes, with the courage to stand up for what is right and good. We have seen that everyone on the front lines who effectively draws attention to the deception, corruption and other evils we are witnessing will be attacked. The government is very afraid of the truth being exposed.
    We no longer have our democratic right to question the government, protest or decide what is put into our bodies.
    Those soldiers who sacrificed their lives so we could have these rights must be turning in their graves. In the space of just two years Jacinda has stripped this country of our democratic rights and she and her judges show utter contempt for the price our soldiers paid.

  6. Friday Dec 23rd NZ Herald, page A8. “Unbelievable”. “Pure evil NZ”.

    Study confirms booster efficacy. Data “clear call” to Kiwis vaccinated but not boosted, study says. By journalist Jamie Moreton.

    “The largest study of its kind in NZ has shown how boosting gives a significant top up against all variants – including Omicron – after a second dose of the vaccine [bioweapon cancer clot jab].

    [Geee . . . that sounds amazing . . . as good as Ivermectin still banned at the NZ border].

    The latest data out of the collaborative Ka Matau, Ka Ora study shows a booster provides strong vaccine induced response to neutralise viral variants across all demographic groups, following a period of waning immunity.

    “The results are a clear call to action to nearly 1 million New Zealanders eligible but yet to get their first booster”, said Dr Maia Brewerton, clinical director of Vaccine Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand – Ohu Kaupare Huaketo (VAANZ), which led the study.

    [Sounds like they are after the vulnerable elderly and children, as per the WEF, or whoever, material].

    “Vaccination continues to be one of the best tools we have for protecting ourselves and our whanau from getting really sick from Covid -19”.

    “But two doses isn’t enough – at least one booster dose is key against Omicron, particularly for people vulnerable to more severe Covid-19, disease, including our Maori and Pasifika populations.

    [I’m not sure if I am on the same planet as this paid to lie criminal slag, and journalist who pumps murderous lying filth, but we are talking about a fake vaccine that totally destroys the mine system, causing clots and cancer and so on.]

    Don’t forget to check out the latest article yesterday by David Icke on “PURE EVIL” Ardhern, a video clip well worth sharing around.

  7. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vijano (QTE) @ArchbpVijano. 27 Dec.

    “The media have created a social alarm, an action of real terrorism towards the entire population . . has promoted the use of an alleged vaccine, which is actually a genetic serum . . with widely demonstrated short term side effects, [such as 50,000 plus adverse reactions in NZ people, including paralysis and death], while the long term effects are still to be seen”. On twitter, as above.

    Meaning that this ACT party witch. Bronwyn van Velden who got some 900 votes at the last election, below Robertson with 27,000, is acting as a terrorist against NZ people and NZ children, according to this Archbishop Vijano [who is totally and absolutely opposed to this current Jesuit Pope, having requested on several occasions he stand down immediately and permanently etc].

    I notice that the New Zealand Company is said to have been a Jesuit organisation, that land purchases by the New Zealand Company, began after the mass murder of the Chatham Islanders in 1835, who were the legal holders of common law “native title”, to the “probably” the whole of New Zealand.

  8. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vijano (QTE) @ArchbpVijano. 27 Dec. On Twitter.

    Clearly describes Bronwyn van Velden of ACT, to be an active and at large “terrorist”, espousing terrorist views and terrorist intent on the NZ population, in order to commit grievous bodily harm on NZ people and their kids.

    As per yesterday wednesday December 28th media release in the NZ Herald on page A13. Promoting well known to be fake science, lies and mass murder and maiming of NZ children.

    “The media have created a social alarm, an action of real terrorism towards the entire population . . has promoted the use of an alleged vaccine, which is actually a genetic serum . . with widely demonstrated short term side effects, while the long term effects are still to be seen”.

    The exact opposite of what **** ****** **** ****, Bronwyn van Velden, ****, whom Seymour reckons is the future of ACT promotes.

    Which future is obviously mass lies and deception and defrauding the NZ public, as ACT party policy. The question that remains is whether ACT was involved in the new World Holocaust Organisation attempt at the extreme legal deception shown by the International law researcher, James Roguski on December 19th, at zeeemedia.com where WHO have deleted, “removed all human rights, human dignity, human freedom” in their bid to take control of the entire world under medical mafia tyranny.

    This removal of all human rights and freedoms as attempted new WHO law, must have been agreed to by ACT, as well as other NZ political parties.

    To the point where it is internationally very well known that NZ is under “pure evil” communist political control.

    With “pure evil” “terrorist” intent on NZers. To the point of totally destroying all NZers human rights, to enable WHO to take criminal, lawless control of the world of people, including NZ. As International law. To then be able to declare pandemics at will, and force jab everybody, because everybody have no legal rights.

    To be able force this “as law” with as much international military to force violate such international citizens they like. To be able to totally take control of other nations of people forcefully. With all these peoples having zero human rights, just slaves with no human rights at all. As world wide control.

    David Seymour and his party need to be ********** ** *** ***** as evil, anti NZ, vermin.


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