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Liz Gunn calls Stuff.co.nz ‘a very dark and evil media organisation’ over proposed Baby W article

Stuff.co.nz news

Stuff.co.nz journalist Tony Wall contacted Gunn to seek her views on alleged connections between the Baby W blood transfusion case and the recent Queensland police shooting tragedy.

State-subsidised and foreign-owned legacy outlet NZHerald reported two of the perpetrators of the Queenland tragedy, Gareth and Stacey Train, had shared a video of Baby W’s uplift at Starship Hospital. That video was widely circulated both in New Zealand and oveseas on social media in the hours and days following the surgery.

Wall asked Gunn whether she found it ‘concerning cop killers have co-opted your [anti-mRNA jab] message?’

Gunn released her full response to Wall to the public via her media channels today, which DTNZ publishes in full below:

Stuff: “Hi it’s tony wall here from Stuff. We are doing a story about the Queensland shooters referencing the baby will case and other anti-vaccine videos on their YouTube channel. Can you comment as to whether it’s concerning that cop killers have co-opted your message?”

Liz Gunn’s response: “Tony, my statement is this: – please print it in full:

Most Kiwis are now awake to the unpalatable fact that Stuff is a very dark and evil media organisation intent on twisting the best and most loving aspects of good and brave and ethical Kiwis into headline-grabbing stories that bear no resemblance to the Truth.

Of course, it would break any good human heart to hear a news story claiming that someone patently insane has been so twisted as to misuse a story of a baby whose parents wanted one thing only: unjabbed blood to reduce the risks in their baby’s heart operation.

I cannot be responsible for the insanity of either that person or of you, Tony of Stuff, whipping up this piece of human insanity into a piece of stuffed media insanity. I can only hope you have a conscience somewhere buried deep under your hubris, that tells you that what you are a part of here is wrong, morally, ethically and journalistically.

Please print my statement here in full – otherwise you will be guilty of disinformation about me as you set about to crucify yet another loving and caring Kiwi. I can almost feel you salivating as you send this salacious and ugly message to me.

Shame on you. Be a better man. Lay down your poison pen and walk out of Stuff. Do something honourable for once Tony.

You and I both know this is a nonsense beat-up story, done to please your brutish government overlords.”

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  1. Maybe stop sending multiple armed cops into hospital rooms to take people’s babies away by force over ideological differences, and such video clips would not exist to excite the crazy people 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Maybe two years of Australian police beating the living crap out of unmasked citizens enjoying a walk outside in the fresh air, tear gassing and trampling little old ladies from Darwin and running people down with their squad cars played more of a part in this tragedy than Liz Gunn 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Maybe if the leftist dickbags in our society made an actual effort to drop the authoritarianism that is oh so in fashion these days and go back to being ACTUALLY liberal again, maybe just maybe temperatures might lower 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Not that the dirty smear merchants at Stuff ever care about conveying any actual truth. No, that would require a soul.

    • Speaking of leftist dickbags, I see David Farrier called Elon Musk a cnut for posting a picture and numberplate of a man who STALKED the car Elons son was travelling in.

      We know who the Cnut is David and it ain’t Elon.

    • Leftist dickbags indeed. Yes the Queensland Govt. have got a lot to learn over the last shooting tragedy here. The twisted minds of the assailants became that way because of Govt. Policies. The illegal lockdowns, the mandates where people lost their jobs and in some cases lost their businesses, houses, livelihoods and were unable to make a living for themselves making them suicidal. The 3 assailants in this tragedy were once all empoyed in the education sector and gave up their jobs because of the mandates. The illegal border lockdowns also became very contentious issue that went on for months into years when people died before they could get home to their loved ones. And now the question is what was it all for ? The great ‘Covid’ scamdemic has now proven to be a total fraud and a total lie the Govt was complicit in. It was all about control. It was all about following the NWOs hymn book on control of the people and the QLD Govt. relished in the role. The word Corruption is not in the Tyrannical Authoritarian QLD Govts. volcabulary. The report on the the shooting that has claimed 6 lives including 2 Police in the line of duty will make very interesting reading.

  2. Extremely well handled Liz.
    And the low life printed it in full. I wouldn’t have thought he would have had the bottle.
    But did he do the honourable thing?

  3. Liz is an amazing woman. Over the last week or so she has been hit by Stuff more than once. She is clearly a “person of interest” to that sick and depraved organisation, blind to what is really going on, and prepared to put all preaching the truth under the blowtorch. All cudos to you Liz for standing up to their wickedness. You make me proud to be a Kiwi. ❤️

  4. Gosh maybe that Stoney Wall from STUFF and nonsense should get a bodyguard. People are going feral! Cop killing today, maybe government paid media tomorrow. Who knows? People are waking up…. And some of them are getting out on the wrong side of the bed 😡

  5. Looking like there is no straw that Stoney wall won’t clutch! I hope he doesn’t find out that I’m a Putin supporter… next he will try to link me to the latest missile attack on yukraine! I will await his call 📞

  6. Who is this low life git Tony Wall? Gutter snake.

    Well said Liz. You are brave and I am so happy to be on the same side as you. 🙏🏽❤️

    Shame of stuff dragging the baby W case into this situation where several people lost their lives. What a low level desparate attempt to relate two non related stories.

    Do better Tony.


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