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Chantelle Baker ban – Delete your Facebook Account and ditch Stuff.co.nz

Chantelle Baker Facebook ban news

If the Chantelle Baker Facebook (Meta) ban disgusts you, then fight back by deleting your Facebook account and ditching Stuff.co.nz.

Last night it was widely reported that Facebook Meta had removed Chantelle Baker’s Facebook page, where she had 97,000 followers. Baker believes state-funded woke legacy media outfit Stuff.co.nz was behind the move.

The best way for individuals to hit back at data harvesting platforms like Facebook Meta and Stuff is to not use them.

I ditched them both some time ago, and you won’t regret removing these two toxic platforms from your life.

Close your accounts, delete their apps, unsubscribe from their social media platforms. For Facebook, this means deleting Whatsapp also – there’s plenty of alternatives out there – Viber, Zalo to name a couple.


I deleted my Facebook account around January 2020, because of their censorship. Even back then they were deleting popular independent news sources in their 1000s without notice – some with millions of followers.

Prior to that I was addicted to it, spending 2-3 hours every day, aimlessly scrolling through my timeline. I loved sharing photos of my son, and seeing the lives of my friends progress.

I thought I would miss my FB groups and pages (especially sports), my FB friends, FB marketplace, and Messenger.

Not a chance.

Getting off Facebook was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I’ve never regretted it. Hitting that delete button for the Zuckerberg app on my phone was extremely satisfying.

You will always have a connection to the friends that matter. I now ring, text or email them. Family is always there, wherever they are located in the world. Connections and conversations are cherished now. If there’s someone I need to communicate with (or vice versa), you can always find their email or mobile phone number easily.

FB groups, pages, Messenger and Marketplace – there’s no loss in ditching these time-wasters.

Think of all the time you save by not being on FB, allowing you to get the most important things in life done. Think of all that private data (and therefore revenue) you are denying Zuckerberg and his minions, which ultimately ends up in the hands of intelligence agencies – your worst enemies.

Two days before I closed my account I posted a message to all my friends notifying them of the reasons for it, and wishing them all the best.

If you are an organisation or influencer with a large following on Facebook, and are concerned you will lose this if you delete your account or page, there is an easy solution. Start your own, standalone, social network community on platforms like Mighty Networks – there are dozens of social media SaaS options out there which make it easy to create your own online social network community, algorithm-free – some even provide you with ready-made smartphone apps, and seamless migration of your community from FB.


I used to visit Stuff multiple times a day to catch the latest news. Pre-COVID it was my preferred NZ news web site.

But as the COVID crisis progressed, together with the mRNA roll-out and mandates, it became clear they were propagandists, allied with the government’s unethical COVID policies, an integral cog in the state’s misinformation machinery, even funded by them – the exact opposite of what an independent news organisation should be.

Once I realised this, I could no longer trust Stuff to deliver objective journalism. I don’t read their articles anymore. I now only visit the site once or twice a day only to check the headlines, and then only then to see if there’s some type of public emergency – eg a weather event or natural disaster, or traffic accident that is directly going to affect my day. On occasion I will need to refer to one of their articles for context on DTNZ content. Don’t fall for the clickbait and read what they write – every click adds money to their coffers and user data to their records – which probably also ends up in the hands of people and organisations you wouldn’t trust. Just visit their homepage, read the headlines, and leave.

The big news last week of course was Stuff’s ‘Fire & Fury’ hitpiece. I’ve not written anything about it – because I haven’t watched it! And why would I watch it? I know it’s going to be a fake news propaganda hitpiece, and reading it is only going to give Stuff more revenue, which they will use to fund more fake news about the Freedom Movement.

So where previously I would have spent a few hours a week, perhaps reading 100 articles on Stuff, I now only spend a tiny fraction of that time and don’t read anything other than the headlines on the homepage.

Find alternative sources for the information you’re interested in. For example, if you follow rugby there’s a multitude of great independent rugby news websites out there. Check the weather on metservice.com, check government announcements on beehive.govt.nz, check the opposition parties websites for their views.

The best way to hit these platforms where it hurts and register your disgust at the censorship of Chantelle Baker and others like her, is to deny them your time, viewership and data. Reduce use of them, or better still, don’t use them at all, delete their apps, and don’t share their links on social media.

Life is much better without woke outfits like Facebook and Stuff, and by removing them from your life you take back the power and control and give them a ‘big middle finger’.

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  1. Hi Ed- couldn’t agree more. Luckily for me I have never been on Faecesbook, Fakebook, Fauxbook or whatever they call it and I too stopped reading stuff when they trotted out the Covid BS. I looked at stuff briefly one day last week to see what all the fuss was about, and realised that it was just another lame attempt to defame people. Paula Penfold has lost all credibility and to employ someone – who actually has a history of violence and threats towards people, and is now a bully on social media, to contribute to her propaganda piece was truly hilarious! Poor Paula! What a hypocrite! Another realisation for me is that she is so far up herself she has lost all touch with reality. I guess that happens when all you do is get govt money (OUR money) for writing hit pieces. Just an extension of the public service really. Andrea Vance is another who no longer has any impartial credibility. If you see anything written by either of these women, that Keith ‘science explainer’ Lynch ???? or Charlie Mitchell then don’t bother wasting minutes of your life you will never get back.

    Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for giving us alternatives and the chance to have a voice.

    I tell everyone who will listen, turn off your TV, don’t buy the papers, don’t give the internet media sites like herald and stuff your clicks, don’t listen to the woke radio shows. Your life will improve tenfold.

    I am loving the platform, especially Rodney Hides shows and loving daily telegraph also. So refreshing.

    I watched an absolutely mind blowing interview the other day with Alan Watt. link below. He explains SO much about what we are going through and gives us the background to this media indoctrination and brainwashing we have been exposed to since the end of the Second World War as well as many other things like population control. This should be mandatory watching. Warning it’s 2 hours long but every minute of it is captivating.


    If you don’t want to click on the link, go to YouTube and look up “Alan Watt – Understanding the control (2010)”

  2. Yes plz the less of you crazy anti vaxxers on the platform the better. Go on all of you delete your accounts, we are waiting.

    • There is a sea change coming and it wont be pretty for FB and stuff. My god these sheeple that follow Jabcina. Have they forgotten the three times she lied and said no mandates. As for Paula Penfold – search history and see how she was a violent anti vaxxer when a so called vaccine was going to be given to women. In the last 10 years if my memory is any good.

    • You run along and listen to Today FM with all the other sheeple and stop using fake names for your comments there’s a good boy.

      You might be justified in calling us anti vaxxers if if was actually a vaccine but it’s not so the laughs on you buddy!

      Grab me that long term safety data for it while you’re at it – if you can find any ????????????????

      In the meantime -grab another booster that was for a variant that we haven’t heard of in months.

      Wow and you call us crazy! Maybe they redefined the meaning of that too! ????????????????????

  3. The reputable journos I know personally have done a fair and honest job in the MSM; they are NOT under the control of the government and never have been. You are sadly misguided – and need to open your eyes to the real world, and learn how democracy really works. Illegal occupations are not the way to bring about change and Brian Tamaki’s beatings only contribute to making NZ society even more divided.

  4. No Faceborg here. Never made an a/c but I know Faceborg created an account for everyone in the western world even without signing up. It was a kind of a spy ledger for CIA, and once you sign up, the actual account is linked up to the ledger account.

  5. 100% agree! I abandoned both, and most MSM, as soon as I realised that we were not getting the truth from the “one source of truth!”
    I haven’t missed any of it!
    I enjoy the Daily Telegraph and refer to it often for honest unadulterated news, and there are other media platforms that are also truth-seekers and not “yes, mam” platforms which are where the real “conspiracy theorists” are to be found!
    If Meta/Facebook loses 97,000+ followers and reduces the PM’s reach only to the “yes, mam” followers, there will be a powerful and cohesive group that can grow in numbers.
    Indeed, as more real truth-seekers begin to recognise they are being controlled they will start to look elsewhere. Even your own family may wonder why you left these mainstream media platforms and start to join you on those alternative platforms where there is no silencing and censorship of those who simply want to protect the vulnerable from the ‘sheep in wolves’ clothing!”
    Just do it! ????????

  6. Nice one. Agree wholeheartedly. I scrubbed my Facebook about 5 years ago, and stopped reading MSM websites and watching the 6 o’clock news around the same time. You’re right about taking back the power and control because when you delete those platforms from your life, you’re the one who has the last laugh at their expense, while their woke boardrooms are scratching their heads wondering why they are losing users and viewers.

  7. STUFF sells user data and a big privacy violator. The worst of its kind in NZ.
    Use searchpage.com and read anonymously if need to; for example to read some local regional news.

  8. It may not have been Stuff ( or Stuff alone) prompting Facebook/Meta. Here we see the Herald possibly putting its hand up. From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-anti-vaxx-campaigner-chantelle-bakers-facebook-page-deactivated/6X4XWDI5MU6YESVNI7ZNGGQXZQ/
    “In May, the Herald asked Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, about disinformation from the Parliament protest and about Baker’s incorrect content in particular. The company declined to comment directly on Baker or her page.”
    And interestingly, besides the ‘-poke-‘ their article the Herald mentions:
    “A recent report by independent research group The Disinformation Project noted that Baker’s Facebook Live broadcasts – although a “super spreader” of false claims – often had greater engagement than mainstream media during the previous Parliament protest.”
    Wondering if the Disinformation Project also contact Meta.

  9. Hi Malcom,
    Yes agree with that. My only Stuff visits are to check weather news, and do odd quiz or puzzle. Not watched that FF nonsense either. I don’t read their stories as they are no longer believable. I hop on to RNZ for a few minutes and then scan overseas, and Mid East media.
    Never had Facebook or twitter. Do use Telegram for a few good feeds. Spend as little time as possible on all this nowadays, enjoy VFF webinars. On WhatsApp approx 10 mins a week. Yes text and phone calls so much better.

  10. There’s plenty of experienced reputable journos around. Why would I name them to subject them to abuse from the conspiracy lovers? The level of vitriol from the uneducated, undiscerning rabbit-hole dwellers that frequent this platform is appalling.

  11. So much for Brian Tamaki and his ilk today. They came, they marched, Brian rambled on, they staged a feeble mock court (it looked like a concert skit) – and they left. That didn’t achieve much. Brian announced a so-called Freedoms Party; that will inevitably go the way of all the other minor parties.


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