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Censored study reveals 73.9% of deaths post-COVID-19 jab linked to the vaccine

Censored Lancet study news

A peer-reviewed study, initially censored by The Lancet, revealed that 73.9% of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination were directly linked to the ‘vaccines’.

Analysing 325 autopsy cases, the study identified that the majority of these deaths resulted from vaccine-induced conditions such as myocarditis and blood clots.

The new systematic review investigated potential causal links between COVID-19 vaccination and subsequent deaths, focusing on autopsy and post-mortem analysis findings. Amid rising concerns over COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy vaccine safety due to the unprecedented number of adverse event reports, the review aimed to explore mechanisms of injury such as systemic lipid nanoparticle (LNP) and mRNA distribution, Spike protein-associated tissue damage, thrombogenicity, immune system dysfunction, and carcinogenicity.

Researchers examined all relevant autopsy and necropsy studies published up to May 18, 2023, to determine whether COVID-19 vaccination directly caused or significantly contributed to deaths.

Out of 678 initial studies, 44 papers met the inclusion criteria, encompassing 325 autopsy cases and one necropsy case.

The mean age of death was 70.4 years, with cardiovascular issues being the most implicated organ system in 49% of cases. Other affected systems included hematological (17%), respiratory (11%), and multiple organ systems (7%).

The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days, with most deaths occurring within a week of the last vaccine dose.

The study found that 73.9% of deaths were adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed by COVID-19 vaccination.

Primary causes of death included sudden cardiac death (35%), pulmonary embolism (12.5%), myocardial infarction (12%), vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) (7.9%), myocarditis (7.1%), multisystem inflammatory syndrome (4.6%), and cerebral hemorrhage (3.8%).

Researchers say the findings suggest a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death, warranting further urgent investigation to clarify these results.

Study co-author Peter McCullough said every medical centre should have a copy of the paper. ‘Pathologists should not be signing autopsies of vaccine victims as “death due to natural causes.” Nothing natural about COVID-19 vaccination,’ he said.

Another co-author William Markis criticised The Lancet for removing the study within 24 hours of publishing, ‘for no legitimate reason’, but not before it had been downloaded ‘100,000s of times.’ The publication’s actions had ‘led to many deaths that could have been prevented’. He praised lead-author Nicholas Hulscher for his perseverance, calling the study’s peer-review and recent publishing ‘a victory of science over censorship.’

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  1. 1) Everything is fine in terms of excess deaths for decades up until 2020.

    2) Mass vaccinations are rolled out in lockstep. People are forced, coerced and threatened into getting jabbed. Even children are psychologically manipulated at school-level. All despite thousands of doctors and scientists sounding the alarm about potential myocarditis, auto-immune disorders and turbo cancers.

    3) myocarditis, auto-immune disorders and turbo cancers mysteriously increase (so weird). The excess death rates go through the roof in all highly-vaccinated countries. Under-vaccinated countries appear to be unaffected.

    4) The establishment scream, “correlation does not equal causation” and desperately ban and censor anyone who looks at the Everest-sized mountain of evidence before us.

    The world is run by an international criminal banking mafia – the Lancet and everyone on its board are clearly on the payroll and therefore a part of that cabal. Nothing said or commanded by ANY of our “prestigious” medical institutions should be trusted or followed ever again. From this day forth, whatever they tell you to do, do the exact opposite.

  2. https://banned.video/watch?id=666ff1a314ca10173b06f2c2

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is NEVER to be trusted!
    The reason he banned the Covid vaccines in his State is because Florida has a large ‘Judeo-Christian’ Zionist population, and the immediate J3wi$h population is one of the highest in the U.S.
    After all, those who instituted the ‘mandatory vaccinations’ do NOT want to take their own medicine, as they know what it does to the human body.
    In other words, they don’t want to poison themselves or their horrendous small hat dreadlock ilk offspring with that which they forced onto the rest of the non-Zionist / Gentile-Goyim populations!
    The J3w$ in Florida are the largest of campaign donors, and they control the State of Florida via that and Mossad / Masonic means.
    Even native Floridians who were born there are bailing-out!
    This is why many who move to Florida end-up leaving in a 3-5 year time frame, and nowadays, many ‘displaced residents’ are leaving the U.S. entirely!

  3. How much proof do we need.
    Deliberate and planned mass murder, manslaughter, maiming, by poison, a toxic injected cocktail.
    And it’s not the only approach to achieve their goals. Poisoning by fluoride, mass starvation by attacking farms and farmers, wars, gender bs, terrible food advice… (please add any I’ve overlooked). Pure evil, literally.

  4. It is clearly obviouus and provable now that we have been undergoing extermination as sanctioned by nzgovtcorp, a captured entity.
    All those who now stand in the way of prosecutions and executions of the perpetrators of this mass pre meditated murder are now known as complicit in democide, high treason, penalty death.
    No more talking. No more excuses. No more lies.
    This is mass murder.
    All juduciary and police now considered guilty and complicit. Aiding and abetting criminal activity.
    Start the arrests.

  5. A large percentage of the population close their ears to the truth. (about many things).
    They can’t handle the truth.
    This planet and the entire universe were not made to be eternal. Time itself had a beginning. Things will be wrapped up soon, and all evil will meet its destiny. It’s not going to be pretty for a majority.


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