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Experts: Get boosted, wear a mask, and ‘be kind’ as COVID case numbers rise

COVID Christmas 2023 news

Experts in Australia and New Zealand issue warnings as COVID cases and hospitalisations on both sides of the Tasman rise.

‘Consider wearing a mask in crowded indoor areas and be kind to people who choose to wear a mask,’ tweeted NSW Health.

Experts in South Australia have called for Christmas gatherings to be held outdoors, where case numbers are expected to peak in late December.

‘There’s also lots of other viruses around as well, including the flu virus, and these viruses are dangerous as well,’ AMA president John Williams told 7 News.

Meanwhile University of Otago epidemiologist Michael Baker recommended getting a booster jab, wearing a mask in areas with bad ventilation and staying home when sick.

Speaking to RNZ yesterday he said it was ‘really critical’ that people get their booster jabs to make their ‘protection’ against the virus ‘stronger’.

‘People are more vulnerable and that’s driving another wave and it looks like this is the way the virus is going to behave for the foreseeable future – with peaks and troughs – and we’re very much in a peak at the moment.’

Baker attributed the rise in cases to ‘waning immunity.’

‘We actually have to go back right back to January to see this number of copies of the virus in the wastewater across New Zealand. So that’s one thing to look at and the other is the hospitalisations – and they’re at their highest point for six months.’

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  1. I understand from family in Queensland there is a rise in recent Covid cases. Let’s hope it fly’s through quickly and we can all have a great, well deserved Christmas festive season this year!
    Surely Covid now sits in the bucket of merely “Something we all have to learn to live with”!!!

  2. The name of the virus was …
    COVID ne ne ne ne 19

    “I didn’t really know what’s going on”.

    (Inspiration from Paul Hardcastle track “19” from 1984).

  3. BULL****!!!
    ‘They’ (the same entities that are standing by and watching the genocide in Gaza and the West Bank and doing nothing about this massive blood libel sacrifice) are pulling this crap again in order to ruin both Christmas and the Summer Holidays.
    I and my family are vaccine exempt, and also mask exempt. We will not and do not comply with this Zionist game of ruin. (speaking of ‘Ruin’, see Gary Numan’s music video of the same name..pay attention to the lyrics as they apply today).
    And to the US Navy Commanders in the Mediterranium Sea;
    YOU know that the U.S. is a third party in the genocide in Palestine;
    YOU know International law, the Laws of Engagement, and the Geneva Convention.
    YOU should demand from the JCS that the Naval Forces under your command intervene and attack the Israeli Forces (IDF) that are murdering Palestinians en-masse, and begin immediate Humanitarian Relief and enforce a total cease fire.
    The below is an accurate assessment from Hal Turner. Accurate, because I SENT IT TO HIM!!! My comments are in parenthesis ( ).

    Israel-Hamas: “Bread & Circuses V.2.0” – Gaza = New Roman Colosseum
    World Hal Turner 10 November 2023 Hits: 95549

    Those watching the Israel-Hamas conflict need to realize this is nothing more than “Bread & Circuses Version 2.0.” Gaza is the new Roman Colosseum and in this V2.0, the Gladiators not only kill each other, they kill the audience too !

    What we’re watching in the Gaza Strip is literally the new version of a Roman Colosseum where everyone gets to watch actual slaughter, no one steps in to stop it, and the “Gladiators” (Both Israel IDF and Hamas) not only kill each other, they kill the spectators, too.

    This situation was deliberately engineered. The Israel defense establishment, including police, were allegedly ordered to “stand -down” for upwards of seven hours on October 7. For reasons still not disclosed, a bunch of yahoos on para-gliders were somehow able to penetrate the most-heavily-guarded and surveilled border in the world, and go on a killing spree, unmolested by law enforcement or military.

    The whole notion that this was some well-planned attack, is a sickening lie. This was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN . . . . ON PURPOSE.

    BEN GURION CANAL; OIL & GAS (Or-why the Western Leaders who have stock in oil and gas companies in the region will NOT stop the genocide in Palestine)

    Israel has hated the Palestinians for decades. Israel wants the Gaza Strip so they can build the Ben Gurion Canal, as a competitor to the Suez Canal, and thus grab some of the Billions in revenue presently going to Egypt.

    But the existence the the Gaza strip, is a real problem for building that canal; and the __only__ solution to that problem is to get the Palestinians OUT.

    Then, too, there’s all the natural gas and oil found just off the coast of Gaza. Literally hundreds of billions of dollars in gas and oil, just sitting there, waiting to be drilled and sold off. But again, those pesky Palestinians are there, and it is THEY who would get the revenue from all that gas and oil. (Permits for oil & gas have been continually denied to the Palestinians by the Israelis for decades!)

    So, with two gigantic financial incentives, it seems clear to me that certain interests in Israel decided to make a phony “terrorist attack,” allow a bunch of Israeli “useless eaters” to get killed, then use that as an excuse to annihilate Palestinians and grab Gaza forever. After all, who cares if a few Israelis get killed, there’s billions of dollars at stake! (just ask the Illegal Israeli Kabash Settlers who were attacked by the IDF using ground forces and IDF helicopter gunships…)

    Liberals used to chant “No war for oil.” Where are they now? (glued to road pavement?…)

    Oh, yea. They’re too busy trying to decide if they’re boys or girls, and what hormones to take to change their sex. They can’t be bothered with something as trivial as the wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children.

    SATANIC! (just like Noahide Law, the Babylonian-based Talmud, Freemasonry that founded the revised Western Nations, and the Jewish Blood Libel Sacrifices. Compare the parallel similarities and the Zionist Modus Operandi of Gaza and the West Bank to the Donbass Region of ethnic Russian Ukraine…!)

    Which brings me to my fellow “Conservatives.” Most of them have their head so far up Israel’s ass, it’s a wonder they can even breathe. Except their blind adoration for “Israel” is misplaced. They aren’t backing true “Israel” which is a PEOPLE in the Bible, not lines on a map drawn by men. They’re backing the PHONY Israel . . . . Biblically identified as “Those who call themselves Jews and are not; They are a Synagogue of Satan.”

    Holy smokes! Hold-on there Hal, how DARE you say that?

    I’ll tell you how dare I say it: Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 for starters. (THE ‘Playbook’ as Jabcinda used to say…)

    (2:9 — KJV I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.)

    (3:9 – KJV Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    For those Conservatives still not understanding they’re backing Satan, remember what Jesus Himself said to the Pharisees:
    John 8:42-47 New King James Version

    42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me. 43 Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. 45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me. 46 Which of you convicts Me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me? 47 He who is of God hears God’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God.”

    Now, try putting on your thinking cap and consider: If there were people that Jesus Himself told “You are of your father the devil” walking around while Jesus walked the earth, doesn’t it stand to reason some of them are HERE TODAY?

    Guess what? You’re seeing them in real-time. They’re the ones doing this Gaza thing. Slaughtering men, women and children, with fighter jets dropping 2,000 pound bombs on Hospitals, schools, colleges, churches, Mosques, ambulance convoys and more.

    They claim this is “self defense” but it is not. Remember, they are of their father, the Devil and they lie. There is no rational explanation for dropping bombs from fighter jets and levelling entire square blocks of Gaza and somehow CLAIMING this is “self defense. It is not. It is the wholesale slaughter of innocent people.

    Worse, some of you are so slavishly brainwashed, you actually justify this mass murder by saying “They’re God’s Chosen, they can do what they want.”

    No they’re not and no they can’t.

    The officials doing this are of their father the devil. The officials doing this are the “Jews who say they are Jews, but are not.” (they’re Khazarian Ashkenazi ‘Jews’).

    We were warned about them and YOU are ignoring those warnings. (In fact almost ALL of Biden’t Cabinet is populated with these side-show monsters!)

    Then, to add insult to injury, you DARE bring God into this as if he says it’s OK for “Israel” to do this. God doesn’t need men to kill anyone. Almighty God can shut any of us – or all of us – OFF at will. (item for study; ‘The Electric Universe’ and ‘Trans-Dimensional Multiverses’, plus; ‘The Holographic World We Live In’ which CAN be shut-off at any time by the Creator).

    To bring God into this, as a means to defend the outright murder being done by “Israel” is the worst Blasphemy I’ve heard in my 61 years on this Earth.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for being so slavishly brainwashed that you’re clearly unable to even think for yourselves logically. (I’m ashamed to be called an ‘American’ , & besides; America ceased to exist in 1913, and the Satanic Elements of Freemasonry which founded the country and has now incorporated Satanic Zionism).

    God COMMANDED US: “Thou shalt not do murder.”

    What is “Israel” doing? (Mass murder, with Western Nations doing the bidding of Israel due to the Mossad compromising those in Western Governments via bribes, blackmailing, compromise, etc.)

    Whose bidding is “Israel” actually doing? Our Creator, Almighty God’s bidding, or rather the bidding of the one who “was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth?” You shall know them by their fruits. Look at the “fruit” “Israel” is producing now: Genocide.

    That, my fellow conservatives, is not “of God.”

    The mass-murder provides your answer.

    Stop siding with Satan. And stop justifying mass murder as if God thinks it’s OK. Your Blasphemy, willful blindness, and slavish brainwashing is going to get you in big trouble.

    Get your collective heads out of the Zionist’s *** and start seeing what’s really going on. You are backing the Satanists.

    • Wow, that was an untethered rant barely connected to the contents of the news article. It’s unfortunate that posts like this are cynically used as ‘representative’ of those critical of the mRNA shots.

      You might like to consider that the reason we knew those jabs were ineffective so early on is that Israel was the guinea pig for the world. The first and most jabbed up nation to be experimented on.

        • Sigh. I don’t think that was uppermost in Hamas/Iran’s mind on Oct 7th. The precipitating event. I would say scuttling the potential for peace in the ME that would come from the Abraham Accords was more the motivation. That does NOT serve Iran! In fact, if they wanted to discredit the West, they’d not launch a murderous distraction to try to hide what those jabs did.

          If people here want to go all out whacko conspiracist…? Well, free-speech and all that. However, if I was the pro-jab people trying to cover my exposed butt…I’d post comments as above to discredit those, including the more reasoned, from asking for accountability. Enough of the nutty, please!

          • If people here want to go all out whacko conspiracist…? Well, free-speech and all that. However, if I was the pro-jab people trying to cover my exposed butt…I’d post comments as above to discredit those, including the more reasoned, from asking for accountability. .WHO IS THE WACKO CONSPIRACIST? kind of discredit your own argument there buddy. Any how there will be no accountability unless the people rise up and take matters into their own hands, DOD is behind the jabs, research before you spout. Oh and do try to keep up

    • Yes, we’re glad to see we’re #1 in your book…
      Is that middle finger which you have posted dripping with…’Zionist-based Whale Oil’???
      Or- are you a small hat supporter from Epsom?

      • Um, are you okay there friend? 🙂

        Should I come back later, when the voices have calmed down? I can come back, it’s okay.

  4. Given how many formerly jabbed are not going back for yet another booster…I’d say people are learning to live with this virus, as they have previously with colds and flu.

    There have been too many studies now showing the masks are as good as useless. Discounting the risk of harms from repetitive shots, those jabs are give minimal protection and are usually out of date. The virus mutates before they get the next jab to market.

    People would be better advised on how to build natural immunity. You know, the old standards predating Covid hysteria, like Vit D, C, Zinc, Quercetin.

    No profit for big pharma in that, though, is there…

    • Vitamin D from walking outdoors in sunlight. The body converts the light to vitamin D.
      Vitamin C from fruit.
      Zinc from cucumbers.
      Quercetin from red wine and small cherry tomatoes.

      • Yep, and that’s just the excuse some of us need to drink red wine 😉 It’s medicinal!

        Some heart medications preclude people from getting in the sun, such as Amiodarone. But you’re right. The best immunity comes from a healthy diet.

    • It’s important to keep yourself appraised of what the establishment are saying in order to plan accordingly. Also helps keep you one step ahead of what the vaccine-addled simpletons in the office are gonna be parroting next week. MORE information is always better than less.

  5. Michael Baker is on record for saying he wants the pandemic to be used to further the Great Reset. In my view he is an evil man with sinister motives. I also believe he is a Criminal Against Humanity.


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