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Govt’s abortion counselling services outlaw’s pro-life counselling

Abortion counselling news

Right to Life intends to lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commissioner against the Director General of Health for violating the rights of pregnant women to choose counsellors whom they wish to receive counselling from.

‘It is now a legal requirement that counsellors providing counselling to women considering an abortion, have no conscientious objection to the killing of an unborn child,’ said a Right to Life spokesperson.

‘This legal requirement is mandated for in the recently released Ministry of Health Abortion Counselling Standards. Counsellors who uphold the sanctity of life ethic, who believe that the unborn child has an inalienable right to life, and who believe that abortion is violence against women are explicitly excluded from providing counselling.

‘Abortion counselling is optional, it is funded by the state and is an integral part of the abortion industry.

‘Right to Life received confirmation from the Ministry of Health that the Standards have legal standing in accordance with the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977, section 16(1)(b)(II), which requires the Director General of Health to produce these Standards.

‘Right to Life believes that it is the government’s intention to encourage the killing of the unborn and to isolate women from counselling which opposes violence against women and their unborn. The current government will not allow any dissent against killing unborn children, so it seeks to silence the pro-life movement in New Zealand.

‘The government’s promotion of a culture of death will fail as a culture of life will ultimately triumph over a culture of death.

‘The Ministry of Health released these amended Abortion Counselling Standards on 4th August 2022. These standards state that only government approved counsellors may provide abortion counselling. The definition of abortion counselling is that it is intended to provide therapeutic support to people who are considering having, or have had, an abortion.

‘Right to Life believes that pregnant women considering an abortion have a right to seek counselling from a person who loves and cares for both the mother and her child.

‘She has a right to refuse counselling from a counsellor who does not believe that her precious child is a human being endowed with a right to life and who would support the violent killing of her child.

‘Right to Life is particularly concerned that only persons who do not have a conscientious objection to abortion may provide counselling. This means that the counsellor should believe:-

  • That the unborn child is not a human being, nor have a right to life until it is born.
  • That it is not a crime to kill an unborn child and that abortion is a ”reproductive health choice for women.”
  • Right to Life believes that counsellors who uphold the sanctity of life ethic are prohibited from providing counselling to any woman who is considering an abortion or who is seeking post abortion counselling.

‘Right to Life believes that the government is intent on forbidding pro-life counselling in New Zealand by outlawing it. We believe that their objective is to:-

  • Normalise the killing of unborn children and to encourage women to seek an abortion.
  • Prevent women from exercising their right to seek pro-life counselling and support to choose life for their child.
  • Silence and suppress pro-life counsellors, which is a violation of their freedom of speech.

Right to Life believes that these draconian guidelines promote a culture of death, the war on women and on the lives of our precious unborn.

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  1. This again proves that JabSinDa subscribes to the Satanic Order which is prescribed as “progressive” woke sh*t to kiwis. Nothing original and imported from the woke state of California. JabSinDa also inported many yanks who intruded many of the government departments, NGOs, media and what not. NWO plotters install a figure head agent and we have two of them providing us with no choice.????????????????

  2. Once again the mare proclaims that she is the only source of truth!!!!! Such is her satanic arrogance she has amended the bill to remove the true rights of consent by shutting down and removing prolife discussion. Nope kill them all that’s her goal. What a shame her mother didn’t feel the same way 40 plus years ago. But it’s only her life that matters right? Nobody is more important than her, nobody has views of any value except her, it will be interesting to see the what the human rights commissioner says about it not that she will listen to anything they say , after all in her own disturbed mind there is none so powerful as her.

  3. The evil in this world is beyond belief. If one does not believe that life begins at conception are just evil and will be held accountable on the day of judgment. If a child is mistreated or killed,there is an uproar by the public but people don’t realise the most vulnerable are being killed by thousands everyday in the womb which is supposed to be the safest place for the babies. The sins of the leaders will inflicted on the nation as we see it happening.

  4. Our system is a death cult and has been for at least 1000 years. Child sacrifice happens on a regular basis and in front of hundreds of participates. Killing babies in front of an audience or via a more subtle route by brainwashing expecting mothers is part of their sick religion. You can even watch archival footage of this sick behaviour as far back as the 1930’s.

  5. If you take out the good and bad filters from this debate, one question remains. What sort of government would want to kill their future tax base? China had a go at it with their one child policy and now they’re demographically downhill. Ardern’s WEF directed government has so many signs of UN/WEF totalitarian modus operandi that we can easily see how New Zealand is becoming aotearoa and what the USSR was.


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