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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: New data is confirming mRNA Covid vaccine deaths

Yesterday a new paper at an open access platform (OSF) was published about German excess all-cause deaths.

This offered confirmatory evidence concerning the excess all-cause deaths in NZ we have already reported. It adds significantly to the growing body of evidence being reported around the world.

There are a number of interesting points in the German data which is broken down by age. During 2020, Covid infections peaked but all-cause mortality was not seriously elevated, whereas during 2021 while the mRNA vaccine was being rolled out during 2021, German all-cause deaths were elevated for the 15-79 year old age range.

mRNA excess deaths

This is not an isolated statistic. All-cause deaths among working age populations are increasing. Official US all-cause death data paints a depressingly similar picture to the German and NZ stats. Commercial insurance data confirms this. Edward Dowd, an internationally respected investment advisor who manages billions of dollars, reported in February that US group life insurance policy claims for death benefits are increasing dramatically. These policies cover employees working for US corporations. Dowd reported Q4 increases 2021 vs 2019: Agon +56%, Unum +36%, Lincoln National +57%, Prudential +41%, Reinsurance Group of America +21%, Harford Mutual Insurance Group +32%.

A comparison of 15-79 year old German all-cause deaths with vaccinations by month shows how vaccination numbers mirrored deaths. It also shows how an increase in all-cause deaths occured when boosters were rolled out. The relationship is similar to the observed excess all-cause deaths in NZ.

All cause excess deaths

The significance of this data cannot be overestimated. UKHSA reports that the average age of people dying from Covid is 82.9 years, higher than the average UK life expectancy. Therefore all-cause deaths among the 15-79 year age bracket are not expected to increase significantly as a result of Covid infections. The implications of the observed rises across multiple countries are very disturbing. Most studies of long term outcomes following Covid infection are not differentiating between subjects who have been vaccinated and those who are not. This allows vaccine advocates, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and governments to continue to blame adverse outcomes including deaths on Covid infection alone or chance events without considering the adverse effect of mRNA vaccination, whose long term impacts may be even larger. The German data supports causal attribution of increases in all-cause deaths to the effects of mRNA Covid vaccination.

What we are all thinking but are not allowed to say

It is still not politically correct to talk about Covid vaccination deaths. This week’s People magazine reports a 25 year old celebrity is recovering after developing a blood clot that moved to her brain. A vascular neurologist commented “We think of stroke as being something that happens in older ages, but we are seeing it in younger and younger people. It relates, generally, to people having unhealthy lifestyles, maybe not eating as well or not getting regular exercise”. Neither of which possible causes apply to the celebrity, a fit, healthy eater. The vascular surgeon omitted to mention that the increases in deaths among younger age groups accelerated just last year. This case is just one more of a long and unprecedented list of celebrities and sports people suffering recent thrombotic and cardiac events, but we are not allowed to utter the magic words ‘mRNA vaccination’.

Others are beginning to see the light. This week John Campbell, respected provaxx YouTube Covid commentator from the UK with 2 million followers, changed sides. He read out the key points from the court-ordered Pfizer release of adverse effects documents, threw up his hands in despair, and expressed anger at how we have all been misled from the start. A list of 1,223 deaths and 42,086 adverse events across broad categories of serious illness led to his censure. Read more about the key Pfizer document at the Hatchard Report.

New Zealand carries on regardless

At a press conference on Thursday, Northern Region Health Coordination Centre (NRHCC) chief clinical officer Dr Andrew Old said only a third of the 1,000 people currently in hospital with Covid-19 were there due to the effects of the virus. He did not provide any details about how many of this third were vaccinated and how many unvaccinated. He didn’t provide any data on how many of the modest number of deaths were ‘with Covid’ and how many were ‘because of Covid’. So all bets are off when it comes to analysing NZ data. Yet Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, the NZ Director General of Health, who was interviewed by Mike Hosking yesterday morning, said the 1,000 people in hospital would not be there if it wasn’t for Covid. Hosking had to correct him (a big thank you to Mike).

This means for the last few weeks we have been subjected to a meaningless psychobabble of palpably false Covid statistics designed by the Ministry of Health to contain us in a state of constant fear. What the government hasn’t really talked about is their failure to upgrade the emergency departments of NZ hospitals (they’ve had two years to prepare), instead spending 64 billion dollars of borrowed money promoting an ineffective Covid vaccination programme. The NZ Herald reports our hospital system is in crisis, strained to breaking point. The statistics show that the hospitals are overwhelmed with vaccinated Covid patients, but you wouldn’t know it unless you moved beyond government propaganda.

The unqualified ‘explainers’ of mainstream media are willing partners in this deception:

  • The NZ Herald suggested that the unvaccinated should be denied entry to New Zealand for the foreseeable future (translation: permanently).
  • Stuff wrote that being vaccine hesitant is analogous to membership of a sex cult.

The public is heartedly sick of being treated like kindergarten children. Despite the mounting evidence of ineffectiveness and serious harm, the focus of government and the health system is still saturation advertising proclaiming the safety and effectiveness of mRNA vaccination. Meanwhile thousands of people in and out of hospital with serious illness continue to be under-resourced and in some cases neglected. A situation exacerbated by the sacking of unvaccinated health staff.

The NZ Ministry of Health is in denial

So why hasn’t our MoH commented on the association between excess all-cause death and mRNA vaccination, except to go into denial? Well the MoH isn’t squeaky clean when it comes to statistics. Last week Radio NZ reported that 97% of the NZ population are vaccinated but the unvaccinated account for 17% of hospitalisations. But my team found that MoH have been using NZ population figures dating from the 2018 census which was held online for the first time and attracted a low level of participation. The population estimates from this census are known to be several hundred thousand under reported. If you use the corrected population figures, as low as 85% of eligible NZers may be vaccinated which equates with the percentage of vaccinated hospital admissions with Covid (all categories of vaccination 1, 2, and 3.).

So the effect of mRNA vaccination on Omicron is, as other overseas studies have indicated, very limited, at most limited to a small effect of boosters which wears off rapidly (within 10 weeks according to Israeli data). UKHSA data suggests that as the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes, the individual is left with a lower immunity than before vaccination.

Excess all-cause death is not a statistic that can be ignored. Dr Ashley Bloomfield says it is not necessary to institute mandatory reporting of adverse events following vaccination. What planet is he on? We need an immediate end to mandates, proper assessment of adverse effects, and adequate compensation and treatment for those affected.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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    • Hear, Hear!

      I am proud to say that I was following the people calling out this fraud in March 2020 and have never fallen for the LSM’s narrative. We all know or should have known that Ardern paid for the LSM’s services ever since she got into power and it is they who are keeping her in power with their false narratives and suppression of the facts.

  1. All of these people at the top of health dept and govt especially jasinner (as she inked the deal with bourla) knew.get that people they knew what was going to happen. No point spending money on upgrading hospitals when the patients are only going there to die. that makes all the politicians in lockstep(national, act maori party,greens)COMPLICANT with first degree MURDER. WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT THIS PEOPLE ?

  2. I just read https://sputniknews.com/20220318/moderna-ceo-has-sold-408-million-in-stock-throughout-the-pandemic-1093993037.html

    Manufacturer’s vaccines know the end game and made a killing on Wall street. Will legacy media investigate how much stocks were bought or sold by the top officials within the NZ government and NZ based pension funds? RATs were not allowed to support the Candian pension fund who owned the NZ testing labs. A Royal commision needed.

  3. Yes Guy, your last paragraph says it all, what planet is Bloomfield on? It is, by his words and actions not this one. And (can I start with and) the Insurance Industry must be a pretty reliable source when it comes to death statistics. It is beyond ignoring this “vaccine” is a killer.

  4. Government pushing vaccine mandates: it’s not necessary to report on vaccine injuries.

    General public: this is fine ????

    • Just as people are dying from the jabs, MSM is beginning to write more bollox about ‘long Covid’. All the symptoms due to the adverse reactions to the jab is now blamed on long Covid. Laughable, truly laughable.

      They have planned this well, “when people having serious adverse effects or start dying from the jabs, we will say it’s long Covid” Same Covid that has more 99% recovery rate!!

      Few days ago Scomo told Australia that everyone who took the jabs, it was off their own FREE will! I can hear the same speech by Jabcinda here soon.

  5. And… New studies show (1) that this synthetic mRNA remains biologically active for at least 60 days (as long as the study period), after “the experts” said it would only be biologically active for 1-2 days, and (2) this synthetic mRNA does modify human DNA, after “the experts” (and the fact-checkers went crazy on this one) boldly assured us that it’s absolutely not possible for these jabs to affect DNA.

    So here we are with synthetic mRNA that does not break down as promised, we really have no idea what its half-life is, or if it breaks down under any natural processes, it’s “programmed” to make toxic spike proteins, and it modifies DNA. What could go wrong?

    Have we created a genotoxic persistent enviro-toxin? Sooner or later these synthetic mRNA molecules will be excreted from the jabbed, via sweat, exhalation, urine, faeces, etc. Then what? What does this stuff do in the environment? What does it do to fish, birds, insects, and other wildlife? What does it do to grass, trees, and foodcrops? What does it do to “good” and “bad” bacteria (and archaea) in the environment? What does it do to bacteria (and archaea) on our intestines?

  6. Why aren’t the police force doing something about arresting these political criminals. Why isn’t the army stepping in?. I can’t believe that both of these agencies are not doing their moral duty. There is going to be a revolution soon and it couldn’t come soon enough.


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