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Sunday, June 26, 2022
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‘Hunter Biden will go to jail, Joe Biden will resign’: Kim Dotcom says deleted laptop data now with Wikileaks

In a series of tweets over the last 24 hours Kim Dotcom has revealed data previously deleted from Hunter Biden’s laptop is now in the hands of Wikileaks.

According to Dotcom, the information is so shocking that it is likely to result in the President’s downfall and the incarceration of his son.

Apart from exposing the Biden family’s connection to illegal biolabs in Ukraine and others in China, there is also evidence of ‘the worst kind of child abuse.’ The imagery was so shocking that the forensic analyst told Dotcom he had to take frequent breaks because of ‘how disgusting the evidence is.’


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  1. I hope this happens.

    We are running out of time.

    The corruption, child trafficking, bribes, dodgy deals, bio labs, bio weapons, lies, criminals and their enablers need to be exposed NOW before any more damage is done.

  2. Who’s going to report any of this, the media and big tech giants who actively covered for Prince Andrew and others, and worked overtime to denounce the rampant pedophilia as crazy Qanon conspiracies?

    Who’ll arrest Hunter, the justice department his father is in control of? The same people who tried to frame and impeach Trump for daring to suggest anyone even look into this stuff? Those people?!

    Who’ll demand Biden’s resignation, the house and senate those who installed him are in total control of? The so-called republicans who openly helped them legitimise a blatantly stolen election?

    I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer here, and nothing against Kim Dotcom, but Bruh 🤦🏼

  3. Kim Dotcom claimed that he had Hillary’s emails but never released them. Given this history, I am bit cynical of this news.

  4. And now, the PTB are going after Elon Musk for attempting to take-over and control Twitter, thus removing an arm of the major propaganda machinery that the PTB are currently controlling.

    See Dave Hodge’s take on this at ‘The Common Sense Show’

    Then again, Elon has been seen wearing NWO garb and has seen those involved in ‘spirit cooking’.

    WELL DONE KIM DOTCOM!!! Keep the info coming, and try to get on at Counterspin New Zealand with Kelvyn and Hanna!

    See also Hal Turner’s assessment on the status of America, and Patrick Lancaster’s reporting on Ukraine & Russia.


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