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Legacy media claim Russians forced out of ‘key town’ – but experts say it’s not a ‘key town’

95% of legacy media reporting on the Ukraine crisis has been complete fabrication.

And the lies continue. Just as they lied to New Zealanders about COVID, they are continuing their deceptive practises through the Ukraine crisis.

This morning’s headlines in state-subsidized legacy media outlets NZHerald and Stuff would have you believe the Russian withdrawal from the small settlement of Lyman (or Liman) was somehow another ‘major’ victory for Ukraine.

It is not.

DTNZ reported yesterday that 500 Russian soldiers had held out against a force of at least 6,000 Ukrainians for between 2 and 3 weeks in the strategically unimportant town of Liman.

Despite the extraordinary feat, geopolitical and military experts agree the town had no strategic importance and prudent military doctrine dictated that Russia would be wiser to withdraw.

It appears Ukraine military doctrine is motivated more by making daily news headlines, at whatever cost, to fool western audiences into believing they have momentum, rather than based on any strategic or military need, experts say:

‘Liman is a small place of little strategic importance. It as become for Ukraine a kind of obsession to capture this place in order for it to appear to maintain its offensive in the remaining few days before the autumn rains close in and before the big Russian reinforcements arrive.

The result is that Ukraine has apparently stripped other parts of its front line…in order to try and capture Liman which apparently has been ordered ‘at any cost’.

The cost of all of this [the capture of Liman] is disproportionate to the objective, a small largely deserted town in Northern Donetsk, one that I am sure is of little strategic significance.’


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  1. The lie “Ukraine is winning” must last as long as it can in order to shift dollars to the industrial complex. The West has no face saving mechanism. Zelensky has to keep his propaganda movie going in order to survixe. All of the EU population, who are fed with so much of Russphobia, has to be kept in hope when the real life issues are pushing them down leading to civil unrest. Only a fool will think that they trumpet $10 win in lotto when $1000 dollars were bet. Ukranian regular army is almost wiped out and their casualities are over $100,000. Mercenaries and new conscripts who are trained for few weeks are fighting and they are becoming the cannon fodder.

    Russians are playing by the winning formula and not bothered about the MSM propaganda. Once the partial mobilsation moves to replace the regular army in the Asian parts of Russia as well as in the safe parts of Donbass, the trained Russian army will move to the front and start pushing in about 2 months. The game will then be over for much of the Ukranian forces currently in the eastern part. Russia does not care about the western ukraine oblasts, and Odessa, Karkiv and other areas will be removed of neonazis in about six months. Russia has the clock and time but not Zelensky or NATO.

  2. On a slightly different note, EU is scared beyond imagination on calling out US for destruction of the Nord Stream gas lines. And the biggest cowards are the Germans. No other nation has more to loose than Germany by the complete destruction of these pipelines which really was a lifeline for German industry. Because of this cheap energy they were able to compete and sell their expensive vehicles, machinery, precision diagnostic equipment, etc to the rest of the world. That is now ALL GONE. Buy the toxic unreliable LNG from the mafia boss at ten times the price of Russian gas and see how quickly they deindustrialise. The US has just committed terrorism against their ally (rear doormat) and those European pussies can’t even muster a protest. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    There is an article in one the Swedish papers, how the US deliberately wants to destroy the German economy so the young and the bright of Germany seek greener pastures in US.

  3. Liman was manned by Wagner group (private) and not by the russian army. This itself shows that Liman is not a key location.


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