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Putin seals Wagner’s fate

Wagner news

Most members of the mutinous private military company are patriots, who were misled, the Russian leader said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered a choice to the soldiers of the Wagner private military company involved in Saturday’s failed armed rebellion. They can either sign a contract with Russia’s Defense Ministry Ministry or other security agencies, return home or move to neighboring Belarus, the Russian leader said in a televised addressed.

“The overwhelming majority of the fighters and commanders of the Wagner group are also Russian patriots, devoted to their people and country. They proved this with their courage on the battlefield,” Putin said in his address on Monday evening.

The organizers of the insurrection “kept them in the dark and tried using them against their brothers in arms, with whom they fought shoulder to shoulder for the sake of the country and its future,” he said.

The Russian leader thanked the Wagner soldiers and commanders, who “stopped at the last line” and didn’t allow the “fratricidal bloodshed” to take place. He added that the promise he gave during negotiations to settle the crisis will be kept.

“You have the opportunity to sign a contract with the Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies or return to your family and friends. Anyone, who wants to, can go to Belarus,” Putin said, addressing the members of the private military company.

Wagner launched a major mutiny late on Friday on the order of its head, businessman Evgeny Prigozhin. The rebelling troops seized control of the Russian military’s Southern District headquarters in the city of Rostov-on-Don and sent a convoy towards Moscow.

The revolt came to a halt on Saturday night as Prigozhin announced that his men would be returning to their field camps following talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. According to Minsk, the negotiations took place in close coordination with Putin.

Prigozhin, who said that he launched the insurrection because “they [the Defense Ministry] wanted to disband Wagner PMC,” will leave Russia and “go to Belarus” as a result of the deal, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said. The criminal case against Prigozhin will be dropped, with Wagner fighters, who took part in the mutiny, also avoiding prosecution, he added.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Putin needs to use the Roman tradition of decimination here. One in ten killed. Starting with Priggy. It never does pay to let a treasonous soldier get a second chance.

  2. Prigozhin was quite drunk beginning last Thursday, according to witnesses…
    He then had the delusion that Moscow was attacking him and his forces, and ordered the Wagner Private Military Contractor (PMC) to Moscow.
    Quick thinking by Lukashenko and Putin put a stop to the insurrection as Prigozhin began to sober up.
    What I found amazing was the support for Wagner when they turned back by the local populations. Perhaps many in the group that turned back were going to enlist in the Russian Army and leave Wagner, and were cheered for doing so…?
    Prigozhin accused the Russians of attacking 2,000 of his troops.
    This leaves one to wonder IF indeed this did happen, those who were targeted by the Russian MoD weren’t by chance the hardened criminals who got out of the Gulag under the offer to either stay in the Gulag and rot, or go and fight, similar to the Soviet Penal Battalions in World War Two.
    The Penal Battalions were always sent on suicide missions…so any chance of them returning to society post-war was nil. Problem people are then no longer a problem…!
    Perhaps the Russian Hierarchy didn’t want the hardened Gulag criminals to finish their contracts, fearful that they would then be free to resume their criminal behaviours once they were back in society, so they staged an attack on the ‘worst of the worst’ to prevent them being free post-war…
    And- it could also be that these Gulag criminals have been the ones committing alleged atrocities? or perhaps the Ukrainian Operatives have been posing as the Wagner PMC Gulag inductees in the various villages, districts, etc. committing war crimes, etc. so that Russia would catch and get the blame??
    Look for the mainline Wagner PMC to sign-up with the Russian MoD, while the Wagner Gulag inductees will go to Belarus to leave their criminal past in Russia behind….possibly?
    If Lukashenko allows them to stay permanently in Belarus, there is no doubt that they will either bolster the Belarussian Defence Forces. OR- they will become a criminal problem, or both. If it’s the latter, then history will repeat in Belarus as it has done in Russia and the Ukraine, sending the exiled Wagner Gulag Inductees into battle when all goes hot.
    The problem here is that the U.S. will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Belarus in the event the Wagner Gulag Inductees, being unstable with their criminal past, seize the nuclear weapons in order to ‘get back at the world and the legal system that sent then to the Gulag’ in the first place..they may even target Moscow from Belarus in order to exact revenge against Putin and the legal system that sent them to Gulag Perm 10 anyway.
    The Red Army’s Penal Battalions had no survival rate, as the attrition was guaranteed due to the Soviet Government not wanting those men back in society. & if a Penal Battalion member took one step back or refused orders, then the leather-jacketed blue hat J3wi$h Political Officers shot them in the head on site with their issued Makarov 9 mm handguns.
    Hal Turner is reporting that Russian General Shoigu is under detention / house arrest pending a replacement in his role, and that one of the planes from the Russian Presidential Fleet has been dispatched to D.C. in order to pick up the Russian Embassy and Consulate Staff and return them home to Russia.
    Preparations for war???

    • Wagner are popular as they have sacrificed a lot. Keep in mind they never threatened to overthrow Putin and the govt, their beef if with military leadership, they consider too cautious in their approach.

  3. I kind of see the point from both sides. Wagner have done a large amount of the fighting and taken heavy losses. They want to push to see Ukraine liberated, as quickly as possible. Putin is more cautious, worried about triggering NATO’s active intervention and maybe, WWIII.

  4. Many seems not to understand that Wagner is a Russian extra territorial army. They did a great job in Dombass. This is recognized by Putin and the Russian population.
    This done and now Dombass have become by LAW russian [ when Wagner went there it was ukrainian ] Wagner cannot stay in russia as its legal status forbid it . It cannot act or stay on Russian ground. Vladimir Putin is an excellent lawyer. So it is logical to me that either members of Wagner are absorbed by the russian army and become legal members of the army. Or move elsewhere such as ally Belarus awaiting other missions.
    I think it is Scott Ritter who did explain the legal extra territorial role of Wagner
    What is happening is to me perfectly logical

  5. WAKE UP!!!
    Its all staged bullshot by the Cabal And WEF and their associates.

    Wake up and smell the coffee …. not the bullshot.
    Start looking on Bitchute is a good place to start.
    Have you noticed in Ukraine when they show a blown up building on the news, the trees are relatively unharmed!!??
    Did you ever wonder why??? Staged?? or Pinpoint plasma blast.
    And the civilians they interview, why are their clothes always spotless?

    Snore Snore, your coffee is waiting


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