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‘Scathing’ Auditor-General’s Report – Scrap Three Waters now says National

Three Waters Report news

The Office of the Auditor-General has delivered a scathing indictment of the Government’s Three Waters reforms and the Government should now abandon them, says National’s Local Government spokesperson Simon Watts.

In a submission to a Parliamentary committee released today, the Office of the Auditor-General says the proposed Three Waters changes will result in ‘a serious diminution in accountability to the public for a critical service’ and ‘no proposed audit scrutiny’.

“The submission delivers a damning analysis of the overlap of proposed governance structures, lack of access to information by the public to scrutinise the proposed Water Entities, a lack of performance measures and a lack of integration with other reforms and local planning,” Mr Watts says.

“This is a scathing indictment of Labour’s Three Waters reforms.

“The Government arrogantly ignored the criticism of local communities and National when it was told these reforms were unaccountable and not transparent, and now they are being confronted with the reality.

“National has said from day one that these proposed reforms wouldn’t give communities access to accountability for the performance of these entities, and that their structure made them destined to fail. These concerns have been backed by the Office of the Auditor-General.

“Labour must accept they’ve got it wrong. Three Waters is not only unpopular, it is broken. The Government cannot now continue to ignore the critics of their reforms, and the public.

“It’s time for the Government to admit it was wrong and start again.

“If the Government goes ahead, despite the overwhelming criticism, National will repeal the changes and ensure water assets remain in local ownership.”

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  1. First comes the Three Waters,
    Then comes the water meters!
    Enter via the back door legislation that the public can’t vote on and what the government keeps secret until revealed as a law being passed ie; ‘Carbon Footprint Excess’, and / or low ‘Social Credit’.
    Using too much water (an International Human Right)? That lowers your Social Credit score; they may have to cut you off from the water supply that you pay enormous rates for…
    Using a series of solar panels and a back-up battery? More ‘Carbon Tax’ based on the materials and processes used for both the solar panels and the battery that exceed anything you might have saved on alternative power sources…
    Buying that new E-Vehicle in order to be both ‘environmentally and politically correct’ and get a credit from the government?
    Then be prepared for higher Home & Contents plus Vehicle Insurance due to the same catching fire and gutting the vehicle and your home when it goes ‘full torch’…
    In the usual government ops in keeping with solving one problem that creates 2-3 more, eventually everyone pays economically for it, but when you add ‘Social Credit Scores’ and forced compliance, you then have a full-blown Fascist Tyranny.
    & who benefits the most from all of this mess?

  2. There’s something not right about 3 waters. We are being lied to and that is obvious.

    Is it something to do with the IMF and the loans they have given us?

    Whatever it is, it stinks to high heaven.

  3. Jabcinda will not budge to AG. Race card, charm offence using mass media, fear mongering with water related heath issues, climate change and pollutionlegalised favours or trade-off etc will be the cards that will be played on. Public opinion, human rights, national interest, law, equity etc. did not matter in the past for Jabcinda. So nthing is going to change in the NWO agenda of controlling and using water as a weapon.

    • Has anyone publicly ever told so many lies?

      I actually don’t think so. Someone should award her with the Guinness book of records award for most lies and biggest hypocrite to ever hold public office in this country.

      It’s appalling that we have sunk this low as a country. how anyone can support this madness is beyond me.

      It’s all so blindingly obvious.

      My husband came home tonight and said as he left work he felt like he may as well have been in New York in the depression. Drug dealers with hoodies, thieves and he said he could have been mugged and he got the feeling everyone would have just turned their backs. The New Zealand police are absolutely F*****g useless. The police station is literally 500 m from there, there are shoplifters, drug dealers, drunk people, and just general losers hanging around the CBD trying peoples door handles, begging for money EVERY DAY. It never used to be that bad. All the 501s have been dumped in emergency housing and now our town has to deal with it.

      We are seriously thinking of getting out and moving overseas where they don’t have a certain small group of people trying to usurp everyone else. Breaks my heart, my family had been here for 6 generations but good law abiding hard working people can only take so many blows.

      • And they once called this place Godzone. Yes, it is an absolute tragedy how quickly it has become a bog of government stench and lies. I pray you find the peaceful haven we all so desperately seek…

  4. Frankly I wouldn’t be alone saying the Arden government is an embarrassment to New Zealand and the rest of the world. I am ashamed of their racism, their callous disregard and obligations to the public. Jacinda Ardern is a public servant.She is not the queen. Not too long from now there is going to be an election. She is going to be casted out along with her cronies. There is absolutely no mandate from the public whom she serves. These assets were built and paid for by previous generations taxes. They are owned by the plubic and not a single race. All governance has to be democratic and not race based tribal rule. And that’s not the only thing the Ardern government is getting woefully wrong. The health system is on the verge of complete collapse. Such mismanagement of public funds and assets really needs investigation and indictable penalty.

    • They knew the limitations of TV and news media, and that is why the “mask mandates”. You will be reminded of the scamdemic whenever you go shopping or interact in public.

      • That’s right. There is one place I go – not saying where, and almost no one is wearing a mask. It’s so bloody refreshing to go there. Even if it’s made mandatory now, people won’t do it. There will be too many of us to drag through the courts.

        Wellington city seems to be stuck in its own bubble.

        I encouraged my son to not wear a mask at school and his mates quickly followed suit. Those young kids need to learn to be powerful in numbers to push back on unjust ‘rules’. Good lesson for them.

    • We did that over 2 years ago. Not even sure the TV works anymore. Don’t listen to radio any more. Those smug overpaid people with too many govt ads have sold themselves out. The paper I get in bundles from the local dairy and I use it to start my fire. Most of it is in a language I don’t understand anyway these days. If they want to peak to less than 10-20% of the population then they can expect their readership to fall. Not a good business model.


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