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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: The dead do not have a voice, but they are entitled to justice

Sudden deaths news

Last week a school child died of a sudden medical event in New Zealand while running and 12 thousand miles away the 24 year old captain of a hurling team in Ireland collapsed mid game and died soon after.

The NZ school principal said “This is absolutely tragic, it’s devastating. We’ve got very sad students and staff, and we are doing everything we can to support them.”

In Ireland, the president called the death an “inestimable loss” to his loved ones and the local community. The Taoiseach (Irish PM) also expressed his sympathies, saying that he was “shocked and saddened” to hear about the hurler’s passing.

They join a very long and growing list of apparently healthy people, young and old, who have died suddenly and unexpectedly over the last 18 months.

Three years ago this would have been unusual and much commented upon, but today few are asking questions. The articles in Stuff and the BBC disappeared off the front pages within a very short time.

There will be some medical explanation offered to bereaved parents. Legitimate privacy concerns will ensure that this is kept private. No doubt it will be agreed that they are tragic deaths, but possibly unavoidable, for which no one is at fault. The school principal says that she is doing everything she can. The Taoiseach professed himself shocked.

No one can point the finger here without information, but it is not possible to ignore a hard fact: sudden deaths are happening too many times, considerably more times than in the past, meanwhile the authorities appear to be exercising their right to remain silent.

Given accumulating evidence of vaccine harm, it might be a great relief to everyone in the medical profession, the media, and government if the pandemic simply whimpers to an end as appears to be happening in the UK leaving no questions answered and no apology required. But there is a question of justice.

The NZ Crimes Act, clause 155—Duty of persons doing dangerous acts—says:

Every one who undertakes…to administer…medical treatment, or to do any other lawful act, the doing of which is or may be dangerous to life, is under a legal duty to have and to use reasonable knowledge, skill, and care in doing any such act, and is criminally responsible for the consequences of omitting…to discharge that duty.

The emphasis is on knowledge and care. Was this always diligently exercised during the pandemic, or have the authorities sometimes looked the other way as new evidence came to light?

In June, a paper was published in the journal Science. This technical paper has had over 250,000 views. It suggests that repeated Covid vaccination has an effect similar to repeated injections designed to acclimatise a person with allergies to small quantities of the allergen (such as bee venom). Eventually the immune system learns to ignore the venom and thus escapes the excessive and damaging immune system reaction to stings.

In the same way, repeated exposure to the Covid spike protein in vaccines is teaching the immune system to ignore the spike protein. The immune system no longer bothers to fight Covid off. Thereby boosters are not helping us to avoid Covid, they are leaving us more vulnerable to reinfection. The conclusion is that repeated boosters should be avoided.

I term the publication of a paper like this as: apology lite—boosters are not useful, but never mind it is not too bad—you’ll probably get over it as long as you stop taking the jabs.

Of course even this sort of useful information is not passing through the hands of government, politicians of all parties, media, and medical administrators and onto the public. Given their high profile promotion of vaccines and mandates, it is possibly way too embarrassing for them.

The real problem arises because this Science paper, and most Covid papers, seldom tell you that there are other real and serious dangers associated with Covid vaccination—that would be vaccine heresy and might result in censorship.

Risks that might and do result in illness and sometimes death. Health conditions that may never go away or even get worse, including potentially fatal increased incidence of blood clots, neurological conditions, heart disease, and cancers (according to 2021 US military data and US insurance data).

These appear to be contributing to record levels of all cause mortality affecting all ages.

The German government came clean two weeks ago and admitted the prevalence of health problems was significant, serious, and life changing, but they stopped short of pausing public vaccinations. That might have constituted an admission of guilt.

Are those in government, the media, and the medical profession referencing the full scope of science journal publishing? Are they keeping count of the unusual extent and character of health outcomes? If they admitted doing so, they might be forced to admit complicity in a crime. A crime of such unprecedented proportions that bids to defy belief.

Is any particular sudden death related to vaccination in any way? In many cases we don’t have sufficient information and therefore can’t speculate, but the number and circumstances of recent sudden death cases appears to be too high to ignore. Two weeks ago we reported the sudden death of six Canadian doctors.

Has the government contributed to a public health tragedy by failing to admit that there are serious risks from Covid vaccination for every age group and few if any measurable benefits for those under 50?

It appears there is a discussion to be had, if we are ever permitted to do so, and there may be a case to answer in a court of law where every aspect of the evidence can be presented and cross examined.

Image credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Numeroligists like Baker don’t deal in truth they are problably using Fortan 72 like Ferguson in the UK.To a fraud investigator there is a large surrounding stench.Once smelt that should be acted on. People don’r die randomly without cause.
    If you want an expert data cruncher consider Willis Eschembach. If there’s info in the data he will get it out.

    • Baker is not even a numerologist, He is a shyster of the lowest order. I agree with you completely. We need a professional data analyst who will report it like it is.

  2. Very interesting to learn of ‘The NZ Crimes Act, clause 155—Duty of persons doing dangerous acts’.

    The criminal repercussions and financial liability for government, the medical profession, employers and academia are mind-boggling.

    One defence in clause 155 appears relevant i.e “without lawful excuse”.

    I suspect these three words will be fiercely contested in court.

    Is malfeasance a ‘lawful excuse’? I think not.

  3. Almost every time I read online news from NZ or overseas there are at least 2-3 unexpected/sudden deaths of very healthy people, and these are only the very few making the news.

    The sheer blindness of some and cognitive dissonance of others who continue to believe most of these deaths are not directly vaccine related, feels like a zombie dystopian unreality.

    I guess those who had the vaccine must now view it as a pharmaceutical Russian roulette courtesy of Pfizer. Taxpayers have paid and are still paying billions for this, while thousands have paid with their lives and health.

    I have considerable sympathy for those who had the injections in good faith believing this govts deliberate unscientific spin and trampling of the truth.

    • But so many are still sleep. One of my colleagues just mentioned his had his 2nd booster (that would be 4 jabs in around 8 months). People are so deeply sucked into the lies that they no longer have the ability to question why would anyone one NEED SO MANY ‘Vaccines’ in such a short period of time for ANY illness, let alone something which is a mild respiratory illness??

  4. The analysis of the SADDS cases is very, very simple. Have the victims been jabbed or have they not been jabbed?

    If we look at the SADDS cases and find 100% of them were jabbed, then there is clearly a verdict that is beyond reasonable doubt. If we find that it is the other way around, then the opposite must be true.

    There is one very simple reason why this has not already been done and made transparent to the people that pay the people that serve them – the data demonstrates the dangerousness of these jabs.

    What is worse than committing a crime against humanity, human rights and medicl freedom? At least one thing. that is the crime of covering up the crime. Thus we can ensure that the powers that be in NZ who created, endorsed and supported the mandates and lockdowns will spend a very long time in jail, if NZ hasn’t’t brought back the death penalty for very serious crimes before then of course.

    At least Puerto Rico has seen sense, with mandates being banned by the incoming President and a declaration that the mandates are illegal and “unscientific”.


    • We dont know how much is paid for each jab. UK/EU/US paid about USD 30 and given our “small volume” of only about 15 million doses, we would have paid about NZD 55 for each does I guess. Then the cost of administering it would be about NZD 100. So each dose enriches the Big Pharma and the system pigs here. Why would they give up this windfall profiteering? It also gets brownie points for Jabcinda with Globalists and the ‘reward” it will fetch in future is worth millions. UN and EU officials get paid in millions with free holidays and travel, and they even have their own luxury shopping mall.

  5. NZ should and will wish they restored the death penalty in the next few years.The longer the Govt. keeps pushing the jab the bigger hole they are digging for themselves. In the next year or two the number of deaths will become overwhelming. The figures will also keep presenting overwhelming evidence of a mass Genocide of alarming and frightening proportions. Then watch these rats run they will be looking for a crap covered rock to hide under all over and around the world !!!


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