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‘So risky’: Australian medical expert tells inquiry COVID jab ‘should never have been injected into a single person, ever’

Professor Ian Brighthope was giving evidence in the Commonwealth Government COVID-19 Response inquiry.

On 19 October the Senate referred an inquiry into ‘the appropriate terms of reference for a COVID-19 Royal Commission that would allow all affected stakeholders to be heard to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry.’

The Committee held a public hearing today in Canberra.

Professor Ian Brighthope is a retired medical practitioner and surgeon with over 40 years experience. He is a leading authority in natural and integrative medicine, and founder of Entoura, a developer of medicinal cannabis products. He is director of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine and co-founder of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Speaking at the hearing Brighthope said COVID-19 mRNA gene therapies marketed to the public as a ‘COVID vaccines’ were ‘so risky’ and should never have been injected into a single person.

‘This vaccine – if you can call it a vaccine is a new technology applied to almost the entire global population without showing adequate levels of efficacy and safety.

‘And in fact, my first reaction, when I heard it was going to be a vaccine – the mRNA – was no, this is too dangerous.

‘When you hear about it being wrapped up in a nanoparticle, we know it’s not going to stay in the deltoid muscle. It would never stay in the deltoid muscle as we were promised.

‘It travels all around the body. It travels to the brain, to the heart, the blood vessels, travels to the testes and the ovaries.

‘And this is why we’re seeing so many people suffering from serious adverse reactions, including a lot of heart disease, degenerative central nervous system type disorders, autoimmune diseases, and certainly many, many gynaecological problems – female problems.

‘This also contains DNA fragments, and DNA and mRNA can transcribe and end up in the nucleaus of our cells, including our germ cells.

‘This is so risky, it should never have been injected into a single human being ever.’

Video of Professor Brighthope’s testimony was shared on X (Twitter) by independent journalist Rukshan Fernando and commenters took the opporunity to voice their experiences with the COVID jab:

– I know of many once healthy Teens now with chronic diseases and the Doctors response “It’s due to a virus you had when you were Young”. Give me a BREAK.

– I’ve known of 4 unlucky people with terminal cancers the last few weeks.

The Committee’s final report is due by 31 March 2024.

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  1. The covid lies they told are going to bring down governments but they distract the stupid mass of sheeple with world war 3 and taylor swift ‘winning’ the election for Biden

  2. The tragedy is that so many gullible parents were swept along in the covid hysteria and got their kids injected.

    Sadly, we’ll only know the repercussions of that decision in a decade or two.

    • And if the kids live to adulthood, get married and have kids of their own, I wonder if the vaccine would affect their kids negatively? A horrible thought.

      • Yes indeed. Unfortunately we’ll only find out if the NZ kids have been sterilised in about 20 years or so.

        As we all know Bill Gates has been running his eugenics ‘vaccine’ sterilisation agenda in Africa for years.

  3. Sadly given another so called health crisis like the disease X that all the Wef A’holes and others keep talking about and most ordinary people will just beg the govt. to save them again and forgive their sins of the past. Any politician who did not stand against the covid crap in this country should already be on their way to trail and then prison.

    • If you didn’t know already the Government knew exactly what they were doing they knew it was deadly and even gave permission to kill a certain amount of people to cull the population.

    • The truth was always out there for everyone to see people were just too blind to see it. I read agenda 21 and it’s scary what they are willing to do. They think they are doing for the good of the World. It’s all To Control and Cull the World’s Population. I’m not a very intelligent person but I could see easily what they were doing before they did it.

  4. All never to be reported by MSM, so thanks Daily Telegraph for your efforts.
    No mirrors in Parliament and they wont hold themselves accountable that’s for sure

  5. Anyone with any sense would not of taken this rMRNA nanoparticle cocontion of DNA mutating poison into there blood stream. There was evidence even in the trial stages it was deadly and people ignored the black and white evidence.

    • The majority of people did not hear of any bad effects of it. They trusted medical staff and politicians and lawyers who betrayed them.
      They did not know. It was a staggering act of betrayal.
      We need to have empathy and compassion and help them.

  6. As a researcher, investigator, writer and author, I had done hundreds of hours of research on the history of mRNA, it’s application to vaccines, going back to 1985, and the many failed clinical trials with vaccines for rabies, influenza and Zika. Researchers always concluded that it could spark autoimmune disease/immune system reaction and that the risk did not surpass the rewards/efficacy. I tried to warn people early during the pandemic. I am not at all “anti-vaxx,” but I am very concerned with this approach to vaccine development which is extremely risky. I never got the jab myself and almost had to go to court to prevent my son from getting it. One of my best friends lost a good job, and his livelihood, because he refused to get the jab. (what happened to my body, my choice?) We will see millions of people eventually with autoimmune problems, some being heart problems. There are excess deaths in the UK, with many showing very unusual blood clots at autopsy.


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