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Monday, May 27, 2024

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The COVID Terabyte of Truth Bomb release

Tim Webb news


To Every New Zealand Politician, Mainstream Media Personality and Representative, Medical Personnel & Those Who Facilitated COVID-19 Vaccinations WITHOUT Authorisation ….

“Local Terrorist Suspect, Anti-Vaxxer & Conspiracy Theorist Exposes NZ Government & Mainstream Media Covid-19 Lies & Deceit With Explosive Terabyte Of Truth-Bomb Release.”

REVEALED: “How The NZ Government, Supported Unconditionally By Mainstream Media Intentionally Coerced & Manipulated Millions Of Kiwis Into Vaccination, Recklessly Endangering Kiwi Lives By Neglecting ‘Informed Consent’ & Dishonouring ‘Do No Harm’.”

10 March 2023 – From The Makeshift Desk Of Tim Webb – LOCATION: On The Run

  • Terrorist.
  • Anti-vaxxer.
  • Conspiracy theorist.
  • Second-class citizen.

Titles I’ve been assigned and recklessly labelled with, courtesy of our Labour Government and Mainstream Media over the past 18 months.
I am intentional collateral damage in standing against the NZ Labour Government.

My crime?

Thinking for myself.

It’s still 100% legal to do so.

And remember, those in Government work for the citizens.

We don’t work for you.

An important distinction, don’t you think?

My character has been assassinated and vilified, my credibility and reputation soiled, simply because I chose NOT to become Covid-19 vaccinated and honouring what The Project’s Jessie Mulligan claims is an “obvious public good”, which is now proven to be false.

What’s good about the folks who’ve been injured, maimed and/or lost their lives over this shameful debacle?

On the 10th November, 2021, TV3’s NewsHub reporter Mitchell Alexander interviewed Labour’s Andrew Little and broadcast on the 6:00pm National News that a terrorist act was likely to be committed in New Zealand during 2022, perpetrated by an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist acting alone, which you can view here.

On the 16th December, 2021, NZME’s David Fisher penned an article echoing the same words in a NZ Herald article, which you can read here.

In the 18 months since, my former friends, family and colleagues, the NZ Government, Incumbent NZ Political Parties, The GCSB, NZSIS, The Police, Mainstream Media, The Disinformation Project, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn along with various other covert government organisations, social media and big tech companies, ALL think I’m insane, stupid, crazy, and a danger to my country, the people who live here, and myself … and want EVERY citizen in this country to think the same.

I, along with countless others have been set up, by all of you.

Without sniggering, please take a moment to actually grasp the gravity of my situation along with countless others, and what this would feel like if you were in our place.

Even my ex-wife (14 happy years together) who works for NZME slapped me with a Temporary Protection Order over my sending multiple truth-laden emails to both her and her NZ Herald boss over the past 18 months in the hope of them publishing some actual truth, but NZME along with every other mainstream media outlet have chosen to support lies and deception and the illegal actions of our “One Source Of Truth” (cough) NZ Government, by publishing cherry picked and manipulated information and data in support of untruths about Covid-19, the pandemic and vaccines.

Every single one of your corrupt organisations along with all staff and personnel, have been lying to EVERY NZ citizen because you ALL had “guilty knowledge” over the pandemic, illegal lockdowns and vaccines, and did nothing about it.


Yes, the lockdowns were illegal because the Government did NOT act in accordance with legislative law contained within the NZ Health Act 1956.

There are many other instances of legal infringements by our Labour Government, WorkSafe and the Medical Community at large waiting to be heard in upcoming Class Action Lawsuits and future legal proceedings, but the media and investigative journalism wouldn’t inform anyone of these.

No, you’re much too busy now, covering your derriere’s with more lies.

Lies, upon lies, upon lies.

It’s all looking and sounding like a Sara Lee Danish Dessert.

Layer, upon layer, upon layer.

So, let me lay this on you as well …

From the Black’s Law Dictionary, the definition of “Guilty Knowledge” is simply “a term that is used when one or more persons know that an unlawful situation exists but choose to ignore it.”

I choose NOT to ignore it.

And neither do the 1,000,000+ freedom loving, freedom marching, Covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated Kiwi’s who stand in defiance over what can only be described as the greatest and most sinister deception and genocide, mankind has ever witnessed.

And you all carry on as if “there’s nothing to see here, run along now.”

And it ain’t over, yet.

NOT by a long shot, it looks, because you’re ALL trumpeting the vaccines as safe and effective when they are NOT.

The lies, deception and corruption continue.


BY YOU ALL, in the media.

Right royally, I might add.

YOU should all be absolutely ashamed of yourselves because hundreds, if not thousands of Kiwi’s have been injured, maimed and killed due to Government Covid-19 mandates sanctioned by mainstream media manipulative marketing and advertising, along with millions more, worldwide.

This isn’t speculation.

It’s proven.


But, let me be clear …




Class action lawsuits and litigation, backed by a preponderance of proof and evidence is how the people will expose the NZ Government and Mainstream Media as nothing more than liars, cheats and murderers.

Violence serves no-one.

I am NOT here to incite anger and rage which could lead to myself getting violent, nor anyone else, because that’s EXACTLY what the Labour Government tried their best to do when they labelled 1,000,000+ freedom loving, freedom marching Kiwis a credible terrorist threat, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and second-class citizens, when we are NOT.

Not long after Andrew Little’s imminent and credible terrorist threat was broadcast, I penned a letter to the NZ Police, exercising my right to, and I quote … “make a citizen’s arrest against the Labour Government of New Zealand along with their subsidiaries and associates and charge them with defamation and treason for conspiring to incite a person or persons to commit a terrorist act within New Zealand.”

I said “As the Government is considered the ‘one source of truth’ as per their instruction on multiple occasions and with 100% Mainstream Media support, Andrew Little’s broadcast means you’re ALL complicit in conspiring to incite a person or persons to commit a terrorist act within New Zealand by provoking a very distressed, confused, upset and angry nation of pissed off people.”

After sending my letter via email to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster, his office acknowledged receipt of my email, and I’ve heard nothing since. Even after two follow up emails, I’ve still heard nothing.

The NZ Police appear to have absolved themselves from any responsibility, condoning the appalling, inciteful and illegal actions of our Government rather than addressing the safety and concerns of the nation’s citizens, including me.

In frustration, I posted my letter to Facebook because I thought maybe I was wrong to be thinking the way I was.

I wasn’t wrong.

My letter went viral, shared hundreds of times along with hundreds of comments posted.

View it here on Facebook.

How can we all be wrong?

Why did we all have our names and character slammed and shamed?

Because I will not stop until I’m exonerated and compensated, along with every other Kiwi who’s endured the same experience I have.

I am here for one reason, and for one reason only …

To inform you of TRUTH.

My truth, while unveiling ALL your lies.

Collectively, the freedom movement has a colossal evidential dossier of truth waiting in the wings for our politicians and media to answer for, and that day of reckoning is approaching faster than a rat can jump from a sinking ship.

Since my being labelled a terrorist, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist and second-class, I haven’t worked. A bit tricky with those labels hangin over me, so I’ve used my time to uncover, collect and expose the truth, because there was no way I was lining up for an experimental medicine when we ALL know our Government consistently lies, the Mainstream Media consistently lies and Big Pharma aka Pfizer, have been successfully sued for hundreds of billions of dollars, for consistently lying.

Pfizer have openly admitted the vaccines were never made to stop transmission of Covid-19 between us, yet that’s precisely what Jacinda Ardern, the Labour Government, the Mainstream Media and Medical Personnel advertised and trumpeted to us all, day after day after day.

It was all lies.


It would also be a wise citizen who asks themselves, “why wasn’t this published in the media?”

The truth is, I sent this information to the NZME and NZ Herald Managing Director Michael Boggs, and was ignored.

Look, when something looks and smells like a dog, it generally barks like a dog too, and I felt the Covid-19 dog was rabid, so I chose the let my three jabs through to the keeper which in hindsight has probably saved my life, given the dubious contents of the vaccines, which you’ll discover in my release of my Terabyte Of Truth-Bomb.

Along with the antidote.

Many of us tried to alert the media and Government of what was happening, and lawyer Sue Grey who leads the Outdoors Party, along with DemocracyNZs Dr Matt Shelton went to Parliament many, many months ago to present their laboratory tested findings which are alarming to say the least, and were rejected.

The Labour Government are absolutely complicit in their sanctioned genocide.

And the mainstream media are complicit in their silence, and accessories after the fact.
For the past 18 months, I set about to do one job, and one job only.

To discover the truth behind what was unfolding here in New Zealand and globally.
I’ve sold all my possessions to live and have not lived at any fixed address for the past 18 months.

Honestly, it feels like I’m on the run.

Hounded by Government organisations and Mainstream Media, 24/7, and I’m over being spoon fed 24 carat bullshit and being labelled a danger to society.

Even my four children don’t know what to think of me because their minds have been poisoned by the utter garbage emanating from the Beehive and broadcast by the media.

Who the hell do you lot think you are?

Now, it’s important to note that I have NOT discovered the whole truth, rather … I have discovered part of the truth, and I have discovered a very large chunk of it, hiding in plain sight.

With that said, I present to you, my Terabyte Of Truth-Bomb.

By now you might be asking yourself, “why should I take you seriously, Tim?”

After all … I’m just a nobody from Auckland’s North Shore.

No … I’m diseased nobody, from Auckland’s North Shore.

According to many Government organisations, Mainstream Media outlets, Google and Facebook, I’m a misinformation and disinformation spreader and I’m highly infectious.

My disease?


Prior to Covid, I’d spent 6 years working as a real estate agent, who’re not generally known for their honesty and integrity, and for this exact reason I blew the whistle on the real estate industry, late in 2019.

I was disgusted at the hidden lies, deceit and corruption that lay waiting for the unsuspecting homeowner, perpetrated and perpetuated by an arrogant, ego-centric and money hungry boys club that made my skin crawl.

I published several articles about the real estate industry on social media and was unfairly fired for my contribution in exposing the truth.

Given the abuse I copped from agents around the country, it’s fair to say the industry loathes me, but my audience and community took a stand and applauded me, because finally … an agent took the moral high ground in doing the right thing and that was to inform everybody of the truth.

Today, my outspoken truth seeks to alert the public to genocide that’s taking place in New Zealand and on a global scale, because it’s my duty as a decent, honest, hardworking and tax-paying citizen to do so, don’t you think?

And it’s my God-given right to speak it and no one will ever tell me what I can and can’t say.


I’m obligated to speak with honesty and integrity from my heart, and because I do, I risk being permanently silenced, but even then … I’ve positioned my evidential ‘smart-bomb of truth’ to be released, regardless of whether I’m living, or dead.

I’m willing to risk my life for the truth to be heard and acknowledged, and for my kids to grow and live out their lives in a free and democratic society, without political tyrants assuming control over our lives, bodies and souls.

In addition to that, the truth never minds being challenged.



So why won’t any of you acknowledge me, my concerns and evidential cache?

If I’m wrong, throw the book at me for being a public nuisance.

I invite you all to challenge me and if my evidence doesn’t stack up, toss me in jail.

Trust me on this … I have much better things to do with my time than hold the

Government, Media and Medical Personnel to account.

Much, MUCH better things, however … since I can’t get no satisfaction from the law or officialdom, the next best thing is to go public with what I have and let my fellow citizens be the judge.

As the Dire Straits’ track Private Investigation states … “This is my investigation, it’s not a public inquiry.” Take the time to listen or read the lyrics of this track penned 40 years ago, and you’ll discover we’re all living this song, today, thanks to all of you.
Given the collection of information and evidence in my possession, I have every right to question the intentions and actions of those responsible, who yield their authority with a schoolyard strap.

I will not sit idly by and watch while folks go about their lives under the assumption their Government and Mainstream Media have been and are currently telling the truth and that Covid-19 vaccines are safe.

They are not, on both counts, and how do I know?

I have documented evidence and data.

Published peer reviewed medical journals.

Sworn testimonies and affidavits stashed in locations around the internet.

Videos, PDF’s, Word Docs, Images, ALL pointing to a deception so cunning and so preposterous, even I thought I was going crazy, but I’m not.

The information and evidence in my possession tells me it’s true.

And that’s just for starters …

I have official letters from PhDs, Doctors, Scientists and Scholars who’ve collectively presented a mountain of evidence to Government officials and Mainstream Media, only to have the door slammed in their face, while stripped of their educational and professional qualifications and their credibility slammed for questioning and voicing their concern over mRNA vaccines, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have it all.

Researched, cross-checked and fact-checked.

Even the Pfizer Clinical Trial Covid-19 Vaccine Data that Pfizer didn’t want released to the public for 75 years.

Why do you think they wanted to keep it hidden for so long?

Turns out a United States Supreme Court Judge couldn’t wait that long and ordered Pfizer to release their Clinical Trial Data, and it’s fair to say we’re going to be hearing a LOT more about this evil company, because the contents are really disturbing and sinister.

Why hasn’t the Government acknowledged this?

Why hasn’t this news made the Mainstream Media?

Yet, when I share this factual information on social media, I’m censored … by fact checkers.

What in God’s name is going on here?

Seriously, I’d really like to know why I have been labelled a terrorist, anti-vaxxer, a conspiracy theorist and a second-class citizen in my own country, when I’ve been vaccinated my whole life, have no criminal record except a couple of speeding tickets, owned businesses and employed many folks, up till recently paid all my taxes and generally put others before myself?

All I did was refuse to get Covid-19 vaccinated, and question Government policy.

This isn’t illegal, so what makes me so dangerous?

No one will answer my questions, and I’ve asked plenty on multiple occasions, but no-one in officialdom is willing to step forward, answer my questions, nor take the time to address my questions and concerns that’ve arisen through my collecting information and evidence that all points to skulduggery of the highest order.

Tell me, why haven’t we all been forced to get the flu jab?

I’m scratching my head because it’s now documented and proven the flu kills more people every year than Covid-19.

The data says it does.

I have reached out to Police, the Government and Mainstream Media on multiple occasions asking to be taken seriously with my information and evidence, and I’ve had no response.

You’re not interested.

And I know why.

You’re a pack of bloody bullies.

On Wednesday 29th March, 2023, the first month of information and evidence I sought out and collected in search of the truth will be available to ANYONE globally to download and peruse at their leisure.

I’m releasing the information month by month, at $10 per month so you’re able to review the information and evidence as I found it, allowing you time to decipher and digest it all with clarity and understanding.

If you’d like to fill your own personal library with everything I’ve collected over the past 18 months, as your own document of record for our future generations, please fill in the form that accompanies this notice, and I’ll make contact with you personally to arrange payment and transfer of information, once your details reach me.

The choice to seek out and acknowledge truth is always uniquely yours, and I’ve made it super-simple for you, and …

The truth shall set us all free.


“All lies have a cost because they never get lost, and they don’t ever die or lay low.
They’re seeded in guilt, blame-bathing in silt and a name-shaming murder of crows.
Knowledge has cost, invest no fear in loss; honour one’s dreams accrued.
To thine own self be true, say please and thank you, and commit to your very best view.
Lie in it we must, forged from rust of our trust, our bed until learning our truth.
For the stories we tell, and the white lies we sell, habitually come home to roost.

If you think yourself tired, if you think yourself frail, time to muse your own game-changing fuse.
Drink concrete cocktails, sleep on cold beds of nails, doing so with no excuse.
Today people cried, innocent victims of lies, cheaters use to break their own fall.
But truth will prevail, like a bill in the mail, steamed opened to show and tell all.
Life’s holy grail is to nest in the gale, to gain wisdom on one’s less travelled road.
Honour your code, become danger controlled and showcase your truth-telling mode.

One day if not now, we will shoulder the burden, the heavy cost of Government’s foul stench and load.
The light always wins because darkness is sin, unmercifully and unlawfully sewed.
Let us carry each other and New Zealand’s soul, reclaiming what’s rightfully owed.
Take Aroha Highway, turn at Tautoko Rise, you’ll make it home to Redemption Road.”
~ Tim Webb – Agent Of Change

“If you believe in fate to your harm, believe it, at least, for your good.
It is the best use of fate to teach a fatal courage.
Go face whatever danger lies in the way, knowing that you are guarded by the cherubim of destiny.”
~ Emerson

Tim Webb – Agent Of Change

To order the Terabyte of Truth bomb, contact Tim by completing the form below:

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    1. He want’s us to take him seriously but he puts a price on the truth, has NZ and it’s citizens not already paid the price for what our Useless Politicians from all parties and the corrupt mainstream media already done. Could just be me because I refuse to buy on-line.

      Physical cash all the way, now and forever.

      • Winston (what’s with the name…YOU are not the real Winston anyway…)
        puke around elsewhere. This dude Tim Webb is seemingly seriously into what YOU should have picked up ages ago.
        Don’t be a shill and babble about some coin. coin that this individual has clearly been deprived of. YOU Winston are likely on benefit if you can discredit a privateer’s effort to have a say. Where do YOU have a say? I will listen to YOU, but do NOT diss an apparently decent human fellow of what he so fervently wants YOU to comprehend.
        YOU are a nitpicker, one of the ones who never speak up when it’s needed.
        Well, and THAT’s the moment humans like Tim come in. YOU don’t know how lucky YOU are.
        I tell u what: I will pay double, for YOUR dismal attitude’s ass and even more, because ‘Tim’ (and I don’t even know that fellow) is one of the finest we have in this country!

        • Anon … bless ya. Appreciate your support in what I know for me, is doing the right thing, by everyone. If we don’t have haters, we’re simply not trying hard enough. Have a stellar weekend, and thanks again.

      • Winston … breathe. The first casualty of war, is the truth, and we are at war. Makes the truth, kinda valuable, don’t you think? Enjoy your weekend.

        • I apologize for my stupid comment.
          I would quite happily support if i could pay in cash, I just have no desire to buy on-line.
          Along with all that is going on in the world we also need to be aware that once we end up with a purely cashless society, that corrupt govt’s corporations and people like klaus Schwab, others and even organizations like the UN, WEF and IMF and all those other Globalist institutions and individuals have been pushing for decades we will lose so many of the freedoms that most people it seems still take for granted and if we are not careful it will be to late before we know it. I was having a bad day that day, which is not an excuse it’s just a fact……I hope your information gets out to the world….once again sorry for my stupid comment. Yes the truth is valuable but we do so much on line shopping and banking now that there are branches of banks that wont even accept cash, busses currently do not accept cash where will it end?

          • WOW, what a noble action to apologize!
            Most bullshiticians could learn something from you.
            I totally agree to your underlying sentiment RE cash vs cashless. I am missing the discussion about that in any media. I take the opportunity to post this link
            and hope that it get’s passed on to as many people as possible. CBDC is superseding ALL other threats to free society.
            While THEY have amassed virtually ALL wealth in the world (research who owns Vanguard. And why did Cindy visit Blackrock?), THEY now need to wreck currencies in order to introduce CBDC in order to gain TOTAL CONTROL. And wait for it: the plebs will scream for it: free cash, directly into your ‘account’.
            I trust that DTNZ and the new emerging parties will concentrate on this colossal danger to any -so far- free society and individual liberty.
            Again, respect for apologizing. Wholeheartedly accepted.

            • No truer words spoken, Anon.
              And yeah, Cindy was soooooo smug leaving the Blackrock headquarters in New York last year. I vote we undertake poloygraph tests on Cindy and her Labour cohorts who’ve needlessly perpetuated Genocide within New Zealand, providing a platform where truth reigns, and lies, deceit and corruption, are shamed.

          • Winston, thank you.
            What a good bastard for having the guts to apologise, because YOU felt you were out of line.
            Thanks mate, appreciated, and apology accepted.
            I absolutely agree with you Re digital currency and digital ID’s etc …
            However, influencing change over multiple issues like these, will only arise when we have a critical mass of people in enough pain to stand up to our Government and demand change, and in the immortal and ironic words of Darth Vader, “end this destructive conflict”, as he preached to Luke the POWER of the Dark Side of The Force.
            We are a force to be reckoned with, because instinsically, at the heart of us all, we are a force for good.
            Thanks again, Winston … enjoy your Sunday.
            Tim Webb

    2. Thank you Tim for your unwavering quest for truth to be seen. I’m sorry that it has been at a very high personal cost. The betrayal of family, friends and nation is a heavy and painful burden to bear. But you listen to me young man, you put your chin up, pull your shoulders back and hold your head high! We have a ways to go yet, and we need men like you. The truth deniers and propaganda pushers, the liars, the sellouts, the betrayers, and the gutless weak in our humanity are walking a very dark path of their own. Their companions are guilt, shame and torment, their shadows a constant reminder of the depths of darkness to which they have fallen. You are not alone! There are many of us! You have been greatly blessed with the truth, you have embraced it, you have proven that you won’t be silenced whatever the price or cost. So that being said and for whatever it’s worth… I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my children thank you and my grandchildren thank you and I hope and pray that your loved ones realize what a truly rare quality you possess, and what a courageous young man you are.

    3. Wide Awake … if you’re comment was any longer, I’d be crying by now.
      I’m getting all choked up sitting here with a significant lump in my throat, brought on by your acknowledgement and recognition of my standing against Government and Mainstream Media lies, while standing with my Brotha’s and Sista’s in favour of democracy, freedom and integrity.
      We are all perfect imperfections, but we have the inner fortitude to know what’s right and what’s not because we all know in our heart of hearts, the control, tyrrany and injustices being perpetrated and perpetuated by our Government and Mainstream Media Mafia, are the actions of those who position ego over empathy, selfishness over selflessness and dark over light.
      However, the evil-doers don’t seem to understand the one chink in their armour that without question or exception, will ultimately lead to their demise … which is, The Light.

      The Dark CANNOT Refuse The Light.

      I embraced these words when I learned of them two years ago, because they represent hope and inspire faith in my knowing, everything we’re experiencing right now, will pass, and we will ALL be liberated.

      Except of course, those evil-doers who continue to perpetrate and perpetuate fear through lies, deceit and corruption.

      They’ll all be thrust into dark, cold jail cells where they’ll have plenty of time to sit and think about what they’ve done.

      Of this, I am certain.

      Thank you for your massage. It’s people like you who take the time to arite messages like this who continue to fuel my courage, passion and desire to uncover darkness hiding in plain sight, by exposing their shrouded secrecy, to the light.

      You’re a star, and on behalf of ALL of us fighting the good fight, thank you.

      Tim Webb

    4. Tim, you’re a star. What else can be added to your lengthy commentary.
      This evil mob must be held accountable.
      I recall our current bland and boring PM actually threatening just prior to Xmas 2021 that he knew who were unjabbed, he would be hunting us down. Chilling indeed. He was hiding behind the tyrannical Dame at the time. I often wonder just how many NZers refused to be jabbed. Collectively we need to confront these nasty rivers of filth in Wellington and make it very clear we will not be dictated to re our health. They all need to be dealt with and jailed for life, starting with Dame Ardern and Sir Bloomfield. I believe they have already signed away our rights with the WHO and their nasty agenda, and we only have until November to object to their nasty plans. I fear for my children, grandchildren, and great grandies.
      Incidentally, at 82 years old, I am a well woman and thanks to my thinking parents I have NEVER had an injection in my lifetime for any medical issues. I wish I could help your efforts.

    5. Today is the 8th of September 2023.
      Tim, you need to go and register as a Candidate for the NZ Loyal Party under Liz Gunn!
      Please do so as soon as possible!
      Then, make your candidacy known thru alternative media sources!

      • Hi, and thank you. I offered my candidacy to Liz prior to the election, however … she declined, for what reason I do not know. She got my vote anyway, and I absolutely wish her every succress in what she does, where she goes, and the truth she tells. I’ve left NZ, permanently, and frankly, I’m all the better for it. Thanks again for your lovely comment. Made my day 🙂 Tim


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