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Svetlana Ekimenko
Svetlana Ekimenko
Svetlana Ekimenko is a Moscow-based Sputnik correspondent specialising in foreign affairs, social issues and science and previously worked as host for live broadcasts of Radio Sputnik.

Tucker Carlson Calls to Ditch Glitchy Electronic Voting Machines

Technical glitches with voting machines in Arizona’s Maricopa County on Tuesday prompted Donald Trump to write on his Truth Social platform, “Here we go again?”

After the 2020 presidential elections, Trump and his team had claimed electronic voting had been part of the process to “rig” the elections in favor of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

The glitchy start to voting in the midterm elections in Arizona’s Maricopa County on Tuesday prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson to call for ending the use of electronic voting machines.

Carlson insisted that “the core problem” is “we’re not really very serious about democracy if we’re using electronic voting machines or if we’re not requiring photo ID to vote.”

Approximately an hour after the voting began, some of Maricopa County’s 223 voting sites began experiencing technical issues with the tabulators, according to the state’s media outlets. Ballots were reportedly not being read properly because of the printer settings, which churned out ballots where the formatting marks were not dark enough for the tabulators to read, officials were cited as saying. According to various estimates, from 10 to 30 percent of the electronic vote tabulation machines in the county were malfunctioning at some point until technicians fixed the issue.

“You’re going to have these moments where everybody in the country fears volatility because one side doesn’t believe the result is real. You see it on both sides,” said Tucker Carlson as polls began to close and initial election results began to seep into media reports.

“It’s not just, you know, ‘the crazy right.’ It’s everybody is losing faith in the system itself. So I hope if there’s one thing that comes out of this, and I hope it’s bipartisan — no electronic voting machines. Require ID, and then we can just call it a day,” Carlson added.

Referencing the reported glitches with machines provided by the technology firm Dominion Voting Systems, he underscored that incidents like that “shake people’s faith in the system.”

The current malfunctions with software used by Dominion Voting Systems were immediately seized upon by former President Donald Trump, who wrote on his Truth Social platform, “Reports are coming in from Arizona that the Voting Machines are not properly working in predominately Republican/Conservative areas. Here we go again? The people will not stand for it!!”

Right after the elections in 2020, which Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden, the former POTUS and his campaign decried massive use of voter fraud by the Democrats in several states. Specifically, Trump accused Dominion Voting Systems that provided voting machines of illegally deleting an estimated 2.7 million votes cast for him. The technology firm had rejected the accusations. The former Republican president also claimed that victory had been “stolen” from him via manipulations involving mail-in ballots in key swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. However, despite a plethora of irregularities manifest throughout the election process in 2020, all efforts to provide solid proof fell through, and Trump and his legal team failed to win any lawsuits upholding the accusations in courts.

On November 8, people across America headed to the polls to decide the fate of all 435 House seats and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate, as well as 36 gubernatorial seats and 88 state legislature seats.

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  1. Paper ballots are fool proof because we can recount and verify. Deepstate wants electronic voting machines, digital ID, and digital currency. Easy to manipulate and fool public. WEF agenda and so we have to be carefull here too. Agent Jacinda may push electronic voting machines.

  2. Everyone thinks of India as a third world country – think again they have a thumb print for ID for their voting systems with all the cost of electronic machines can not the rest of the world figure out a positive ID system ?

  3. The corrupt A’holes running the world be it The IMF, The CFR, The UN, The WEF, The Global Banking System and the rest of the so called Global elite want everything to be digital because makes it easier for them to control everything including our lives. The day we lose the right to use and carry cash we will lose so many of our freedoms even the idiots who claim this is all conspiracy theory will have to stand up and take notice.


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