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Waitemata DHB to allow vaxed COVID positive staff to work under certain conditions

In an email obtained by Voices for Freedom (VFF), Waitemata DHB CEO Dale Bramley outlines the requirements for vaxed COVID positive staff to work on COVID-19 wards.

The email refers to a new government plan that allows COVID positive staff to work under certain conditions from the first day of their own isolation periods. These conditions include:

  • Must wear an N95 mask at all times
  • Must be well enough to work, and only if they wish to
  • Must remain on the wards at all times during the shift, and not to use tearooms at the same time as non-COVID positive staff
  • Must not use public transport

Waitemata DHB news

In reacting to the email, VFF posted on their Telegram channel:

We have seen the firing of all staff members who made an informed decision not to take the Covid jab. This was apparently due to a desire to reduce the risk to patients and other staff.

We have seen that the jabs do diddly-squat to prevent the vaccinated from catching and passing on the virus.

And yet the theatre remains.

Only, it gets worse.

Covid positive staff members are now being permitted to work in the hospital under certain conditions. The very situation they were trying to avoid is now being PROMOTED.

The health system is struggling with a fully-jabbed yet still sick workforce and we STILL cannot let the non-vaxxed back to work to help out.

A similarly illogical situation arose recently during the eastern Australian floods, where unvaccinated people were prohibited by State authorities from helping with disaster relief and rescue.

Image Credits: Ingolfson, Public Domain (Waitakere Hospital). VFF Telegram (Email).

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  1. I don’t see any patterns here! sarc, other than the pattern that the Independent NZ Judiciary doesn’t see any patterns either.

  2. I would love to have an option on the ballot at the next election that read “vote of no confidence” as I no longer believe in any political party. If say, this garnered 20% of votes it would then trigger a process whereby the entire political system/structure was re-examined and re-worked. This is the only way I can imagine us getting out of this awful loop of corruption and being able to put some form of control back into the populations hands

    • Chuck! sorry to tell ya if ya listen to attachment i’m putting on that all that is going on is part of the “plan” and May/June this year they moving to the next phase! And it isn’t going to be good. Also why would they be saying covid pandemic is going to over by the end of 2022?? If they hadn’t planned it that way!
      Won’t be a need for an election, we will be locked down and under military rule by then, or dead! We have to face this reality! Vaxed will die of the vax, and non compliant will restrained or dealt with. Sad times are coming


      NO doubt there will be trolls and the asleep that will mock this… Time will tell

    • remain registered to vote but dont vote,if the numbers of those who dont participate in the dog and pony show swell they will panic as they realise people dont believe in the illusion of choice they have created

  3. Absurd, unbelievable, just incredible.
    wouldn’t have believed it. Im almost excited to see what this Govt does next. Its gonna be a helova movie & book. Question is. Will it be a comedy, thriller, or murder mystery.

  4. So.
    Nurses with covid (who are Sick) can work.

    Nurses without covid (who ain’t Sick) can’t work, that’s unless they’re vaxed.

    I get it. Great.

    Hahaha hahaha, died laughing. sorry. Cause No ambulance available to pick me up. All quarantining at home.

  5. I spoke to a company the other day.
    They have 4 staff: 3 are vaccinated and 1 Is UNvaccinated.
    The vaccinated people were ALL off sick with covid.
    The UNvaccinated person was healthy and working.

    It’s not theatre – it’s the most obvious non-secret in the history of the world.

    • Same thing I’m seeing. I work on buidling sites around town, including at schools where contractors are mandated, and over half the staff are at home with/recovering/isolating with covid and they are ALL jabbed. This is happening on all building sites. Went to one yesterday, where there was supposed to be 7 workers on site, they are ALL JABBED, but 5 at home sick with covid. How is it possible for a vaccine taken three times in less than a year, doesn’t work on so many people? Like you say, the most obvious non-secret in the world.

  6. Someone should get a class action going and sue for discrimination and defamation (loss of career and reputation) against the DHB.

    While we are at it let’s get ‘the science’ that backs up this madness….

  7. I for one am unvaxxed and lost my job at the DHB after 20 years of service and have had COVID testing done 6 times……negative each time and I am healthy. Talk about double standards. I am going to start a petition and see my lawyer coz Jasinister, I plan to sue your a**e. Government beaurocracy and sh*t for brains (all government officials coz they got no balls to stand up to our evil leader)

    • Go You!!! I agree with double standards!! As for her Jabcinda and her saline jabs, Yep saline jabs!! Its well known that World Leaders don’t take trial drugs!
      If you look at vid of her getting the booster the liquid is clear!!! All others i’ve seen getting boosts the liquid is cloudy!!! Check it out

      • Vsracer – already cottoned onto fake jab months ago—–the nurse (if she was even a nurse) stood in the way of the needle. Total BS – and yes I am aware that World Leaders haven’t been jabbed – I hope someone breaks into their official offices and jab them 10 fold with the vaccines and give them the death sentence that they have dished out to the unsuspecting world.!!!!!!

  8. Just when we thought Ardern couldn’t sink any lower she sucker punches us in the guts with this little pearler. Surely the boogie man that is COVID turns out not to be deadly virus that Ardern and msm propaganda would have us believe. This email clearly shows that people can work while they have COVID!! ARE YOU AWAKE YET!!!!! We have always been able to work, your business didn’t have to close,we didn’t have to be locked down, our loved ones didn’t have to be alone, our kids could still go to school, WE DIDNT NEED A JAB!!!!!! The global government’s have deceived us in their power lust to take control, and bring in their new world order!! Think about it Covid is so effing mild that Ardern is going to let Covid infected people to work in our most vulnerable of environments. Why is that? Because it’s a scam!!!! We were never at risk. They created fear and held us hostage in that fear. Cast your minds back and go through the bs in your mind from the beginning. She sacked anyone who questioned her, hired her very own msm, refused scientific debates, banned all other cures. Get outraged nz what she has done to us as a nation, as a people is an abomination!! All very carefully orchestrated and planned, calculated and executed masterfully. You b…h Ardern the damage to many during your Covid joke is irreparable. You main stream media complicit scum! Our nation is wounded and you tried to kill her!! It’s your lies and agenda that have crippled her. And now you spit in the face of every nzder by opening the door to a Covid workforce!! You don’t deserve the honour of representing this nation and the precious people in her. You owe the people of this nation financial reimbursement for livelihoods lost.

    • Amen……..she is a total Nazi and to think she was brought up with Christian morals – more like the devil’s spawn…….She should be arrested for criminal acts against mankind just like HItler and the likes of him……..but sadly the Supreme Judges, Senates, police forces, armies etc are all under the influence and payroll of corrupt governments. Cowards, the lot of them.

  9. I am aghast at the people that push the jab on to others. This latest debacle in queenstown with the incompetence and inept governance of our m.o.h. I will never put my trust or my family’s health in the hands of these medical fakers and I hope you don’t either. Now they are trying to blame brain shrinkage on Covid ???? because of course it couldn’t be the jab. We know it is. Everything that is hidden will come out into the light everything kept secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Oh and the fake compassion for their f…up but never mind they have got another damaging shot lined up for you. Gosh I wonder if anyone checked the temperature of other batches. Watch this space and don’t be surprised if another jab is coming to a town near you. For your health of course, and for dodgey refrigeration. But mostly because of the unprofessional joke that is our Ministry of Health.

    • The unvaxxed are suffering higher levels of cognitive dysfunction following Covid because they get a more serious bout of the disease. That’s how you know it’s not the vaccine causing it. The unvaccinated also have less brainpower to spare, so it’s all bad news, I’m afraid.

      • The flu doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier neither does Covid. Scientific evidence does show that the jab does, but that’s old news so it’s all bad news from here I’m afraid ????

      • Total BS – what planet are you on? Every time the media in NZ would state the numbers in ICU around the country – I would go up to ICU (being a health worker at the time) and the beds were practically empty. One or two patients in there tops that were NOT Covid related…….saw with my own eyes… There are more deaths from those who have been vaccinated than those unvaccinated……..myocarditis, perimyocarditis, brain fog, lethargy, chest pains, respiratory problems, premature menopause, infertity. Myself and my family are non-vaxxed and we have no health issues. Grow up and get a grip because people like you are so ignorant and blind (but then again, you are probably on Jacinda’s payroll also just to put a spanner in the works). “Blinded by the Light” – (the reflection of Jacinda’s horse teeth!)

      • According to whom you misguided fool? Omicron and Delta came after boosters and second dose of vaccine and it is spreading like wildfire among the vaxxed, rather than the unvaxxed. Delusional……….

  10. What are you going to do now Bolter? Your pm is going to send you out and about with the vaxed who have COVID! And scientific evidence shows the jab not working only thing left for you is to grab your favourite crochet blanket, find yourself a nice corner and move backwards and forwards in a slow and steady rocking motion and pray that it will all be over soon. This will help with your cognitive dissonance.

    • I’m vaxxed and boosted so will be fine. It’s you who will likely get ill and demand to consume health services, like some sort or freetarded selfish prat.

      • You have just taken decades off your life bro…….Ignorance is your forte! My family, my kids, my relatives remain unvaxxed and have no health problems. So do some research and find the facts instead of listening to MSM BS!!!!

      • Yeah nah if I won’t need to go to hospital even if I did you double jabbed and boosted will be squatting there so no room for pure bloods. I am a blood donor though if you need help. ???? just saying.

      • Who wants healthcare in this country now anyway? This fake pandemic has exposed many things, and the health care workers/specialists who took the vaccine don’t come out looking smart or caring. I don’t want ‘care’ from those people thanks.

  11. Of course they have now found brain shrinkage. The pm numbers are down for the booster and just like clockwork and on cue another fear tool from her toolbox to push the jab. Ho hum sooo predictable I can see through it can you?

    • What damage? Covid has killed 15 million people. The vaccine has saved millions. Those are facts. You don’t like them because you have invested everything in being rabidly anti vaccination, but there’s nothing you can do to change them. Keep shrieking though, it’s funny.

      • Bolter – more deaths with the vaccinated than the non-vaccinated. Delta and Omicron came after second dose of vaccine and now spreading like no tomorrow. Wake up!!!! Covid killed millions after vaccination started so you get your facts straight NWO lover!!!!!

  12. CDC pulled the PCR test on 31/12/2021. We suddenly get RAT tests and no true(expecting much)explanation and they still playing the PCR game. Kerry Mullins(haven’t got correct spelling, sorry)owned the patent for PCR so no money going to the tribe, but alas rothschilds own the patent for RATS. $$$$$$$$$$$$ is your answer folks


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