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Watch: 10,000 scientists and physicians sign Rome Declaration calling to end mass COVID ‘vaccination’

A global summit of medical scientists and physicians met in Rome in September to discuss the COVID ‘vaccine’ crisis.

10,000 subsequently signed the Rome Declaration, in which they reaffirmed the Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm’, and to demand immediate cessation of the mRNA experimental ‘vaccine’ technology. 60,000 have now signed The Great Barrington Declaration.

Rome Declaration news

The purposes of the Declaration are to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers’ and medical authorities’ unprecedented behaviour; behaviour such as denying patient access to lifesaving early treatments, disrupting the sacred, physician-patient relationship and suppressing open scientific discussion for profits and power.

The text of the Declaration reads as follows:

WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following:

WHEREAS, after 20 months of research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared, we have demonstrated and documented our success and understanding in combating COVID-19;

WHEREAS, in considering the risks vs. benefits of major policy decisions, thousands of physicians and medical scientists worldwide have reached consensus on three foundational principles;



Negligible clinical risks from SARS-CoV-2 infection exist for healthy children under eighteen.
Long term safety of the current COVID vaccines in children cannot be determined prior to instituting such policies. Without high-powered, reproducible, long term safety data, risks to the long-term health status of children remain too high to support use in healthy children.
Children risk severe, adverse events from receiving the vaccine. Permanent physical damage to the brain, heart, immune and reproductive system associated with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-based genetic vaccines has been demonstrated in children.
Healthy, unvaccinated children are critical to achieving herd immunity. Natural immunity is proven to tolerate infection, benefiting community protection while there is insufficient data to assess whether Covid vaccines assist herd immunity.


Natural immunity is the most protective, and longest-lasting solution against the development of COVID-19 disease and its more serious outcomes.
Naturally immune persons are at the lowest risk of transmission, thus should not be subject to travel, professional, medical or social restrictions.
Natural immunity provides the best source of herd immunity, a condition necessary for eradicating the Covid virus.


Early intervention with numerous, available agents has proven to be safe and effective, and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.
No medicine already given regulatory approval shall be restricted from “off-label” use, particularly during this global humanitarian crisis caused by a rapidly mutating virus, which requires quick to adopt treatment strategies.
Health agencies shall be prohibited from interfering with physicians prescribing evidence-based treatments they deem necessary, and insurance companies must cease blocking payments for life-saving medicine prescribed by doctors.


We believe that violating any of these three principles unnecessarily and directly risks death to our citizens. We hereby recommend the leaders of states, provinces and nations legislate or take executive action to prohibit the three practices described above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has signed this Declaration.

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  1. Thank you to the physicans and scientists of this world who have stood for us and our wellbeing.
    Thank you for standing by your oath ‘first do no harm’.
    Thank you for your persistance in standing up for the uncensored right to have those conversations with colleagues and scientific bodies that lead to new life saving discoveries for all humanity.
    Thankyou for your persiverence under such difficult times when people of medicine and science are being persicuted and hogtied to prevent quick response to this global bio terrorism act. To prevent you saving lives so that the resulting many unnecessary deaths added fuel to this fake pandemic label.
    Thank you – you have my support.

      • Yes, about time to stop this hysterical madness.
        Vacinate the old and vulnerable like the flue vaccination and for the rest let nature run its course.

          • Absolutely not! Why give just the old a toxic cocktail of 99% GRAPHENE HYDROXIDE ( lipid coated magnetized nano particles that act as razor blades once inside the blood stream being 1 atom thin and 5mm long), GENE ALTERING MRNA THERAPY which produces an ongoing manufacture of TOXIC SPIKE PROTEINS with no off switch! PLUS another host of TOXIC chemicals as well ( POLYSORBATE 80- crosses the blood brain barrier). The examined blood of vaxxed people show clotting patterns indicative of blood disease and micro clotting.

          • hear hear, the elderly should not be subjected to the vaccine. Since when were the elderly stripped of their rights to choose. Their body their choice that’s it.

          • Good for you. Everyone has the right to choose if the vaccine is for them or not. Informed medical doctors should be the ones to help decide what is best for their patients and then leave the choice to their patients without pressuring them. Vaccines should NEVER be MANDATED!

          • Me too! I may be elderly and a bit infirm but will make my own choices about my own health as I always have. I also do not want anyone else “keeping me safe” by having an injection. Get on with your lives. You serve me better by creating healthy families and prosperous communities than creeping around in masks and whimpering about the vulnerable.

        • Many so called vulnerable have done very well throughout this time..Many with autoimmune conditions have done fairly well and also don’t seem to have the complications that were expected..I speak from experience of administrating a lupus awareness page…

          • I have had Systemic Lupus and keep it in remission with healthy diet,mindset and neutraceuticals .Why would I take a spike mRNA cocktail with possible lethal or damaging health consequences in order to be digitised for control, if I survived post 5 years?Duh ?

      • Thank you thank you thank you
        As RN Nurse Clinician (ret) began researching Jan 2020 discovering nearly EVERYTHING told to us by “experts,” ranged from downright lies to deadly reckless
        As a healthcare professional, am HEART SICK wondering WHERE ARE THE COURAGEOUS physicians and nurses honoring their oath of practice?
        Finally, HERE THEY ARE.
        This insanity, steady drum beating of 24/7 psychological warfare MUST END NOW, Globalist Elites perpetrating death and destruction MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

        • Well, Thank YOU!. I would be very interested in your research also, could you provide it? Any best links or anything. Regards. KF

        • Here, here Jan and Ditto.Being a terminated RN in NSW Australia for refusing vaccines,I too am incredulous that critical thinking has been wiped out by fear and blind obedience to the manipulated propaganda. How effective did that planned psychosis work on intelligent career carers.Unbelievable

      • Thank you thank you thank you
        As RN Nurse Clinician (ret) began researching Jan 2020 discovering nearly EVERYTHING told to us by “experts,” ranged from downright lies to deadly reckless
        As a healthcare professional, am HEART SICK wondering WHERE ARE THE COURAGEOUS physicians and nurses honoring their oath of practice?
        Finally, HERE THEY ARE.
        This insanity, steady drum beating of 24/7 psychological warfare MUST END NOW, Globalist Elites perpetrating death and destruction MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. But first, end the insanity

  2. Wonderful article giving much needed encouragement that there is still those willing to stand up for the population who are victims of mass tyranny. The world is crying out for you voice of reason and compassion

  3. Wonderful , something has been said from the credible and inarguable sources. So now what I wonder. Who has the power to enforce this editt. Doesnt look like our lot of morons have even debated it let alone let alone thought about it,

    • Evil is being exposed – well done scientists – those who prosper by selling this untested vaccine will never have peace and those who keep doing evil will face the severe Judgment of GOD

  4. Bunch of treasonous quacks.
    No virus has been isolated and therefore demonstrated to cause any symptoms of disease.
    Stop believing what these people tell you, read the papers that they are quoting.
    They do not support their opinions.

    • Exactly, this ignores those of us who will not submit to tests that are bunk that trigger for a fake virus that does not exist.
      I do not need to prove i have ‘immunity’ from anything, but their wording of their declaration is medical apartgeid by definition. Only those under 18 and those tested to have had some notional ‘virus’ are protected from not having vaccine mandates and restrictions WTAF!!

    • Yes. This declaration does not go far enough for the patients protection. PCR tests need to be included, also the forced masks wearing, which has been shown to cause bacterial pneumonia and the constant use of antibacterial hand wash. None are designed to protect people’s health. All these measure are shown to help weaken our immunity along with the flu vaccine.

      The Barrington Declaration is a great start to fighting for our freedom. But it’s designed to give Dr’s freedom to resume work as usual, which is good and to protect their working status, keep thier jobs, no reprisals re their defending ethical medical oractice. And I support that.

      But it doesn’t address the whole medical interference that has emerged, which needs to be addressed and STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. Including Neuroliguistic wholesale brainwashing technique being applied via the different avenues of the secular media.

      The general public must do their part. Speak to their own Dr’s and expect them to step up to the plate in this pandemic of plots and death to the general public. Dr’s fail to recognise they will be next, no one will be left to stand a free person if we fail to stand together against the few dictators driving this evil Genocide. If we simply watch, hope and dream of returning to NORMALITY and GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS and
      individually decide to do Nothing,!
      REMAIN SILENT! the world’s population will be lost and whoever left controlled by evil rulers. COWARDICE IN THE FACE OF THE PRESENT LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, WILL RESULT IN THE DESTRUCTION OF US AND OUR BELOVED CHILDREN. We really have to muster individual courage and stand firm together, make demands on government, swamp government MP,s and local councillors, hospital managers, I divide all Dr’s and church leaders with letters demanding they take a stand for the general public by whom they are paid.

      MP,s if you are awake, you will see they play hood cop verses bad cop, it’s a charade they are all sitting and remaining in the same boat of destruction of our lives. They are play hood cop by acting trying to appease the public to fool us into thinking they are actually fighting the bad cops to get life back to normal again. When in fact they are complicit on bringing about the, “NEW NORMAL” Let’s not be fooled into complacency. We have to stand against this TYRANNY TOGETHER, THERE’S NO ONE TO DO IT FOR US.

  5. A very sincere blessings to all you wonderful people for standing up for the ordinary man and women and child in the street. With your help and great knowledge we shall prevail

  6. Can anyone explain why Robert Malone’s read declarations, differ from the declaration as reported in the DT article? This is brilliant but it needs more information to help it make sense me

    • yeah im wondering the same thing. Was is written is not the same as the video. In fact the video itself speaks nothing at all about vaccines.

    • I believe that the Telegraph article is just surmised the declaration to shorten it because they showed him reading the actual declaration.

      • Lies and anything to make money is Robbery. They all should be beholden. Disgraceful to the medical profession. BIG Pharma must be put to task too. Cheating and robbing the vulnerable people, with lies just to make money nothing else. Has to stop immediately and money returned.

  7. At the end he invites physicians, scientists and patients to join the resolution.
    Is it possible for us to also sign this resolution in support of their efforts?
    Where can we do this?

  8. So why has nothing happened to stop the vax push. That was 2 months ago. Was it for real because the jabbing has only got worse & the 5-11 yr olds are getting it!

  9. you are the real doctors, physicians . you are the real people of science, humanity ..and finally hope.
    I will do my part of spreading this great news of hope..

  10. It’s important truth has a place in this colossal plandemic mess.

    Thank you on behalf of the great Australians who march as one.

  11. I am so happy that the scientists have now come forward to end this madness and for trying to give the people back their freedom to choose what to do with their body. Most people are like sheep, do what their told and believe everything that politicians tell them. What do politicians know about health? Nothing. Keep up the good work.

  12. Medical apartheid against those of us over 18 who refuse medical tests for a non existent ‘virus’! This ignores that pcr antigen and lateral flow don’t infer infection and are primed to detect whatever they like and is science fraud from the outset. They ignore that even if you take pcr on face value its less a mortality rate than influenza and when you remove the circa 97% false positives (at only 35CT) as per the lab in France who tested 250,000 samples which means no innoculation was required or any actions/interventions, nada. People dying of their true ailments fraudulently accredited to covid! Glasgow university for virus studies claimed 7-15% of respiratory deaths in any given year for 15 years (data from circa 2004) were coronaviruses so removing false pisitives means massively lower actual deaths WITH some viral matter (if you believe virus theory) remaining 3% is no indication of anything in isolation because the supposed rna sequence is fictitious as per CDCs own documents were they admit it is a algorithm produced string, that coincidentally has rna in it that pretty much every living animal has.
    This is just as harmful and achieves nothing as it ignores the massive fraud creating a so called ‘pandemic and as other comment no isolation and no evidence that this ‘virus’ causes illness.
    All a sham for pharma and ‘elites’ benefit!

    • Yup, the fake pandemic has killed millions of people in the world. Dam good thing this pandemic isn’t real.
      Duct tape doesn’t stop stupidity, but it does help muffle the sound.

      • Okay information to governments is fine but they are all involved in the plandemic this needs to plastered all over the MSM so that the public know what governments are up to and where these scientists and physicians are saying

  13. This is epic! Finally! Stand for something or fall for anything. In this case, stand for truth and justice. Do not support this medical tyranny!

  14. So glad that the oath first do no harm still means something to physicians. Thank you for looking out for us and standing up for what’s right and ethical.

  15. Don’t be bullied into accepting an unsubstantiated position. This is extremely important for the future of humankind!!! thank you for taking your stance!!!

  16. Out of hundreds of millions of Doctors and scientists we have only 10,000 that have no idea what they are talking about. That’s not too bad of record

  17. To all you fantastic Doctors, can you take this to court as the countries are still trying to force people to take an unnecessary experimental jab, and are curtailing all our rights to make us comply. This all needs to stop but who will stop them, please help us, this tyranny is nothing to do with health and all to do with control. There are too many brainwashed people out there that trust the bribed or coerced governments that they are the problem now.

      • Brain washed are those who blindly support the international political and business looters.They are just curse of the world. Go ahead the protesting scientists doctors, God Bless you.

    • You are right and we know who the wicked are. We have names, salaries and titles. All of who do not look further into this science will eventually face the public and it will not end well for the wicked.

      • Yes. there are a lot of crazy people out there that believe covid is a conspiracy to control the masses. Those crazy people are going to keep this pandemic going.
        And unfortunately the people that are following the sound advice to help stop this pandemic are the ones that will suffer the consequence from the stupidity.

    • Glory to God in the most high. Your earth angels are amazing. Thank you to each one of you we are grateful immensely for your hard work in bringing accuracy and the truth

  18. Stay brave and front. Unveil the real notion of the pretending business and political looters in the name of medicine and vaccine, which dangerously against the interest of public health of world people.

  19. I am also a firefighter in England and work as a trauma tech alongside ambulance crews. I have not witnessed /been called to a single positive covid case. It has been suicides and bariatric rescues sadly. What a depressing indightment of the times… Why do more front line workers in England not speak out!? Why are so many afraid of telling our true experience, to reassure the public the low risk of catching a serous bout and the hight chance of fully recovering for the vast majority of the population!?

  20. Thank you for a dose of sanity. The vaccine is like Joe ,it doesn’t work. We the people a great full to the true Dr,s and scientists out there.

  21. Amen Bless the scientiest who stand out boldly for ethics and truth and ethical medical practise. Thank you Mr Malone and all the colleges. The truth shall win and humanity shall win. We humans individuals support you

  22. Thank you ALL very much for standing up for humanity…you are appreciated more than you know!! Hopefully, you can recruit more doctors, scientists, researchers, etc. to come out of retirement and share their knowledge and wisdom since they won’t have to worry about losing their jobs!!

  23. Iam a former CCRN and I completely agree with these Drs and patients. The patients struggle thru horrible death while family members are forced to watch often thru the glass door of the ICU. The Drs know about other therapies that work such as Ivermectin from the FLCCC protocol. Beurocrats and those whom want to get rich off a vaccine that does not appear to be working, stop real Drs that know the science as these Drs do. The Drs hands are tied and they too have to watch their patients die NEEDLESSLY. I fully support these hard working physicians in their efforts to do as they are honorably trying to do, SAVE LIVES WITH REAL SCIENCE.

  24. Thank God For these brave scientists n Drs dare to speak the truth to wake people up to save lives. Hopefully many people will wake up to know the truth n the truth will set them free.

  25. Really grateful to this group of physicians meeting and saying what many have been saying for months. Thanks a million for that. May God save us all from this chaos.

  26. This is welcoming news that 10000 scientists are challenging the worlds globalists which wrecked the entire worlds population.
    In our living history creating havoc in peoples lives by losing their employment & businesses closing down.
    Millions have suffered and millions have died.

    Millions have succumbed to hardships.
    People have made money from this SATANIC VAXXINES.
    The the nonsense still Carrie’s on.
    It’s time to end this nonsensical issue of a well planned VIRUS.

    When there’s no VIRUS as such.
    I heard from a friend in 2008 about this pre planned MANDATORY VAXXINES.
    I did not believe the person relating what is currently unfolding in front of my eyes.
    I then explored and found detention camps plus other facilities to enforce the deadly VAXXINES that we are conned to take.
    Vaxxines causing injuries to innocent people who are like Sheep minded.

    It’s time to get these Corrupted people like Fauci & Bill Gates to be accountable for their actions.

    I wish the team.of scientists to stand united in their endeavors to end this insanity.
    Freedom is priceless & it’s our given rights to live our lives as humans.
    Life was given to us humans by our CREATOR and not by these money hungry Corrupted people who are creating false and deceptions to enrich their pharmaceutical companies yielding billions of dollars as philanthropic agents.

    They are free to keep cash.
    Having billions does not make them responsible for the worlds POPULATION.

    It’s our God given rights to live with freedom.
    We should not be bullied to be held as hostages in this issue of VAXXINES & Lockdowns.

  27. I support freedom of medical choice NOT privileges conferred by vax passports through coercion. I call on authorities around the world to follow the balanced science supported by peer-reviewed literature NOT one-sided government narratives sucking up to Big Pharma. Where is your integrity?

  28. The Vatican must also play their part in this humanitarian crisis. The papacy cannot remain silence while their sheeps are being isolated and butchered. This is not a political issue, it’s cause on humanitarian grounds. Please wake up the pope’s office. There are billion over Christians world-wide who will stand with them. They know how to appeal for funds for a cause, so what about this problem now. We have donated and gave alms and now our livelihood and freedom even to worship is effected and the papacy continues to be silence. Please wake them up to exercise God’s call for justice to humanity.

    • Sorry to disillusion you but the PAPACY along with the NWO Cabal ( all Vatican run) ARE BEHIND ALL THIS COVID MADNESS! THEY ARE PUSHING IT! POPOES ALREADY GIVEN THE GO AHEAD TO ALL THE worlds Catholics to take it even though it has aborted baby cell lines in it.

  29. Thank you doctors for standing for truth and your Hippocratic oath. You are heroes bringing hope to our world. I can never thank you adequately. Please let me know where to sign as a patient and how to help this mission . Your work at this crucial time will go down in history and in Heaven as life giving care and sacrificial love. May God bless each of you with all you need.

  30. Can we please some clarity if this information will be heading to mainstream media or will those of us who are awake just be labeled conspiracy theorists again?

  31. Thank you, hopefully Goverments around the world will start listening to the experts and medical professionals and not Goverment paid drones.

  32. Thank You for standing against Tyranny and Genocide, which is exactly what Covid19 is all about! This entire Hoax “Virus” was nothing more than WHO, CDC, and Government led GENOCIDE against the People of the world! Our first step is to sign this declaration, our second must be to PROSECUTE all involved!

    One of the Rothschild’s who owned Standard Oil put billions into a campaign to call natural healing “Quackery” and then he spent billions more funding schools of medicine, where the art of “Treating the symptoms and NOT the disease” is taught!

    ALL OF US need to re-discover natural medicines and get away from the OIL BASED MEDICINES pushed by the Rothschild criminals! The government has shown itself to be complicit in Genocide, along with big pharma, media, WHO, CDC, and NIH & NIAID!

    These people are criminals who lie for a living! They should be defunded immediately! They purposefully make people sick, so that they can treat the symptoms!

  33. Two things…
    1) There are 8.8 million scientists and 9.2 physicians in the world – 10,000 have signed this. It hardly suggests a consensus.
    2) I just signed up to the Declaration – I’m not a doctor or physician, but anyone can with no checks! Sounds very legit.

    • That declaration is such a crock of bull and way too many mis-informed people believe that crap.
      It is so unfortunate that people do not have the common sense to do the right thing and help end this pandemic. But with all the naysayers and conspiracy theorists out there that will never happen.
      So the rest (majority) of the intelligent population will have to suffer because of it.

      • Ah a pro vaccine uneducated unenlighted troll who is either brainwashed or getting paid to troll by the powers that be. Go get unvaxxed please! Oh you can’t? The Gene Therapy is irreversible? They’re transhumans now? This is tragic. Feeling great sorrow for you guys on Death Row.

  34. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the moral conscience to stand up for what is right and to fight for those of us who feel helpless against this tyranny. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

  35. There is a country I live on is worst ever then the whole world .
    They already jab more than 86 % Of the population with 20% booster jab .
    Now they started to punished those healthy but scare of side effect , those Christain Leader and those unfit person and age below 12 years old who choose not to jab either fine them or Go to jail or pay their own medical fee if you have infected with the virus .
    As you know this country medical fee are extremly expensive per day for ICU is about 15000 US dollar . It is infect to ask the general citizen go to died if you do not jab mRNA .
    Also . Their started to created divide and blame among the vacinated and the unvacinated citizen .
    They also come out a vacinated passport to scan so unvacinated not allow to go mall to buy medicine from the phamacy
    Now they started to track those 30 yrs old and above to get the booster jab as they said 2 jab expired if you reject the booster then consider unvacinated . And would punished you same as the unvacinated group .
    Also , another plan list below
    1. You will lost your job if chose not to jab
    2. You child will be fined or go jail if you reject the jab for your parents or child below 12 yrs old or relative mentally unfit .( plaining in process)
    3 forcing all those who jab China vacine have 3 dose within 3 months time as this show not scientifically logical
    Please help us the Singaporean who live here to stop the Goverment doing so

    • I am so sorry, this is really very very difficult for everyone, how can it happen, people need to get together, make links, make groups and connections.. communicate on Telegram or signal apps, lets hope all this madness will stop soon. it is appalling how easily we are being made to do what we don’t want to do.. power to the people , the more that get together the stronger you are x

    • So sorry to hear. 75 % Job mandate here, people everywhere losing jobs coz won’t take jabs. Hundreds of thousands of protestors every weekend every state, not making a difference. Vs Passprts, boosters, children 5 to 11 next. Youth n athletes dropping like flies

    • Im so sorry to hear that. It is really bad here in Australia but sounds like Singapore is even worse. Please hold the line DO NOTcomply. Prayers for you

  36. Thank you and congrats to move with us… it is terrific what’s happening to the humanity on earth…. hope we could make understanding to all Peoples not in accord with this… THANK YOU FOR US AND OUR CHILDREN… Nico from france

  37. We thank these brave and heroic doctors and scientists for their initiative and sacrifices in speaking the truth about this mandatory global vaccination conspiracy, which in the longer term may cause unknown diseases to the vaccinated. Keep up the good work.

  38. Ummm – seems this has left out a significant part of the population – adults who cannot prove recovery. Why should they be force injected? Seems like a negotiation with some sacrificial lambs. Not good.

    • As soon as all the anti-vaxers are rounded up, hopefully soon so the rest of the world can put an end to this pandemic.

    • No, they are just so braindead they don’t realize there is a pandemic going on. Unfortunately duct tape does not fix stupidity, but it does help muffle the sound of the idiots.

  39. So appreciative of the work and cooperation made by all these MD’s to stem the tide. It’s making me feel encouraged that evil will be overcome…in time.

  40. One hundred percent correct. This mass genocide of all except the political class, the super rich and a few of us ordinary people that they will keep as pets. There is only about 2 million of them and 7 billion of us. If start marvhing against them. They can’t win.

    • From 2019 people are pushed to goes for vaccination by all Govnments media ,,many have died already by listing the false statement,hope all those who are in front for this plandemic must be held responsible,,sadly of all,those kinds who have been Givin a jab,,WHO must be closed down bcs its

    • There are not 7 billion uneducated people in the world, just a small hand full ( maybe 10%) so good luck with your idea of going against the professionals that are correct.

  41. Thank you for seeking the truth. Please keep on with this fantastic work. We wholeheartedly support you and depend on your success.

  42. Wonderful ethnically description we must support this with even more reality processes. PLEAEE SUPPORT THESE GENIUS’S
    Return from. Europe recently with absolutely no request for covid vac. Documents in Canada.

  43. This is amazing!! Thank you for defending the people’s choices and our rights, as well as the rights of physicians who actually practice medicine! I’m naturally immune and believe I should not have any restrictions but instead treated like a criminal! Seeing children get jabbed makes me sick to my stomach. I see it as abuse! PLEASE keep this going and we all can change the course we’re on! Blessings…

  44. Thank God, there’s a voice of sanity out there. We need honest physician’s, lawyers, & (politicians!!)
    We don’t need the WHO and its servants of the big Pharmaceutical company’s. They want to Gag & Jab our kids now too! Where have our human rights gone! Where are their rights! Clean food & clean air are the basic needs. Artificial, experimental portions are the Devil’s cocktail.

      • Sigh another mindless pro-vax not understanding the basic fact that the vax neither stops you from getting covid or spreading it. The entire world of 80%+ vaxxed populations whos covid numbers are out of control is all the evidence you need…wake up corporate media drone…vax equals billions in profit for big pharma..it’s never been about health and saving lives!

      • VAXX IS DEADLY It will kill you eventually. Evidence of a global conspiracy to reduce population With the W.E.F at its helm leading the way into our great Reset. Complying with Abuse and Terror from our gov.s in the name of protection and safety is not saving us in fact it is destroying us. Now is the time to wake up !

        • Global Conspiracy – How do you people ever think up this BS. I sure hope I never have to deal with any of you people personally.

  45. Thank you – to everyone that is resisting the insanity of the experimental genetic manipulation masquerading as a mass vaccination program

  46. Thank you doctors and scientists for speaking and acting on behalf of the children and adult who want to have the choice to be vaccine or not. I did my homework and decided not to risk my quality of life.

  47. It is hard to believe there are so many people in the world that say covid is a hoax, vaccine will kill or maim you, mask mandates don’t work and the idiotic list goes on. It’s a sad world that so many are feeding off each other and convincing other people with this BS.

  48. I have had the vaccine, felt really grwat after it, to be honest had no ill effects what so ever. So i am not sure what all the fuss is about, it is about protecting others.

  49. To Those of us who refuse to kow tow to the Fauci/Gates euthanasia/Eugenics program, believe in yourself and your bodies own built in immune system to protect you. Omricon ,was not only a 1963 italian science fiction comedy,It’s actually a response to the vax as each vax victims immune system deteriorates. They keep on demanding booster shots until the worlds population is at a level Gates et al are happy with. Little wonder his wife bailed out.
    If people throw scorn at you,tell them you are revelling in the status of being a VaxFree .
    Merry Christmas!!

  50. It would have been better of they had all affirmed their unbelief in any such virus and indeed in any such science as virology. The symptoms of the so called Covid disease are identical to a severe common cold which is allegedly caused by the same so called coronavirus.

    There is another medical scientific theory as to the cause of such “infections” which is just as credible as any germ theory. This suggests that what we call a common cold or influenza or any other seasonal respiratory illness are in fact simply the body ridding itself of waste products and dead cells in a kind of spring cleaning.

    This competing theory is supported by a plurality of doctors and scientists and is called the exosome theory. Under the exosome theory, what are called viruses (including the coronavirus) are not actually viruses at all but rather exosomes, which are created by the body to fight disease. Exosomes are beneficial and not contagious.

  51. How do we, as a large body of New Zealanders, actually stop our government from pushing on with their plan, while just ignoring all the scientists and doctors, who know how damaging these so-called injections are? When and how do the perpetraitors get forced to stop. New Zealand is pushing apartheid and these so called- vaxxines on our 5-11 year old children and are aiming at 100% cover of NZ population. Surely at some point, the PM and its gang in charge, must be arrestable, when they are pushing as safe and effective ,a poison that is killing and damaging our people. Our Governor General has received a petition of 60,000 signatures asking for PM’s removal.

  52. Misleading title, calling it the Rome Declaration. This was quoted from ‘The Physicians Declaration’, from a three-day Global COVID Summit held in September in Rome. The ‘Rome Declaration’ is the declaration made by the leaders of the G20 in May 2021 at the Global Health Summit in Rome.

  53. I salute for ur courage to comes forward before humanity is being wiped of by the satanic regime,,worse of all as they were stating giving jabs to our kids that really shows us how cruelty are these elites against us,,we also needs to act accordingly against tham,,law must prevail to all those who are the master minds behind to this fatal killing of our society.
    Thnx a million tymz for ur attention as we goes forward with our daily duties.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ be with u since u hearts are so kind to us,ur so genuine,we loves u,keep up the good work as medical professionals

  54. It is so sad to see that so many adults believe in all this BS that is spewed by the un-educated. Such as the authorities are trying to kill us and vaccines are dangerous and Covid is a hoax and on and on.
    It will be good when this pandemic is finally under control, so those people can start to think normal again.
    I feel sorry for all the those people that are so far out of touch with reality. Hopefully the Good Lord will bring you back from the psychological issues you are experiencing.

  55. Thanku for your courageous and noble stand for righteousness and the great cost emotionally financially relationally and vocationally for standing up. May God bless and protect you all and your families. Mary O Hare

  56. Great Job we are now saved may God Almighty Father keep on Working and Revealing more to Great caring PHYSICIANS and SCIENTISTS meant to be Our Life Savoir
    I wish the World leaders would be like these Great Scientists and physicians
    With TRUE LOVE

    I pray to God to be with you all the time and be protected all the time

  57. And hopefully God will also save all the clueless people that can not see that there is an actual pandemic happening that is causing the death of people.




    ???? ????‍????‍???? ????✌️ ????

  59. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  60. Keep up the good work. I will never have the jab willingly. I am mid 60’s healthy. I can not conform to some poison I totally disagree with. The adverse effects of the jab increase every day in the healthy participants.

  61. Who are mad the government or the Australian People?
    Governments are trying to convince the unjabbed, that the jabs work in order to get their first two doses, while at the same time telling the jabbed that they don’t work, and they need to get boosters.
    So, if the virus spreads from different countries, then it is obvious those vaccinated are spreading it, as only vaccinated allowed to fly.

  62. We are now at the heart of the situation. There are beings that perpetrate the assault on a global population, for the advancement of their control. The effects have now been clearly documented. For them to achieve the goals it is strategically necessary to seperate human heart from human heart , masks, social distancing, no gatherings, vax- non axed , ect.
    The declaration is the joining of human spirit for the welfare of all, and it is this spirit that is most feared by the perpetrator of this attack on humanity and it is this spirit that will prevail and deliver a global consensus and vision equality and sustainability where human spirit will have a vested interest in our planet and everyone can give so nobody wants.
    A true human global alliance of the people and for the people.

    • I must be terrible to live life with outlandish thoughts like that.
      I truly feel sorry for people like you that can not enjoy a normal life without the thoughts of big bother coming to get you.

  63. Thankyou so much for speaking out in honesty and integrity…we need these doctor’s voices more than anything to be our voice. We in Australia are so restricted and completely unable to speak for ourselves….the government and media rule and no other perspectives are allowed…

  64. Coming from a “medical” family with my father, g- father, aunt & uncle all physicians & some ancestors as well,
    I heartily agree with ALL of the original
    ROME & BARRINGTON DECLARATIONS, respectively!!! Science, common sense,
    Religious morality & Constitutional rights all combine to avow that NO VACCINE MANDATES must be imposed on any citizen anywhere. Dr’s must be allowed to practice medicine with the highest standards of good science & highest regards for their patients safety, health & well being.

  65. Coming from a “medical” family with my father, g- father, aunt & uncle all physicians & some ancestors as well,
    I heartily agree with ALL of the original
    ROME & BARRINGTON DECLARATIONS, respectively!!! Science, common sense,
    Religious morality & Constitutional rights all combine to avow that NO VACCINE MANDATES must be imposed on any citizen anywhere. Dr’s must be allowed to practice medicine with the highest standards of good science & highest regards for their patients safety, health & well being.

    • If people are too dam stupid to get vaccinated to end this pandemic just because of the false information they read then it should be mandated.

  66. Personally, I give a very high ranking to individual freedom of decision – freedom of decision I unfortunately see at the moment very much violated.
    It aught to be respected in what way a person wants to deal with health issues. I trust that the inner wisdom of each individual will guide him / herself right – and everybody aught to have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
    Forcing other individuals to actions not wanted is crossing borders and violation, it is taking the authority away. Natural immunisation (for normal functioning immune systems) on my opinion would be sustainable in the long run.
    Society aught to respect each individual for his / her individual rights and decisions.
    In a sane society all aspects and sides need to be considered and respected.
    It may not be a good idea to force all people in a boat to the same side.
    I was asking myself why we have come to such a polarised situation. The only answer I could find is that people in power to make decisions are afraid of having to commit that the decided route is not favourable. If anybody has a better explanation please let me know.

  67. […] 10.000 scienziati e medici firmano la dichiarazione di roma per porre fine alla “vaccinazione&…massa contro il covid. Un summit globale di scienziati e medici si è riunito a Roma a settembre per discutere la crisi del “vaccino” COVID. 10.000 hanno successivamente firmato la Dichiarazione di Roma, in cui hanno riaffermato il giuramento di Ippocrate di ‘non arrecare danno’, e di chiedere la cessazione immediata della tecnologia del ‘vaccino’ sperimentale mRNA. 60.000 hanno ora firmato la Dichiarazione di Great Barrington. […]

  68. I cannot even begin to tell you what a huge disappointment it is to see NOTHING about ending ALL mandates immediately!!! I am calling BS on this and it seems like the typical strategic operation that we have seen for decades.
    Cowards or frauds??? You tell me!?!


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